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Breaks of 100 or more are called tons or centuries. They used to be very rare in the old days. Now a lot of players make them regularly. Stephen Hendry has made more than anyone else. His tally at the moment is 309. 67 more than the number two, Steve Davis. In the 1994/95 season Hendry amassed an incredible 53 centuries. That's the record for any player for one season. Ronnie O'Sullivan is also an impressive break-builder. After only three seasons as a professional he has cracked up 80 tons.

Here is the all-time list* after the 1995 Skoda Grand Prix:

1. Stephen Hendry Scotland 309
2. Steve Davis England 242
3. Jimmy White England 169
4. John Parrott England 141
5. James Wattana Thailand 103
6. Willie Thorne England 99
Ronnie O'Sullivan England 81

* The numbers are not official

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