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Upcoming Matches

Upcoming matches (291) ordered by scheduled time (CEST). See also results (3 992).

Q School 3 (28 May - 2 Jun 2022) Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Stephen Kershaw (a) v England James Lee (a)   Today 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Simon Bedford (a) v England Matthew Glasby (a)   Today 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Danny Connolly (a) v Wales Bradley Tyson (a)   Today 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Scotland Chris Totten (a) v England Liam Pullen (a)   Today 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Lee Stephens (a) v England Callum Beresford (a)   Today 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) China Deng Haohui (a) v Germany Kharazchi Jamshid (a)   Today 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Hong Kong Chau Hon Man (a) v England Andy Neck (a)   Today 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Ireland Leone Crowley (a) v England Bradley Cowdroy (a)   Est. today 12:30pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) China Wang Yuchen (a) v England James Burrett (a)   Est. today 12:30pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Jordan Shepherd (a) v England Alfie Lee (a)   Est. today 12:30pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England John Fearick (a) v Ireland Rodney Goggins (a)   Est. today 12:30pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Ryan Mears (a) v England Chae Ross (a)   Est. today 12:30pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Ronnie Blake (a) v Belgium Daan Leyssen (a)   Est. today 12:30pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Northern Ireland Fergal Quinn (a) v England Aidan Murphy (a)   Est. today 3pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Wales Gareth Edwards (a) v Wales Tyler Rees (a)   Est. today 3pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Sean Coote (a) v Australia Simon Bevz (a)   Est. today 3pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England James Height (a) v England Phil O'Kane (a)   Est. today 3pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Andy Marriott (a) v England George Pragnell (a)   Est. today 3pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Daniel Walker (a) v England Jamie Curtis-Barrett (a)   Est. today 3pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Gary Miller (a) v England Mark Ganderton (a)   Est. today 3pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Joe Fenton (a) v England M Phetmalaikul (a)   Est. today 3pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) China Zhang Zhijie (a) v Scotland Keith Keldie (a)   Est. today 5:30pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Ian Brumby (a) v Latvia Rodion Judin (a)   Est. today 5:30pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) India Digvijay Kadian (a) v Ukraine Sergey Isaenko (a)   Est. today 5:30pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England James Silverwood (a) v Wales Matthew Roberts (a)   Est. today 5:30pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Andrew Turner (a) v England Dean Reynolds (a)   Est. today 5:30pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Josh Symes (a) v England Alex Clenshaw (a)   Est. today 5:30pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) India Kreishh Gurbaxani (a) v England Stan Moody (a)   Est. today 5:30pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Scotland Amaan Iqbal (a) v England Jack Harris (a)   Est. today 5:30pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Wales Jack Bradford (a) v Wales Liam James Davies (a)   Est. today 8pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Isle of Man Darryl Hill (a) v England Robert Read (a)   Est. today 8pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Sean McAllister (a) v England Isa Ishtiaq (a)   Est. today 8pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Ian Desmier (a) v England Darren Barton (a)   Est. today 8pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Gary Challis (a) v England Mark Vincent (a) Head to head Est. today 8pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Pakistan Abdul Raheem (a) v Scotland Liam Graham (a)   Est. today 8pm Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Stuart Watson (a) v England Neal Jones (a)   Sun 29 May 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) England Jack Haley (a) v Pakistan Abdul Javed (a)   Sun 29 May 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Wales Alfie Davies (a) v England Paul Burrell (a)   Sun 29 May 10am Pencil
Rd 1 (7) Pakistan Faizaan Mohammed (a) v England Connor Benzey (a)   Sun 29 May 10am Pencil
Rd 2 (7) Scotland Ross Muir (a) v England Brandon Hall (a) Head to head Sun 29 May 10am Pencil
Rd 2 (7) England Joshua Cooper (a) v Bedford / Glasby   Sun 29 May 10am Pencil
Rd 2 (7) Scotland Michael Collumb (a) v D Connolly / Tyson   Est. Sun 29 May 12:30pm Pencil
Rd 2 (7) Iran Soheil Vahedi (a) v England Mark Bell (a)   Est. Sun 29 May 12:30pm Pencil
Rd 2 (7) England Sean Harvey (a) v Germany Umut Dikme (a)   Est. Sun 29 May 12:30pm Pencil
Rd 2 (7) Thailand Akani Songsermsawad v Totten / Pullen   Est. Sun 29 May 12:30pm Pencil
Rd 2 (7) England Peter Devlin v L Stephens / Beresford   Est. Sun 29 May 12:30pm Pencil
Rd 2 (7) England Martin O'Donnell v Deng Haohui / Jamshid   Est. Sun 29 May 12:30pm Pencil
Rd 2 (7) Germany Lukas Kleckers v Chau Hon Man / Neck   Est. Sun 29 May 12:30pm Pencil
Rd 2 (7) England Brandon Sargeant (a) v England Scott Bell (a) Head to head Est. Sun 29 May 12:30pm Pencil
Rd 2 (7) England Hamim Hussain (a) v England Mickey Joyce (a)   Est. Sun 29 May 3pm Pencil