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Sweater Shop International Open

Link Centre, Swindon, England (Feb 17-24, 1996)
Ranking tournament (No.6 of 10)

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Players are English unless stated.


John Higgins (Scotland) def. Rod Lawler (England) 9-3

John Higgins won his fifth ranking title and his second of the season by defending his Sweater Shop International title. The young Scot earned �60,000 for the victory and an additional �5,000 for his tournament high-break of 144 which he made against Alain Robidoux in the semi-final.

This was Rod Lawler's first ever final appearance.


John Higgins (Scot) 6-4 Alain Robidoux (Can)
Rod Lawler          6-5 Nick Pearce


John Higgins (Scot)  5-2 Karl Broughton
Nick Pearce          5-2 Dave Harold
Alain Robidoux (Can) 5-2 Stephen Lee
Rod Lawler           5-1 Dave Finbow

Higgins made a 129 - the highest so far in the tournament.

Third Round

John Higgins (Scot)  5-1 Neal Foulds
Dave Harold          5-0 Jason Ferguson
Alain Robidoux (Can) 5-0 Tony Drago (Malta)
Nick Pearce          5-2 David Roe (Eng)
Stephen Lee          5-2 Anthony Hamilton
Rod Lawler           5-3 Billy Snaddon (Scot)
Dave Finbow          5-2 Gary Ponting
Karl Broughton       5-3 Chris Small (Scot)

Second Round

Rod Lawler           5-3 Stephen Hendry (Scot)
Neal Foulds          5-2 Nigel Bond
John Higgins (Scot)  5-2 Mark J Williams (Wales)
Dave Harold          5-4 Drew Henry (Scot)
Tony Drago (Malta)   5-2 Mark Rowing
David Roe            5-2 Gary Wilkinson
Billy Snaddon (Scot) 5-1 Joe Swail (N Ire)
Alain Robidoux (Can) 5-2 Fergal O'Brien (Ire)
Jason Ferguson       5-3 Michael Judge (Ire)
Anthony Hamilton     5-4 Joe Johnson
Stephen Lee          5-0 Dennis Taylor (N Ire)
Dave Finbow          5-3 Mark King
Nick Pearce          5-2 Jason Prince (N Ire)
Karl Broughton       5-4 Wayne Jones (Wales)
Chris Small (Scot)   5-4 David McLellan (Scot)
Gary Ponting         5-3 Marcus Campbell (Scot)

The shock of the day is that world No.1 Stephen Hendry is beaten 5-3 by Rod Lawler.
Regal Welsh Open champion Mark J Williams is ousted by John Higgins.

First Round

Stephen Hendry (Scot)   5-1 Brian Rowswell
Jason Prince (N Ire)    5-3 Steve Davis
Fergal O'Brien (Ire)    5-3 Ronnie O'Sulivan
Stephen Lee             5-4 John Parrott
Michael Judge (Ire)     5-3 James Wattana (Thai)
Chris Small (Scot)      5-4 Alan McManus (Scot)
Dave Finbow             5-1 Jimmy White
Karl Broughton          5-3 Darren Morgan (Wales)
Gary Ponting            5-2 Ken Doherty (Ire)
Joe Johnson             5-4 Peter Ebdon
John Higgins (Scot)     5-0 Graeme Dott (Scot)
Nigel Bond              5-1 Karl Payne
Dave Harold             5-2 Mark Davis
Tony Drago (Malta)      5-2 Terry Murphy (N Ire)
Billy Snaddon (Scot)    5-3 Terry Griffiths (Wales)
David Roe               5-2 Jimmy Chambers
Drew Henry (Scot)       5-4 Andy Hicks
Mark J Williams (Wales) 5-2 Dene O'Kane (Nzl)
Joe Swail (N Ire)       5-2 Barry Pinches
Alain Robidoux (Can)    5-1 Mike Hallett
Nick Pearce             5-4 Mick Price
Rod Lawler              5-0 Martin Clark
Gary Wilkinson          5-3 Paul Wykes
Mark Rowing             5-4 Tony Knowles
Wayne Jones (Wales)     5-4 Willie Thorne
David McLellan (Scot)   5-3 Steve James
Marcus Campbell (Scot)  5-3 Brian Morgan
Neal Foulds             5-1 Pat Horne
Jason Ferguson          5-2 Stefan Mazrocis
Mark King               5-0 Dean Reynolds
Anthony Hamilton        5-2 Mark Bennett (Wales)
Dennis Taylor (N Ire)   5-3 Tony Jones

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1995 Sweater Shop International Open

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