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Qualifying School - Event Three

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 23-28 May 2011; Venue: World Snooker Academy, Sheffield, England; Type: Qualifying School; Notes: See also results (120)
Norway Kurt Maflin 4-1 England Martin O'Donnell (a) Head to head  

20-62 (53), 67-1 (66), 86-17 (86), 128-0 (128), 86-12 (85)

Maflin earns a spot on the 2011/2012 Main Tour

England Stuart Carrington (a) 4-2 England Stephen Craigie (a)    

95-1 (66), 34-64, 126-0 (83), 0-62, 59-45, 84-49 (50)

Carrington earns a spot on the 2011/2012 Main Tour

England Adam Duffy (a) 4-2 England David Gray (a)    

32-85 (67), 8-45, 67-6 (67), 6413, 60-30, 63-27

Duffy earns a spot on the 2011/2012 Main Tour

England David Gilbert 4-1 England Allan Taylor (a) Head to head  

70-12 (51), 86-20, 87-1 (87), 6-84 (84), 78-24 (61)

Gilbert overcomes two final losses to earn a spot on the 2011/2012 Main Tour

Round 4
1 Norway Kurt Maflin 4-0 Scotland David McLellan (a)    
2 England Martin O'Donnell (a) 4-3 England Gary Wilson (a) Head to head  
3 England Stuart Carrington (a) 4-1 England Ian Burns (a) Head to head  
4 England Stephen Craigie (a) 4-2 China Zhang Anda    
5 England Adam Duffy (a) 4-2 England Alex Davies (a)    
6 England David Gray (a) 4-0 England Luke Simmonds (a)    
7 England Allan Taylor (a) 4-1 England Kyren Wilson Head to head  
8 England David Gilbert 4-1 India Brijesh Damani (a)    
Round 3
1 Norway Kurt Maflin 4-1 England Mitchell Travis (a) Head to head  
2 Scotland David McLellan (a) 4-3 Scotland Michael Leslie (a)    
3 England Martin O'Donnell (a) 4-1 Wales Duane Jones (a) Head to head  
4 England Gary Wilson (a) 4-3 England Mitchell Mann (a) Head to head  
5 England Ian Burns (a) 4-3 Pakistan Shahram Changezi (a)    
6 England Stuart Carrington (a) 4-1 China Li Hang (a) Head to head  
7 China Zhang Anda 4-3 Australia Vinnie Calabrese (a)    

Black-ball finish

8 England Stephen Craigie (a) 4-0 Malta Alex Borg (a)    
9 England Adam Duffy (a) 4-1 Wales Lee Walker (a) Head to head  

140 by Walker

10 England Alex Davies (a) 4-3 China Mei Xiwen (a)    
11 England Luke Simmonds (a) 4-0 England Craig Steadman (a)    
12 England David Gray (a) 4-3 England Charlie Walters (a)    
13 England Kyren Wilson 4-2 Wales Jak Jones Head to head  
14 England Allan Taylor (a) 4-3 England Reanne Evans (f) Head to head  
15 India Brijesh Damani (a) 4-0 England Jason Tart (a)    
16 England David Gilbert 4-3 Scotland Bobby Cruickshanks (a)    
Round 2
1 Norway Kurt Maflin 4-1 England Chris Norbury (a) Head to head  
2 England Mitchell Travis (a) 4-1 England John Astley (a)    
3 Scotland Michael Leslie (a) 4-3 Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh (a) Head to head  
4 Scotland David McLellan (a) 4-3 England James Silverwood (a)    
5 Wales Duane Jones (a) 4-0 Germany Lasse Münstermann (a)    
6 England Martin O'Donnell (a) 4-0 England Marc Harman (a)    
7 England Mitchell Mann (a) 4-1 England Zak Surety (a) Head to head  
8 England Gary Wilson (a) 4-2 England Liam Monk (a) Head to head  
9 Pakistan Shahram Changezi (a) 4-3 England Sydney Wilson (a)    
10 England Ian Burns (a) 4-1 England Steve Judd (a)    
11 England Stuart Carrington (a) 4-0 England Justin Astley    
12 China Li Hang (a) 4-2 Wales Jamie Clarke (a) Head to head  
13 Australia Vinnie Calabrese (a) 4-3 Scotland Fraser Patrick (a)    
14 China Zhang Anda 4-1 England Ian Glover (a)    
15 Malta Alex Borg (a) 4-2 England Robert James (a)    
16 England Stephen Craigie (a) 4-1 England Michael Wasley (a)    
17 Wales Lee Walker (a) 4-0 Thailand T Tirapongpaiboon Head to head  
18 England Adam Duffy (a) 4-3 England Stephen Rowlings (a)    
19 China Mei Xiwen (a) 4-1 England George Marter (a)    
20 England Alex Davies (a) 4-1 England David Portman (a)    
21 England Craig Steadman (a) 4-0 England Phil O'Kane (a) Head to head  
22 England Luke Simmonds (a) 4-0 England Craig Barber (a)    
23 England David Gray (a) 4-0 India Manish Jain (a)    
24 England Charlie Walters (a) 4-0 Australia Simon Bevz (a)    
25 England Kyren Wilson 4-2 Scotland James McBain Head to head  
26 Wales Jak Jones 4-3 England Bash Maqsood (a)    
27 England Reanne Evans (f) 4-1 Australia Ben Judge (a)    
28 England Allan Taylor (a) 4-3 India Shahbaaz Khan (a)    
29 India Brijesh Damani (a) 4-1 England James Burrett (a)    
30 England Jason Tart (a) w/o Denmark Rune Kampe (a)    
31 Scotland Bobby Cruickshanks (a) 4-2 England Lee Spick (a)    
32 England David Gilbert 4-1 England Robbie Williams (a) Head to head  

140 by Gilbert

Round 1
1 Norway Kurt Maflin w/o China Li Yan (a)    

Li qualified from Event Two.

2 England Chris Norbury (a) 4-2 England Lee Stephens (a)    
3 England John Astley (a) 4-2 Wales Stephen Ellis (a)    
4 England Mitchell Travis (a) w/o Wales Ross Jones (a)    
5 Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh (a) 4-3 England Sean O'Sullivan (a) Head to head  
6 Scotland Michael Leslie (a) w/o England James Loft (a)    
7 England James Silverwood (a) 4-0 England Alex O'Donaghue (a)    
8 Scotland David McLellan (a) 4-3 India David Singh (a)    
9 Germany Lasse Münstermann (a) w/o Ireland David Morris    

Morris qualified from Event Two.

10 Wales Duane Jones (a) w/o England Adam Wicheard    

Wicheard qualified from Event One.

11 England Martin O'Donnell (a) 4-2 Belgium Hans Blanckaert (a)    
12 England Mitchell Mann (a) 4-0 Pakistan Shehzad Iqbal (a)    
13 England Zak Surety (a) 4-0 England Bhavesh Sodha (a)    
14 England Liam Monk (a) 4-2 England Joel Walker (a) Head to head  
15 England Gary Wilson (a) 4-0 Wales Kishan Hirani (a)    
17 England Sydney Wilson (a) 4-3 England Robert Valiant (a)    
18 England Steve Judd (a) 4-0 Wales Gareth Allen (a)    
19 England Ian Burns (a) 4-3 England Antony Parsons (a)    
20 England Justin Astley w/o Finland Robin Hull (a)    

Hull qualified from Event One

21 England Stuart Carrington (a) 4-0 England Nick Jennings (a) Head to head  
22 China Li Hang (a) 4-2 Wales Alex Taubman (a) Head to head  
23 Wales Jamie Clarke (a) 4-1 England Jeff Cundy (a) Head to head  
24 Australia Vinnie Calabrese (a) 4-2 England Lee Page (a) Head to head  
25 Scotland Fraser Patrick (a) 4-1 England James Hill (a)    
26 England Ian Glover (a) 4-0 England Tony Else (a)    
27 China Zhang Anda 4-2 England Jamie O'Neill Head to head  
28 Malta Alex Borg (a) 4-3 England Sam Harvey (a)    
29 England Robert James (a) 4-1 China Chen Zhe (a)    
30 England Stephen Craigie (a) 4-0 England Ben Harrison (a) Head to head  
31 England Michael Wasley (a) w/o England Andrew Norman (a)    

Norman qualified from Event One

32 Thailand T Tirapongpaiboon 4-1 England Shaun Wilkes (a)    
33 Wales Lee Walker (a) w/o Belgium Luca Brecel (a) Head to head  

Brecel received a wildcard

34 England Stephen Rowlings (a) w/o England Gareth Coates (a)    
35 England Adam Duffy (a) 4-0 South Africa Lyndon Gordon (a)    
36 England George Marter (a) 4-3 England James Welsh (a)    
37 England Alex Davies (a) w/o England David Grace (a)    

Grace qualified from Event One

38 England David Portman (a) w/o Thailand James Wattana    

Wattana received a wildcard.

39 England Craig Steadman (a) 4-3 England Mike Hallett (a)    
40 England Phil O'Kane (a) 4-3 England Michael Wild (a) Head to head  
41 England Craig Barber (a) w/o India Lucky Vatnani (a)    

Vatnani received a wildcard

42 England Luke Simmonds (a) w/o India Aditya Mehta (a)    

Mehta is the Asia qualifier.

43 England David Gray (a) 4-0 England Stephen Groves (a)    
44 India Manish Jain (a) 4-1 England Sachin Plaha (a)    
45 England Charlie Walters (a) 4-0 England Matthew Simpson (a)    
46 Scotland James McBain 4-0 Wales Gareth Edwards (a)    
47 England Kyren Wilson 4-2 England Ryan Causton (a)    
48 Wales Jak Jones 4-3 England Oliver Brown (a) Head to head  
49 England Bash Maqsood (a) 4-3 England Stephen Ormerod (a)    
50 Australia Ben Judge (a) w/o England Sam Baird (a) Head to head  

Baird is the England qualifier by topping the Pro Ticket Tour rankings.

51 England Reanne Evans (f) 4-2 England Saqib Nasir (a)    
52 India Shahbaaz Khan (a) 4-1 India Khizar Raoof (a)    
53 England Allan Taylor (a) 4-2 England Jamie Walker (a) Head to head  
54 India Brijesh Damani (a) 4-0 England Tony Knowles (a)    
55 England James Burrett (a) 4-3 Pakistan Najm Khan (a)    
56 England Jason Tart (a) w/o China Yu Delu (a)    

Yu received a wildcard

57 Denmark Rune Kampe (a) w/o China Tian Pengfei (a)    

Tian Pengfei qualified from Event Two

58 Scotland Bobby Cruickshanks (a) w/o Canada Brent Kolbeck (a)    
59 England Lee Spick (a) w/o Germany Augusto Ruckauf (a)    
60 England David Gilbert w/o England Simon Bedford    

Bedford qualified from Event Two

61 England Robbie Williams (a) 4-0 England Dean Venables (a)