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European Open

Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta, Malta (Feb 25 - Mar 3, 1996)
Ranking tournament (No.7 of 10)

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Players are English unless stated.


John Parrott (England) def. Peter Ebdon (England) 9-7

John Parrott won his ninth ranking title and his second of the season in capturing the European Open title for a third time. The 1991 world champion received ´┐Ż60,000 for the victory.


John Parrott 6-5 Joe Swail (N Ire)
Peter Ebdon  6-3 Andy Hicks


John Parrott      5-1 Dave Harold
Peter Ebdon       5-2 Tony Drago (Malta)
Andy Hicks        5-1 Tony Chappel (Wales)
Joe Swail (N Ire) 5-3´┐ŻAnthony Davies (Wales)

Second Round

Joe Swail (N Ire)      5-3 Stephen Hendry (Sco)
John Parrott           5-3 Ken Doherty (Ire)
Dave Harold            5-3 Darren Morgan (Wales)
Peter Ebdon            5-4 Dave Finbow
Tony Drago (Malta)     5-2 Steve James
Andy Hicks             5-0 Terry Griffiths (Wales)
Tony Chappel (Wales)   5-3 Stephen Lee
Anthony Davies (Wales) 5-1 Joe Johnson

Andy Hicks compiled a 137 - the highest break so far in the tournament.

First Round

Stephen Hendry (Scot)   5-1 Neal Foulds
Andy Hicks              5-1 Steve Davis 
Dave Finbow             5-4 Ronnie O'Sullivan 
John Parrott            5-3 Chris Scanlon
Anthony Davies (Wales)  5-3 James Wattana (Thai)
Tony Chappel (Wales)    5-4 Alan McManus (Scot)
Steve James             5-2 Jimmy White 
Darren Morgan (Wales)   5-3 Karl Payne
Ken Doherty (Ire)       5-3 Marcus Campbell (Scot)
Peter Ebdon             5-1 Leo Fernandez (Ireland)
Joe Johnson             5-0 John Higgins (Scot)
Stephen Lee             5-1 Nigel Bond 
Dave Harold             5-2 Ian Brumby
Tony Drago (Malta)      5-2 Dennis Taylor (N Ire)
Terry Griffiths (Wales) 5-4 Mark J Williams (Wales)
Joe Swail (N Ire)       5-3 David Roe

This was Wattana's third straight first round loss.

Ronnie O'Sullivan has only gotten past the first round two times this year.

After his victory in the International Open John Higgins was brought down to earth by 1986 world champion Joe Johnson. Johnson has really found his form. In the International he beat Peter Ebdon in the first round.

Andy Hicks also beat Steve Davis in the opening round of the 1995 World Championship.

Wild Card Matches

Chris Scanlon           5-1 F Mintoff (Malta)
Marcus Campbell (Scot)  5-2 Simon Camilleri (Malta)
Karl Payne              5-2 R Webb (Malta)
Leo Fernandez (Ireland) 5-3 R Demanuels (Malta)

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