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Liverpool Victoria UK Championship 1998

Bournemouth International Conference Centre , England (Tel: +44 (0) 1202 311304)
Nov 16-29, 1998 (BBC Nov 21-29)
WPBSA ranking tournament (#2 of 9)
�460,000 purse

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John Higgins wins his 12th major title, his 10th ranking title and the first of the season by beating youngster Matthew Stevens 10-6 in the final.

John, ranked No 1 in the world rankings, picks up the first prize of �75,000 and Stevens (ranked 26th) pockets �39,000. Higgins also receives �5,000 for the highest televised break, a 141 total clearance against Terry Murphy in the third round.

The Scot increases his lead at the top of the provisional ranking list. Stevens moves up six places to seventh.

With six wins in seven matches the Scot is second on the tour in win percentages. Stephen Lee is the leader.

Higgins is only the fourth player to win both the World Championship and the UK Championship in the same year. Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry and John Parrott are the other three.

Tessa Davidson won the Ladies title with a 4-1 win over Kelly Fisher.


(Players are English unless stated)


John Higgins (Scotland) 10-6 Matthew Stevens (Wales)

86-0 62-36 31-68 (52) 69-48 0-91 (62) 68-11 (50) 10-105 (105) 60-61 (H 60)
22-72 (66) 87-36 (73) 84-0 (84) 70-6 107-0 (107) 34-76 81-23 90-0 (90)


Matthew Stevens (Wales) 9-7 Dave Harold

35-68 86-0 (86) 67-49 24-63 0-98 (52) 5-98 (97) 65-29 73-0 78-47 (70)
30-87 (50) 68-30 (62) 129-0 (117) 17-66 74-1 1-74 (73) 72-60 (72-60)

John Higgins (Scotland) 9-4 Paul Hunter

47-60 80-7 1-64 32-65 71-23 74-24 60-70 (JH 60)
66-53 (53-52) 67-54 74-12 71-0 (71) 101-0 (101) 89-0 (89)


Matthew Stevens (Wales) 9-5 Matthew Couch           

3-79 47-76 29-81 64-18 62-52 63-38 33-62 8-49
73-39 79-36 72-17 (53) 85-2 84-27 (66) 95-21 (78)

Dave Harold 9-4 Fergal O'Brien (Ireland)

94-0 (64) 48-56 59-58 60-58 90-0 67-1 60-8
19-65 73-15 0-100 (52) 50-69 90-8 (67) 57-53

Paul Hunter 9-4 Steve Davis

56-18 65-13 66-48 65-25 (52) 64-38 59-61
87-55 52-3 47-75 1-73 (64) 11-75 (56) 93-5 75-29

John Higgins (Scotland) 9-6 John Parrott

11-88 (88) 116-0 (116) 78-35 (60) 54-37 99-30 (99)
8-56 9-67 71-40 (66) 33-68 69-23 44-68 22-62 74-0 60-40

Third round

Matthew Stevens (Wales)          9-5 Rod Lawler  
Matthew Couch                    9-5 Michael Holt
Dave Harold                      9-4 Mark J Williams (Wales)
Fergal O'Brien (Ireland)         9-7 Ken Doherty (Ireland)
Steve Davis                      9-7 Marcus Campbell (Scotland)
Paul Hunter                      9-2 Jimmy White
John Parrott                     9-6 Gary Ponting
John Higgins (Scotland)          9-4 Terry Murphy (N.Ireland)

Second round

Rod Lawler                       9-5 John Read
Matthew Stevens (Wales)          9-6 Stephen Lee
Matthew Couch                    9-6 Marco Fu (Hong Kong)
Michael Holt                     9-1 Graeme Dott (Scotland)
Mark J Williams (Wales)          9-4 Dominic Dale (Wales)
Dave Harold                      9-5 Nigel Bond
Fergal O'Brien (Ireland)         9-8 Anthony Hamilton
Ken Doherty (Ireland)            9-7 Martin Clark
Marcus Campbell (Scotland)       9-5 Quinten Hann (Australia)      
Steve Davis                      9-2 Andy Hicks
Paul Hunter                      9-6 Joe Swail (N.Ireland)
Jimmy White                      9-4 Paul Davies (Wales)
John Parrott                     9-3 Steve James
Gary Ponting                     9-8 Patrick Wallace (N.Ireland)
Terry Murphy (N.Ireland)         9-3 Lee Richardson
John Higgins (Scotland)          9-4 Brian Morgan

First round

John Read                        w/o Ronnie O'Sullivan
Rod Lawler                       9-4 Jamie Burnett (Scotland)
Stephen Lee                      9-4 Steve Judd                    
Matthew Stevens (Wales)          9-7 Bradley Jones
Matthew Couch                    9-3 James Wattana (Thailand)
Marco Fu (Hong Kong)             9-4 Gary Wilkinson
Michael Holt                     9-7 Alan McManus (Scotland)
Graeme Dott (Scotland)           9-7 Gerard Greene (N.Ireland)
Mark J Williams (Wales)          9-3 Jimmy Michie                  
Dominic Dale (Wales)             9-4 David Gray                    
Nigel Bond                       9-6 Peter Lines                   
Dave Harold                      9-6 Dene O'Kane (New Zealand)     
Anthony Hamilton                 9-4 Tony Chappel (Wales)          
Fergal O'Brien (Ireland)         9-2 Paul Wykes
Ken Doherty (Ireland)            9-0 John Lardner (Scotland)       
Martin Clark                     9-8 Joe Perry                     
Marcus Campbell (Scotland)       9-0 Stephen Hendry (Scotland)
Quinten Hann (Australia)         9-3 Billy Snaddon (Scotland)
Steve Davis                      9-4 Graham Horne (Scotland)       
Andy Hicks                       9-6 John Whitty                   
Joe Swail (N.Ireland)            9-8 Mark King
Paul Hunter                      9-3 Lee Walker (Wales)            
Paul Davies (Wales)              9-4 Peter Ebdon
Jimmy White                      9-3 Jonathan Birch                 
John Parrott                     9-8 Euan Henderson (Scotland)     
Steve James                      9-7 Darren Morgan (Wales)
Gary Ponting                     9-8 Tony Drago (Malta)
Patrick Wallace (N.Ireland)      9-7 Chris Small (Scotland)
Lee Richardson                   9-8 Alain Robidoux (Canada)
Terry Murphy (N.Ireland)         9-3 Neal Foulds                   
John Higgins (Scotland)          9-1 David Roe                     
Brian Morgan                     9-4 Tony Jones                    

Note: Ronnie O'Sullivan has pulled out of the tournament because of exhaustion. His doctor has ordered him to rest because he is suffering from physical and nervous exhaustion.

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Janie's Report

Reports from Janie Watkins ([email protected]) as posted on

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Nov 20: What the players say...

Some are still in the tournament and some have already made the long (or short) journey home.... here are some of the comments from and about the players before the event started:

Bournemouth Pro - PAUL WYKES

"I can't wait for it to start". "I played Fergal in the Grand Prix last year at the BIC and the crowd were clapping every shot." "The UK Championship is the second biggest tournament in snooker and, with the matches over longer sessions I should be able to bring out my game". "...I need a good run in the UK..."

Result: Fergal O'Brien beat Paul Wykes 9-2


"I didn't play snooker for four months, and it was good to have a break, but I've been practising hard since the start of September".

"I had a good time away from the table. I went to Lake Garda... and took it easy".

"I played golf and enjoyed the scenery, it's a lovely place to go and get away from it all, where you don't have all the worries of snooker".

"It is one of the tournaments every player would like to win".

Result: Never got onto the starting blocks.


"Hong Kong snooker sensation Marco Fu is one man snooker's top stars are hoping to avoid..."

Result: Chop Fuey


"Thai, Wattana is Asia's leading player"

Result: Left on the "Couch"


"Now 41, 'the Nugget' is still as competitive as ever..."

Ah they got one right!


"White, UK Champion in 1992, will be looking for a long run in the tournament to boost his chances of returning to the Top 16 next season..."

So far so good.

From the History Books - The UK Championship

First played in 1977 at Blackpool Tower Circus - won by Patsy Fagan

Defeated 77 finalist Doug Mountjoy won in 1978 with a 15-9 win of David Taylor.

Big Break star John Virgo won in 1979 with a dramatic 14-13 win over Terry Griffiths.

When leading 11-7 Virgo was docked two frame for turning up late, and after trailing 13-12, he snatched the last two frames for victory. 1980 saw the reign of Steve Davis beginning. It was Davis' first major title - his current tally is 73 titles!

Welshman Terry Griffiths interrupted the Davis run in 1982, beating Alex Higgins 16-15.

And it was Higgins in 1983 who won the dramatic victory against Davis. Having trailed 7-0 to Davis, Higgins fought back to win 16-15.

Davis returned to win the title for the next four years. Amongst those was the 1985 win over Willie Thorne who missed a simple blue to take the title.

Doug Mountjoy ended the Davis run in 1988 as he enjoyed a renaissance that gave him three titles that season.

Stephen Hendry began his dominance in 1989, ironically defeating Davis 16-12. And he did the double over Davis in 1990, this time 16-15.

Parrott won the title in 1991, becoming only the third man to hold the world and uk titles at the same time.

The most popular victory was Jimmy White's in 1992 as he beat Parrott 16-9.

1993 saw the emergence of Ronnie O'Sullivan as he stormed through the event, beating Hendry 10-6 in the final, becomng the youngest ever winner of a ranking event.

Hendry's win in 1994 was astonishing as he recorded 7 century breaks during the final to defeat Ken Doherty 10-5.

Hendry won again in 95 with a 10-3 win over Ebdon and won again in 96 beating John Higgins 10-9.

Last year's winner was, of course, Ronnie O'Sullivan, but as he is unable to defend his title, another name will be engraved on this year's trophy.

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Nov 16: Round One - Early scores and News

Round One of The United Kingdom championship got under way today, at The Bournemouth International Centre. The long hard trail, of two-session, 17 frame matches will eventually lead to a winner on 29th November. Ronnie O'Sullivan defends the title he won in Preston last year, but who will lift the crown this year.

The Grand Prix, normally a tournament that throws up a number of shocks, suggested that this could be one of the most open seasons for a long time. Pin sticking stuff for the punters!

Gerard Greene warmed to his task in the cold early Bournemouth morning as he cracked in breaks of 136 and 114 to take a 5-3 lead over Scotland's Graeme Dott.

The two ton feat was emulated by Scot Euan Henderson this afternoon, as he compiled runs of 107 and 105 in successive frames against John Parrott to earn a 4-3 lead, but Parrott knocked in 72 to leave them level after the first session.

Quick out of the blocks was Cwm's Mark J Williams. Breaks of 57, 85 57, and 86 helped him to an "unassailable" 8-1 lead over Jimmy Michie.

Fellow Welshmen Matthew Stevens and Dominic Dale ended their first sessions with their noses in front. Stevens rapped in 55, 57 and 74 on the way to a 5-3 lead over Londoner Bradley Jones; while Dale saw a 5-1 lead clipped to 5-3 as David Gray compiled 55 and 67 to cut his deficit.

Jimmy White declared himself fit and promptly proved it as he was helped to a 6-2 lead over Jonathan Birch by breaks of 57, 81 and 52. From 2-2 White took four frames on the spin to earn his lead.

Alain Robidoux's troubles looked far from over as he slipped to a 6-2 deficit against Snooker's rap man Lee Richardson, as richardson took five frames in succession.

Michael Holt put up a good show on his venue debut as he held the obdurate Scot Alan McManus 4-4 after their first session. Holt compiled runs of 64, 55 & 60.

Grand Prix winner Stephen Lee had a hard's morning's work as he was held 4-4 by Nottingham's Steve Judd and Lee had to recover from 4-2 down with the last two frames to stay in touch.

James Wattana showed glimpses of his form with runs of 55 and 85, but he was on the receiving end of breaks of 52, 70 and 85 as Scunthorpe's Matthew Couch took a 6-2 lead.

Marco Fu put pressure on Gary Wilkinson as he took 4 consecutive frames for a 5-3 lead, helped by runs of 53, and 83 twice.

Anthony Hamilton and Swansea's Tony Chappel locked themselves into a long battle, as five of the seven frames they completed took more than half an hour each, but both produced quality snooker as Chappel ran in 83 and 62 and Hamilton responded with 72, 64, 52, 96 and 51 as he took a 4-3 lead.

Irishman Fergal O'Brien saddened the local fans as he hammered out a 7-1 lead over Bournemouth boy Paul Wykes.

Mark King and Joe Swail ended locked at 4-4, as did Darren Morgan and Steve James..

Paul Hunter edged into a 5-3 lead over Lee Walker in a surprisingly low scoring match.

Plymouth star Patrick Wallace of Belfast swarmed into a 6-2 lead over Grand Prix hero Chris Small, but was pegged back as Small snatched the last two frames to stay in contention. Wallace notched breaks of 66, 68 and 77.

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Century Breaks

(Excluding qualifying rounds)

J Higgins     141
D Dale        138
G Ponting     138
G Greene      136
M Stevens     135
F O'Brien     130
G Ponting     128
F O'Brien     127
G Ponting     127
J White       126
A Hicks       118
M Holt        118
M Stevens     117
J Higgins     116
M Williams    116
D Harold      115
C Small       115
G Greene      114
P Wallace     114
A Hamilton    113
M Clark       111
A Hicks       111
G Ponting     109
E Henderson   107
J Higgins     107
J Higgins     106
D Harold      105
E Henderson   105
M Stevens     105
P Ebdon       104
A Hicks       104
L Richardson  102
J Higgins     101
D Harold      100

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Qualifying Rounds

Plymouth Pavillions, Plymouth, England (Jul-Sep, 1998)
Results provided by Janie Watkins ([email protected])

(Players are English unless stated)

Round 5

(Monday 24th August)

John Read                        5-1 Jason Prince (N.Ireland)
Rod Lawler                       5-4 Phaitoon Phonbun (Thailand)
Steve Judd                       5-4 Joe Johnson
Bradley Jones                    5-3 Adrian Gunnell
Matthew Couch                    5-3 Shokat Ali (Pakistan)
Marco Fu (Hong Kong)             5-4 Karl Broughton
Michael Holt                     5-0 Dennis Taylor (N.Ireland)
Gerard Greene (N.Ireland)        5-2 Leo Fernandez (Ireland)
Jimmy Michie                     5-4 Drew Henry (Scotland)
David Gray                       5-3 Stephen O'Connor (Ireland)
Peter Lines                      5-3 Tom Finstad (Canada)
Dene O'Kane (New Zealand)        5-1 Paul S Davison
Tony Chappel (Wales)             5-3 Wayne Jones (Wales)
Paul Wykes                       5-1 Eddie Manning
John Lardner (Scotland)          5-4 Ian McCulloch
Joe Perry                        5-2 Willie Thorne
Marcus Campbell (Scotland)       5-2 Dean Reynolds
Quinten Hann (Australia)         5-4 Philip Williams (Wales)
Graham Horne (Scotland)          5-1 Mick Price
John Whitty                      5-1 Nick Pearce
Joe Swail (N.Ireland)            5-1 Jeff Cundy
Lee Walker (Wales)               5-4 Peter McCullagh
Paul Davies (Wales)              5-1 Stuart Pettman
Jonathan Birch                   5-3 Ian Brumby
Euan Henderson (Scotland)        5-2 Karl Burrows
Steve James                      5-1 Shaun Murphy
Gary Ponting                     5-1 Jason Ferguson
Patrick Wallace (N.Ireland)      5-3 Mark Davis
Lee Richardson                   5-1 Michael Judge (Ireland)
Neal Foulds                      5-3 Anthony Davies (Wales)
David Roe                        5-1 Sean Storey
Tony Jones                       5-4 Alan Burnett (Scotland)

Round 4

(Sunday 23rd August)

Phaitoon Phonbun (Thailand)      5-3 Robin Hull (Finland)
Adrian Gunnell                   5-0 Richard Somauroo (Mauritius)
Marco Fu (Hong Kong)             5-4 Kristjan Helgason (Iceland)
Tom Finstad (Canada)             5-3 Hasimu Tuerxun (China)
Jeff Cundy                       5-4 Shawn Budd (Australia)
Shaun Murphy                     5-3 Mario Geudens (Belgium)

Round 3

John Read                        5-1 Mehmet Husnu (Cyprus)
Robin Hull (Finland)             5-3 Stefan Mazrocis
Steve Judd                       5-2 Allister Carter
Adrian Gunnell                   5-2 Martin Dziewialtowski (Scotland)
Matthew Couch                    5-4 Barry Pinches
Kristjan Helgason (Iceland)      5-3 Mark Gray
Michael Holt                     5-4 Nick Walker
Leo Fernandez (Ireland)           5-1 Craig MacGillivray (Scotland)
Jimmy Michie                     5-3 Gary Natale (Canada)
Stephen O'Connor (Ireland)       5-3 Barry Mapstone
Hasimu Tuerxun (China)           5-2 Wayne Brown
Paul S Davison                   5-4 Mark Bennett (Wales)
Wayne Jones (Wales)              5-1 Tony Knowles
Eddie Manning                    5-3 Leigh Griffin                 
John Lardner (Scotland)          5-4 Jason Weston
Joe Perry                        5-1 Robert Milkins
Marcus Campbell (Scotland)       5-2 Chris Shade (Scotland)
Philip Williams (Wales)          5-1 Dave Finbow
Graham Horne (Scotland)          5-2 Paul McPhillips (Scotland)
John Whitty                      5-4 Darren Clarke
Jeff Cundy                       5-1 Karl Payne
Peter McCullagh                  5-1 Surinder Gill
Stuart Pettman                   5-4 Joe Delaney (Ireland)
Ian Brumby                       5-2 James Reynolds (Wales)
Karl Burrows                     5-2 Ian Sargeant (Wales)
Shaun Murphy                     5-3 Alfie Burden
Gary Ponting                     5-0 Mark Fenton (Wales)
Patrick Wallace (N.Ireland)      5-0 Chris Scanlon
Lee Richardson                   5-1 David McDonnell
Anthony Davies (Wales)           5-3 Mike Dunn
Sean Storey                      5-2 David Coles
Alan Burnett (Scotland)          5-1 Troy Shaw

Highest break of the rounds so far - Joe Grech 138.

Patrick Wallace goes through yet again - still undefeated. Must be wedded bliss as Patrick married as recently as this July!

Adrian Gunnell also remains undefeated.

Gunnell, Helgason and Tuerxun will be candidates for the "low" 6 qualifiers to play in the Round 4 play off.

If you have a web browser. Daily reports are being posted on, on Eric Whitehead's site, written by John Dee.

The Sporting Life - Extra pages are also carrying some bits and pieces

If you find anyone else carrying news from Plymouth - please let us know.

Round 2

Mehmet Husnu (Cyprus)            5-0 Micky Roughan
Robin Hull (Finland)             5-3 Antony Bolsover
Allister Carter                  5-3 Paul Sweeny
Adrian Gunnell                   5-4 Nigel Gilbert
Barry Pinches                    5-2 Stephen Murphy (Ireland)
Kristjan Helgason (Iceland)      5-0 Simon Bedford
Michael Holt                     5-4 Patrick Delsemme (Belgium)
Leo Fernandez (Ireland)           5-3 Darren Limburg
Gary Natale (Canada)             w/o Jason Wallace
Barry Mapstone                   5-0 Stuart Reardon
Hasimu Tuerxun (China)           5-4 Adrian Rosa
Paul S Davison                   5-4 Matt Wilson
Tony Knowles                     5-0 Bob Chaperon (Canada)
Eddie Manning                    5-4 Simon Parker
Jason Weston                     5-3 Colm Gilcreest (Ireland)
Robert Milkins                   5-2 Matthew Bray
Chris Shade (Scotland)           5-2 John Giles
Philip Williams (Wales)          5-2 Eddie Barker
Paul McPhillips (Scotland)       5-4 Stuart Bingham
John Whitty                      5-4 Steve Newbury (Wales)
Jeff Cundy                       5-2 Darryn Walker
Surinder Gill                    5-2 Oliver King
Joe Delaney (Ireland)            5-3 Joe Grech (Malta)
James Reynolds (Wales)           5-1 Mark Miller
Ian Sargeant (Wales)             5-4 Hugh Abernethy (Scotland)
Shaun Murphy                     5-1 David McLellan (Scotland)
Mark Fenton (Wales)              5-3 Geoff Dunn (Scotland)
Patrick Wallace (N.Ireland)      5-2 Steve Mifsud (Australia)
David McDonnell                  5-2 Nick Terry
Mike Dunn                        5-4 Craig Harrison
David Coles                      5-4 Munraj Pal
Alan Burnett (Scotland)          5-1 Alex Borg (Malta)

A "no show" from Jason Wallace gives Canada's Gary Natale a walk over to Round Three, where he will play Jimmy Michie.

One seed who did survive the rigours of this morning's matches was Michael Holt, who clinched his 5-4 victory over Patrick Delsemme with a 120 break in the decider.

Hightlights: 138 from Joe Grech

Ireland: Patrick Wallace marches on undefeated

Wales: Best day so far for Wales with wins for... Philip Williams (Llanelli), James Reynolds (Church Village), Mark Fenton (Morriston), Ian Sargeant (Bargoed).

UK Break Board:
Joe Grech 138
Michael Holt 120
Keith E 119
Mehmet Husnu 116
Kristjan Helgason 110
Philip Williams 109
Allister Carter 105
John Giles 105
Adrian Gunnell 100

Round 1

Mehmet Husnu (Cyprus)            5-4 Dermot McGlinchey (N.Ireland)
Robin Hull (Finland)             5-2 Johl Younger (Australia)
Allister Carter                  5-1 Mario Wehrmann (Netherlands)
Adrian Gunnell                   5-1 Anan Terananon (Thailand)
Barry Pinches                    5-2 Mario Cutajar (Malta)
Kristjan Helgason (Iceland)      5-3 Dylan Leary (N.Ireland)
Patrick Delsemme (Belgium)       5-2 Mike Hallett
Darren Limburg                   5-2 Kirk Stevens (Canada)
Gary Natale (Canada)             5-2 Gary Lees
Stuart Reardon                   5-1 Ben Reicker (Canada)
Hasimu Tuerxun (China)           5-1 Leigh Robinson
Matt Wilson                      5-2 Saleh Muhammad (Pakistan)
Bob Chaperon (Canada)            5-1 Wayne Saidler
Simon Parker                     5-3 Chatchawan Rutphae (Thailand)
Colm Gilcreest (Ireland)         5-3 Farhan Mirza (Pakistan)
Matthew Bray                     5-3 Paul Cavney
John Giles                       5-2 Les Dodd
Eddie Barker                     5-4 Björn Haneveer (Belgium)
Stuart Bingham                   5-0 Sam Chong (Malaysia)
John Whitty                      5-3 Hitesh Naran (South Africa)
Jeff Cundy                       5-0 Darren Hackeson
Surinder Gill                    5-1 Brian Rowswell
Joe Delaney (Ireland)            5-3 Wael Talaat (Egypt)
Mark Miller                      5-3 Mike Henson (Germany)
Ian Sargeant (Wales)             5-1 Alastair Fleming (Scotland)
Shaun Murphy                     5-2 Neil Robertson (New Zealand)
Geoff Dunn (Scotland)            5-4 Keith E (Singapore)
Steve Mifsud (Australia)         5-2 Mark Johnston-Allen
David McDonnell                  5-4 Li Jian-Bing (China)
Mike Dunn                        5-4 Tai Pichit (Thailand)
David Coles                      5-4 Sean Lanigan
Alex Borg (Malta)                5-1 Guo Hua (China)

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Prize Money

Winner 1 * 75,000   75,000
Runner Up 1 * 39,000   39,000
Losing Semi-finalist 2 * 19,750   39,500
Losing Quarter-finalist 4 * 10,800   43,200
Last 16 8 * 5,525   44,200
Last 32 16 * 3,450   55,200
Last 64 32 * 2,950   94,400
Last 96 32 * 1,460   46,720
Overseas Play-off Round 6 * 1,460 8,760
� Not payable to overseas qualifiers who lose their first match
Last 134 32 * 235   7,520
High TV Break 1 * 5,000   5,000
High Pre TV Break 1 * 1,500   1,500

Total 460,000

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Here is an overview of the points system used in the 1998 Liverpool Victoria UK Championship.

The points are awarded to the losing players in each round.

Round Points
Last 198 270
Last 166 360
(seeds 97-128) 270
Last 134 480
(seeds 65-96) 360
Last 102 640
(overseas seeds) 480
Last 96 640
(seeds 33-64) 480
Last 64 855
(seeds 1-32) 640
Last 32 1,140
Last 16 1,520
Q-F 2,025
S-F 2,700
R-up 4,050
Winner 6,075

See the Points System page in the Rankings section for more on ranking points.

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