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Regal Scottish Open

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 28 Mar - 9 Apr 2000; Venue: Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, Aberdeen, Scotland; Type: Ranking; Defending champion: Stephen Hendry; Notes: Stephen Maguire made a 147 in the qualifying stages (not televised). With Ronnie O'Sullivan also having made one against Quinten Hann in round Last 32, this marked the first time that two maximum breaks had been made in the same ranking tournament.; See also results (63)
England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) 9-1 Wales Mark J Williams (a) Head to head

Session 1:
75-68 (RO 59, MW 68), 85-5 (65), 69-0, 75-13, 65-53, 24-69 (60), 76-48 (67), 79-32 (69)

Session 2:
71-0 (57), 94-1 (58)

Referee: Peter Reinaldi

England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) 6-5 Scotland Graeme Dott (a) Head to head
Wales Mark J Williams (a) 6-5 Hong Kong Marco Fu (a) Head to head
Scotland Graeme Dott (a) 5-3 Wales Matthew Stevens (a) Head to head
England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) 5-1 England Dave Harold (a) Head to head
Wales Mark J Williams (a) 5-2 England Anthony Hamilton (a) Head to head
Hong Kong Marco Fu (a) 5-3 Scotland John Higgins (a) Head to head
Round 3
1 Wales Matthew Stevens (a) 5-2 Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) Head to head
2 Scotland Graeme Dott (a) 5-3 Ireland Fergal O'Brien (a) Head to head
3 England Dave Harold (a) 5-1 Wales Paul Davies (a)  
4 England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) 5-4 Scotland Marcus Campbell (a) Head to head
5 Wales Mark J Williams (a) 5-4 England Mark King (a) Head to head
6 England Anthony Hamilton (a) 5-2 Ireland Ken Doherty (a) Head to head
7 Hong Kong Marco Fu (a) 5-0 England Gary Ponting (a)  
8 Scotland John Higgins (a) 5-1 England Peter Ebdon (a) Head to head
Round 2
1 Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) 5-2 England Craig Harrison (a)  
2 Wales Matthew Stevens (a) 5-1 England Steve James (a)  
3 Scotland Graeme Dott (a) 5-3 England Nick Dyson (a)  
4 Ireland Fergal O'Brien (a) 5-2 Thailand James Wattana (a) Head to head
5 Wales Paul Davies (a) 5-1 England Ali Carter (a)  
6 England Dave Harold (a) 5-0 England Steve Davis (a) Head to head
7 Scotland Marcus Campbell (a) 5-3 England Ian Brumby (a)  
8 England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) 5-4 Australia Quinten Hann (a) Head to head
O'Sullivan made a maximum break in frame four.
9 Wales Mark J Williams (a) 5-3 Iceland Kristjan Helgason (a)  
10 England Mark King (a) 5-2 England Alfie Burden (a) Head to head
11 Ireland Ken Doherty (a) 5-2 England Gary Wilkinson (a)  
12 England Anthony Hamilton (a) 5-3 Scotland Chris Small (a) Head to head
13 Hong Kong Marco Fu (a) 5-4 Scotland Alan McManus (a) Head to head
14 England Gary Ponting (a) 5-0 Scotland Billy Snaddon (a)  
15 England Peter Ebdon (a) 5-3 Wales Dominic Dale (a) Head to head
16 Scotland John Higgins (a) 5-1 England Martin Clark (a) Head to head
Round 1
1 Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) 5-0 Wales Lee Walker (a) Head to head
2 England Craig Harrison (a) 5-4 England Andy Hicks (a)  
3 England Steve James (a) 5-2 England Brian Morgan (a)  
4 Wales Matthew Stevens (a) 5-1 Belgium Patrick Delsemme (a)  
5 England Nick Dyson (a) w/o England Stephen Lee (a)  
6 Scotland Graeme Dott (a) 5-2 England Sean Storey (a)  
7 Ireland Fergal O'Brien (a) 5-1 England Mark Gray (a)  
8 Thailand James Wattana (a) 5-2 England Peter Lines (a) Head to head
9 England Ali Carter (a) 5-3 England John Parrott (a) Head to head
10 Wales Paul Davies (a) 5-3 Northern Ireland Terry Murphy (a)  
11 England Dave Harold (a) 5-3 Ireland Mick Price (a)  
12 England Steve Davis (a) 5-0 Scotland David McLellan (a) Head to head
13 England Ian Brumby (a) 5-3 Wales Darren Morgan (a)  
14 Scotland Marcus Campbell (a) 5-4 England Jimmy White (a)  
15 Australia Quinten Hann (a) 5-0 England Wayne Brown (a)  
16 England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) 5-4 England David Finbow (a)  
17 Wales Mark J Williams (a) 5-1 Scotland John Lardner (a)  
18 Iceland Kristjan Helgason (a) 5-3 Scotland Jamie Burnett (a)  
19 England Mark King (a) 5-3 Scotland Drew Henry (a) Head to head
20 England Alfie Burden (a) 5-4 Northern Ireland Joe Swail (a) Head to head
21 Ireland Ken Doherty (a) 5-2 England Ian McCulloch (a) Head to head
22 England Gary Wilkinson (a) 5-4 England Jonathan Birch (a)  
23 England Anthony Hamilton (a) 5-1 England Karl Broughton (a) Head to head
24 Scotland Chris Small (a) 5-3 England Rod Lawler (a) Head to head
25 Scotland Alan McManus (a) 5-0 Thailand Noppadon Noppachorn (a)  
26 Hong Kong Marco Fu (a) 5-2 Malta Tony Drago (a) Head to head
27 England Gary Ponting (a) 5-2 England Paul Hunter (a)  
28 Scotland Billy Snaddon (a) 5-2 England Joe Perry (a)  
29 England Peter Ebdon (a) 5-0 England Stuart Pettman (a) Head to head
30 Wales Dominic Dale (a) 5-0 Scotland Hugh Abernethy (a)  
31 England Martin Clark (a) 5-2 England Nigel Bond (a)  
32 Scotland John Higgins (a) 5-2 Wales Anthony Davies (a) Head to head