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European Championships

Biarritz, France (June 19-29, 1997)

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Robin Hull (Finland) 7-3 Kristjan Helgason (Iceland)


Robin Hull (Finland)        6-4 Graham Horne (Scotland)   
Kristjan Helgason (Iceland) 6-0 Alex Borg (Malta)    


Graham Horne (Scotland)     5-2 Mark Gray (England)
Robin Hull (Finland)        6-1 Joe Grech (Malta)
Kristjan Helgason (Iceland) 6-4 Raymon Fabrie (Netherlands)
Alex Borg (Malta)           6-2 Steve Lemmens (Belgium)

Last 16

Graham Horne (Scotland)      5-0 Allan Norvark (Denmark)
Mark Gray (England)          5-1 Mario Wehrmann (Netherlands)
Robin Hull (Finland)         5-2 David Lilley (England)
Joe Grech (Malta)            5-1 Yannick Poulain (France)
Kristjan Helgason (Iceland)  5-1 Markku Hämäläinen (Finland)
Raymon Fabrie (Netherlands)  5-3 Mark Esdale (N. Ireland)
Alex Borg (Malta)            5-3 Björn Haneveer (Belgium)
Steve Lemmens (Belgium)      5-2 Gavin Lewis (Wales)

Highest Break

133 Mark Gray (England)

There were a total of 22 centuries in the tournament. Helgason made 9 of them!



Kelly Fisher (England) 5-3 Kim Shaw (England)


Kelly Fisher (England) 4-0 A Nagy (Hungary)
Kim Shaw (England)     4-2 Valerie van Bellingham (Belgium)


Kelly Fisher (England)           4-1 Esther Polderman (Netherlands)
A Nagy (Hungary)                 4-2 Angelique Vialard (France)
Kim Shaw (England)               4-0 Ewa Pieniazek (Poland)
Valerie van Bellingham (Belgium) 4-2 Belinda Everärt (Belgium)

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