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Brazil Masters Pencil

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 15-18 Sep 2011; Venue: Costão do Santinho Resort, Santa Catarina Island, Brazil; Type: Invitational; Notes: See also results (15)
Final Pencil
England Shaun Murphy 5-0 Scotland Graeme Dott Head to head   Pencil

93-4 (81), 84-35, 72-21 (54), 79-0 (79), 139-0 (139)

Semifinals Pencil
Scotland Graeme Dott 5-2 England Peter Ebdon Head to head   Pencil
England Shaun Murphy 5-1 Scotland Stephen Hendry Head to head   Pencil
Quarterfinals Pencil
England Peter Ebdon 4-3 England Mark Selby Head to head   Pencil
Scotland Graeme Dott 4-2 Brazil Igor Figueiredo Head to head   Pencil
England Shaun Murphy 4-1 England Ricky Walden Head to head   Pencil
Scotland Stephen Hendry 4-0 England Allister Carter Head to head   Pencil
Round 1 Pencil
1 England Mark Selby 4-3 England Stuart Bingham Head to head   Pencil
2 England Peter Ebdon 4-1 England Stephen Lee Head to head   Pencil
3 Brazil Igor Figueiredo 4-2 England Jamie Cope     Pencil

114 by Figueiredo. Watch on YouTube.

4 Scotland Graeme Dott 4-1 England Mark Davis Head to head   Pencil
5 England Shaun Murphy 4-0 Brazil Sobradinho de Dues (a)     Pencil
6 England Ricky Walden 4-1 England Martin Gould Head to head   Pencil
7 Scotland Stephen Hendry 4-1 Brazil Noel Rodrigues (a)     Pencil

Hendry missed the 15th black on the way to a 147.
Watch on YouTube.

8 England Allister Carter 4-2 England Steve Davis Head to head   Pencil