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IBSF World Under-21 Championship 1996

Iscor Club, Vanderbijlpark, Johannesburg, South Africa
(Aug 3-17, 1996)

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Chan Kwok Ming (Hong Kong) 11-5 Risto Väyrynen (Finland)

It's really nice to see that players from "new" countries are starting to make an impact on the snooker world scene. Let's hope that this continues into the professional circuit.

Our special congratulations go to Risto who's been a very useful contributor to He is making his professional debut this summer. Good luck, Risto!


Chan Kwok Ming (Hong Kong) 8-4 A Mahiti (Thailand)
Risto Väyrynen (Finland)   8-2 Stephen Maguire (Scotland)


Chan Kwok Ming (Hong Kong) 5-2 W Horsley (South Africa)
A Mahiti (Thailand)        5-2 Farhan Mirza (Pakistan)
Risto Väyrynen (Finland)   5-1 V Pasanen (Finland)
Stephen Maguire (Scotland) 5-0 D Anderson (South Africa)

Last 16

Chan Kwok Ming (Hong Kong) 5-4 T J Dowling (Ireland)
W Horsley (South Africa)   5-4 J Spapen (Belgium)
A Mahiti (Thailand)        5-2 N Sae (Thailand)
Farhan Mirza (Pakistan)    5-3 G Pantal (Wales)
Risto Väyrynen (Finland)   5-0 F Chunto (Hong Kong)
V Pasanen (Finland)        5-4 L Munstermann (Germany)
Stephen Maguire (Scotland) 5-4 D Hall (England)
D Anderson (South Africa)  5-0 A Bhayro (England)

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