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Upcoming Matches

Upcoming matches (404) ordered by scheduled time (CEST). See also live scores (10) and results (3 506).

Q School 2 (24-29 May 2019) Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Ireland Tony Corrigan (a) v England Farakh Ajaib (a)   Est. today 2pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Hong Kong Chau Hon Man (a) v Ukraine Sergey Isaenko (a)   Est. today 2pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Jake Nicholson (a) v England Shane Castle (a) Head to head Est. today 2pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Scotland Barry Lee (a) v England David Nelson (a)   Est. today 2pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) China Wu Yize (a) v Wales Dylan Emery (a)   Est. today 2pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Brandon Hall (a) v China Chen Zifan   Est. today 2pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Lee Stephens (a) v Austria Andreas Ploner (a)   Est. today 2pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Luke Simmonds (a) v England Garry Coulson (a)   Est. today 2pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Adrian Rosa (a) v Japan Keishin Kamihashi (a)   Est. today 4pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Ireland Aaron Hill (a) v Canada Levi Meiller (a)   Est. today 4pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Wales Callum Lloyd (a) v Hungary Zsolt Fenyvesi (a)   Est. today 4pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Switzerland Alexander Ursenbacher v Hong Kong Yu Kiu Chang (a)   Est. today 4pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Jack Harris (a) v England Andrew Milliard (a)   Est. today 4pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Marvin Morgan (a) v England Daniel Womersley (a)   Est. today 4pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Chae Ross (a) v England Ben Hancorn (a)   Est. today 6pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Michael Wild (a) v Ireland Fergal Quinn (a)   Est. today 6pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Romania Constantin Mateescu (a) v England Alex Millington (a)   Est. today 6pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) China Lei Peifan (a) v Ireland Joe Delaney (a)   Est. today 6pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Russia Ivan Kakovsky (a) v China Geng Mingqi (a)   Est. today 6pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Australia Ryan Thomerson (a) v Wales Daniel Williams (a)   Est. today 6pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) China Shuai Lin (a) v China Wang Zepeng (a)   Est. today 6pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Zak Surety (a) v England Jenson Kendrick (a)   Est. today 6pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Germany Umut Dikme (a) v England Billy Joe Castle Head to head Est. today 8pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Manasawin Phetmalaikul (a) v England Jason Tart (a)   Est. today 8pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Peter Lines v India Shubham Arora (a)   Sat 25 May 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Finland Heikki Niva (a) v Hong Kong Ng On Yee (af)   Sat 25 May 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Elliott Weston (a) v India Aman Goel (a)   Sat 25 May 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Stuart Watson (a) v England Oliver Brown (a)   Sat 25 May 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Malta Aaron Busuttil (a) v England Adam Duffy (a)   Sat 25 May 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Ireland Ronan Whyte (a) v Finland Robin Hull   Sat 25 May 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Australia Stuart Hinton (a) v Ireland Leo Fernandez (a)   Sat 25 May 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Patrick Whelan (a) v China Si Jiahui (a)   Sat 25 May 10am Pencil
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