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Qualifying School - Event Two Pencil

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 16-21 May 2014; Venue: The Capital Venue, Gloucester, England; Type: Qualifying School; Twitter: #SnookerQSchool; Notes: Follow the players on @snookerorg/QSchool2014.; See also results (141)
Quarterfinals Pencil
England Liam Highfield 4-2 Canada Alex Pagulayan (a)     Pencil

Highfield earns a spot on the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 Main Tour.

Cyprus Michael Georgiou (a) 4-2 England Ashley Carty (a)     Pencil

Georgiou earns a spot on the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 Main Tour.

Wales Lee Walker (a) 4-1 England Joe O'Connor (a) Head to head   Pencil

Walker earns a spot on the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 Main Tour.

Scotland Michael Leslie 4-3 Israel Eden Sharav (a)     Pencil

Leslie earns a spot on the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 Main Tour.

Round 5 Pencil
(Last 16)
1 England Liam Highfield 4-0 England George Pragnell (a)     Pencil
2 Canada Alex Pagulayan (a) 4-3 England Michael Wild (a)     Pencil
3 England Ashley Carty (a) 4-3 Wales Daniel Wells Head to head   Pencil
4 Cyprus Michael Georgiou (a) 4-2 England Oliver Brown (a)     Pencil
5 Wales Lee Walker (a) 4-3 England Adam Duffy Head to head   Pencil
6 England Joe O'Connor (a) 4-3 England Martin Ball (a)     Pencil
7 Israel Eden Sharav (a) 4-1 England Jamie O'Neill     Pencil
8 Scotland Michael Leslie 4-1 China Wang Zepeng (a)     Pencil
Round 4 Pencil
(Last 32)
1 England Liam Highfield 4-0 England John Parkin (a)     Pencil
2 England George Pragnell (a) 4-1 Ireland Thomas Dowling (a)     Pencil
3 Canada Alex Pagulayan (a) 4-0 Ireland John Sutton (a)     Pencil
4 England Michael Wild (a) 4-3 China Chen Zhe Head to head   Pencil
5 Wales Daniel Wells 4-0 England Reanne Evans (af)     Pencil
6 England Ashley Carty (a) 4-3 China Li Yan     Pencil
7 Cyprus Michael Georgiou (a) 4-1 England Sean O'Sullivan Head to head   Pencil
8 England Oliver Brown (a) 4-3 England Callum Downing (a)     Pencil
9 England Adam Duffy 4-3 England William Lemons (a)     Pencil
10 Wales Lee Walker (a) 4-0 Poland Kacper Filipiak (a)     Pencil
11 England Martin Ball (a) 4-3 Wales Jamie Clarke (a) Head to head   Pencil
12 England Joe O'Connor (a) 4-3 England Saqib Nasir (a)     Pencil
13 England Jamie O'Neill 4-1 England Ryan Causton (a)     Pencil
14 Israel Eden Sharav (a) 4-3 Isle of Man Darryl Hill (a)     Pencil
15 Scotland Michael Leslie 4-0 England Jake Keen (a)     Pencil
16 China Wang Zepeng (a) 4-1 Poland Adam Stefanow (a)     Pencil
Round 3 Pencil
(Last 64)
1 England John Parkin (a) 4-2 Wales Callum Lloyd (a)     Pencil
2 England Liam Highfield 4-2 Scotland Marc J Davis (a)     Pencil
3 Ireland Thomas Dowling (a) 4-2 England James Burrett (a)     Pencil
4 England George Pragnell (a) 4-1 England Matthew Day (a)     Pencil
5 Canada Alex Pagulayan (a) 4-0 England Michael Tomlinson (a)     Pencil
6 Ireland John Sutton (a) 4-2 England Jake Nicholson (a)     Pencil
7 England Michael Wild (a) 4-3 Northern Ireland Billy Brown (a)     Pencil
8 China Chen Zhe 4-3 Belgium Hans Blanckaert (a)     Pencil
9 England Reanne Evans (af) 4-1 Israel Shachar Ruberg (a)     Pencil
10 Wales Daniel Wells 4-2 England Sydney Wilson (a)     Pencil
11 China Li Yan 4-3 China Fang Xiongman (a)     Pencil
12 England Ashley Carty (a) 4-3 India Lucky Vatnani (a)     Pencil
13 Cyprus Michael Georgiou (a) 4-0 England Gareth Green (a)     Pencil
14 England Sean O'Sullivan 4-2 England Joe Roberts (a)     Pencil
15 England Callum Downing (a) 4-1 England Lewis Frampton (a) Head to head   Pencil
16 England Oliver Brown (a) 4-0 Wales Gareth Allen (a) Head to head   Pencil
17 England William Lemons (a) 4-3 England Paul S Davison     Pencil
18 England Adam Duffy 4-0 England Nico Elton (a)     Pencil
19 Poland Kacper Filipiak (a) 4-2 England Martin O'Donnell Head to head   Pencil
20 Wales Lee Walker (a) 4-0 England Charlie Walters (a)     Pencil
21 England Martin Ball (a) 4-3 Ireland Martin McCrudden (a)     Pencil
22 Wales Jamie Clarke (a) 4-1 England Louis Heathcote (a) Head to head   Pencil
23 England Joe O'Connor (a) 4-2 England Jeff Cundy (a)     Pencil
24 England Saqib Nasir (a) 4-2 England Sanderson Lam (a)     Pencil
25 England Ryan Causton (a) 4-2 England Nick Jennings (a) Head to head   Pencil
26 England Jamie O'Neill 4-3 Ireland Leo Fernandez (a)     Pencil
27 Israel Eden Sharav (a) 4-0 England Shane Castle (a)     Pencil
28 Isle of Man Darryl Hill (a) 4-1 England John Beesley (a)     Pencil
29 England Jake Keen (a) 4-2 England Danny Brindle (a)     Pencil
30 Scotland Michael Leslie 4-1 England Brandon Sargeant (a)     Pencil
31 China Wang Zepeng (a) 4-0 England Craig Barber (a)     Pencil
32 Poland Adam Stefanow (a) 4-1 Hong Kong Jamie Chui (a)     Pencil
Round 2 Pencil
(Last 128)
1 England John Parkin (a) 4-1 England Henry Roper (a)     Pencil
2 Wales Callum Lloyd (a) w/o Iran Hossein Vafaei     Pencil

Vafaei Ayouri is playing in the IBSF U-21 World Championship.

3 England Liam Highfield 4-1 Wales Kishan Hirani (a)     Pencil
4 Scotland Marc J Davis (a) 4-0 England Joshua Baddeley (a)     Pencil
5 England James Burrett (a) 4-3 England Justin Astley (a)     Pencil
6 Ireland Thomas Dowling (a) 4-2 Wales Duane Jones (a)     Pencil
7 England George Pragnell (a) 4-1 England Kurtis Weaver (a)     Pencil
8 England Matthew Day (a) 4-2 Scotland Michael Collumb (a)     Pencil
9 Canada Alex Pagulayan (a) 4-0 Germany Phil Barnes (a)     Pencil
10 England Michael Tomlinson (a) 4-2 Scotland Mark Owens (a)     Pencil
11 Ireland John Sutton (a) 4-3 Wales Leigh Davies (a)     Pencil
12 England Jake Nicholson (a) 4-3 England Adam Bobat (a)     Pencil
13 Northern Ireland Billy Brown (a) 4-0 England Joe Rhone (a)     Pencil
14 England Michael Wild (a) 4-2 Wales Alex Taubman (a)     Pencil
15 Belgium Hans Blanckaert (a) 4-0 England Nathan Jones (a)     Pencil
16 China Chen Zhe 4-2 England Ben Harrison (a) Head to head   Pencil
17 England Reanne Evans (af) 4-1 England Anthony Harris (a)     Pencil
18 Israel Shachar Ruberg (a) 4-0 England Charon Parker (a)     Pencil
19 Wales Daniel Wells 4-1 England Matthew Glasby (a)     Pencil
20 England Sydney Wilson (a) 4-1 England Ben Fortey (a) Head to head   Pencil
21 China Fang Xiongman (a) 4-0 England Anthony Massey (a)     Pencil
22 China Li Yan 4-0 China Feng Yijun (a)     Pencil
23 India Lucky Vatnani (a) 4-1 England Jamie Curtis-Barrett (a)     Pencil

135 by Vatnani.

24 England Ashley Carty (a) 4-2 England Andy Marriott (a)     Pencil
25 England Gareth Green (a) 4-1 England Dylan Mitchell (a)     Pencil
26 Cyprus Michael Georgiou (a) 4-3 England Adam Wicheard (a)     Pencil
27 England Joe Roberts (a) 4-0 England Mitchell Mann (a)     Pencil
28 England Sean O'Sullivan 4-2 England Richard Remelie (a)     Pencil
29 England Lewis Frampton (a) 4-0 England Christopher Keogan (a)     Pencil
30 England Callum Downing (a) w/o China Tian Pengfei     Pencil

Tian qualified from Event One.

31 England Oliver Brown (a) 4-1 Scotland Rhys Clark (a)     Pencil
32 Wales Gareth Allen (a) 4-2 England Richard Somauroo (a)     Pencil
33 England William Lemons (a) w/o China Niu Zhuang (a)     Pencil
34 England Paul S Davison 4-2 England Damian Wilks (a)     Pencil
35 England Adam Duffy 4-3 England Ricky Norris (a)     Pencil
36 England Nico Elton (a) 4-0 England Wayne Townsend (a)     Pencil
37 Poland Kacper Filipiak (a) 4-1 Pakistan Shokat Ali (a)     Pencil
38 England Martin O'Donnell 4-0 England Sachin Plaha (a)     Pencil
39 England Charlie Walters (a) 4-3 England Adam Edge (a)     Pencil
40 Wales Lee Walker (a) 4-2 England Hassan Vaizie (a)     Pencil
41 Ireland Martin McCrudden (a) 4-1 China Song Yang (a)     Pencil
42 England Martin Ball (a) 4-2 United States Corey Deuel (a)     Pencil
43 England Louis Heathcote (a) 4-3 India Rahul Sachdev (a)     Pencil
44 Wales Jamie Clarke (a) 4-1 Scotland Robert Carlisle (a)     Pencil
45 England Jeff Cundy (a) 4-0 England Mark Vincent (a)     Pencil
46 England Joe O'Connor (a) 4-2 England Mike Hallett (a)     Pencil
47 England Saqib Nasir (a) 4-2 England Terry Challenger (a)     Pencil
48 England Sanderson Lam (a) 4-1 England Adam King (a)     Pencil
49 England Ryan Causton (a) 4-2 Scotland Keith Keldie (a)     Pencil
50 England Nick Jennings (a) 4-1 Wales Jimmy Carney (a)     Pencil
51 England Jamie O'Neill 4-2 Wales Andrew Rogers (a)     Pencil
52 Ireland Leo Fernandez (a) 4-0 Northern Ireland Raymond Fry (a)     Pencil
53 England Shane Castle (a) 4-1 England Joe Steele (a)     Pencil
54 Israel Eden Sharav (a) 4-0 England Thomas Hilborne (a)     Pencil
55 England John Beesley (a) 4-1 England Imran Puri (a)     Pencil
56 Isle of Man Darryl Hill (a) 4-2 Malta Brian Cini (a)     Pencil
57 England Jake Keen (a) 4-1 Pakistan Hasan Khan (a)     Pencil
58 England Danny Brindle (a) 4-2 England James Silverwood (a)     Pencil
59 Scotland Michael Leslie 4-2 Scotland Gary Thomson (a)     Pencil
60 England Brandon Sargeant (a) w/o England Kashif Khan (a)     Pencil
61 England Craig Barber (a) w/o China Zhao Xintong (a) Head to head   Pencil

Zhao is playing in the IBSF U-21 World Championship.

62 China Wang Zepeng (a) 4-0 Scotland Ross Vallance (a)     Pencil
63 Poland Adam Stefanow (a) 4-0 Australia Simon Bevz (a)     Pencil
64 Hong Kong Jamie Chui (a) w/o England Chris Melling (a)     Pencil

Melling qualified from Event One.

Round 1 Pencil
(Last 145)
1 England John Parkin (a) 4-0 England Jason Tart (a)     Pencil
2 England Liam Highfield 4-1 Ireland Jason Devaney (a)     Pencil
3 Scotland Michael Collumb (a) w/o England Craig Steadman     Pencil

Steadman qualified from Event One.

4 Germany Phil Barnes (a) 4-2 England Matt Lippett (a)     Pencil
5 China Chen Zhe 4-2 Scotland Ross Higgins (a)     Pencil
6 Wales Daniel Wells 4-0 Portugal Filipe Cardoso (a)     Pencil
7 England Jamie Curtis-Barrett (a) 4-2 England Zack Richardson (a)     Pencil
8 England Gareth Green (a) 4-1 Austria Andreas Ploner (a)     Pencil
9 England Joe Roberts (a) 4-2 England Thomas Barton (a)     Pencil
10 England William Lemons (a) 4-1 England Peter Devlin (a)     Pencil
11 Poland Kacper Filipiak (a) 4-0 England Nick Skinner (a)     Pencil
12 England Martin O'Donnell 4-0 Wales Ben Jones (a) Head to head   Pencil
13 England Charlie Walters (a) 4-1 England Jason Weston (a)     Pencil
14 England Ryan Causton (a) 4-2 England Ashley Hugill (a)     Pencil
15 Israel Eden Sharav (a) w/o China Zhang Anda Head to head   Pencil

Zhang qualified from Event One.

16 Isle of Man Darryl Hill (a) 4-0 Wales Mark Davies (a)     Pencil
17 Scotland Gary Thomson (a) 4-3 Russia David Maslov (a)     Pencil