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Order of Play

Upcoming matches (147) in Q School 2 grouped by session (GMT+2 / CEST, EET)

Tuesday 4 August
1:30pm (est.)
Rd 1 (5) Wales Dylan Emery (a) 0-0 England Christopher Keogan (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Paul Burrell (a) 0-0 Northern Ireland Patrick Wallace (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Robert James (a) 0-0 France Niel Vincent (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Wales Lee Walker 0-0 England Ollie Douglas (a)    Pencil
3pm (est.)
Rd 1 (5) England Alfie Burden 0-0 England Mark Lloyd (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Connor Benzey (a) v England Jake Nicholson (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Scotland Liam Graham (a) v England Brandon Hall (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Ireland Fergal Quinn (a) v England Sean McAllister (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Ireland Ross Bulman (a) v England Adam Longley (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Adam Duffy (a) v Scotland Michael Collumb (a) Head to head  Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Farakh Ajaib (a) v Wales Jak Jones    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Gibraltar Chris Mason (a) v England Jack Smithers (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Mark Anthony Taylor (a) v England Sean O'Sullivan (a)    Pencil
4:30pm (est.)
Rd 1 (5) China Wu Yize (a) v England Matthew Couch (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Bash Maqsood (a) v England Dan Barsley (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Germany Kharazchi Jamshid (a) v England Craig Steadman    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Australia Jamie Brown (a) v England Sanderson Lam (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Scotland Keith Keldie (a) v Poland Antoni Kowalski (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Jed Mann (a) v Unknown Stephen Swaine (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) France Brian Ochoiski (a) v England Tugba Irten (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Joshua Cooper (a) v England Oliver Brown (a) Head to head  Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Jamie Curtis-Barrett (a) v England Bradley Cowdroy (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) Ukraine Sergey Isaenko (a) v England Rory McLeod (a) Head to head  Pencil
6:30pm (est.)
Rd 1 (5) England Andy Marriott (a) v England Sydney Wilson (a) Head to head  Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Ian Martin (a) v Northern Ireland Declan Lavery (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Simon Blackwell (a) v Germany Simon Lichtenberg    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Peter Devlin (a) v Pakistan Haider Ali (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England Harvey Chandler v England Chae Ross (a)    Pencil
Rd 1 (5) England James Silverwood (a) v England James Leadbetter (a)    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) China Fan Zhengyi v England Matthew Glasby (a)    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) England Ben Fortey (a) v England Daniel Womersley (a)    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) England Lee Shanker (a) v England Jamie Wilson (a)    Pencil
8pm (est.)
Rd 2 (5) England Hammad Miah v England John Astley    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) England Lee Stephens (a) v Emery / Keogan    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) England Mark Vincent (a) v England Stephen Kershaw (a)    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) England Alex Millington (a) v Malaysia Thor Chuan Leong    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) England Adrian Rosa (a) v China Fang Xiongman (a)    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) Wales Jamie Jones (a) v Burrell / Wallace    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) Scotland Chris Totten (a) v Northern Ireland Raymond Fry (a)    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) India Lucky Vatnani (a) v R James / N Vincent    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) England Sam Baird v Belgium Julien Leclercq (a)    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) England Haydon Pinhey (a) v England Kayden Brierley (a)    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) England Elliot Slessor v England Alex Clenshaw (a)    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) England Neal Jones (a) v Wales Ben Jones (a)    Pencil
Wednesday 5 August
Rd 2 (5) England Daniel Bagley (a) v England Saqib Nasir (a)    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) England James Height (a) v L Walker / Douglas    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) Wales Tyler Rees (a) v England Jack Culligan (a)    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) England Adam Edge (a) v England Stephen Groves (a)    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) England Zak Surety (a) v Burden / Lloyd    Pencil
Rd 2 (5) Northern Ireland Jamie McArdle (a) v England Stan Moody (a)    Pencil