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Q Tour 1

Tour: Q Tour; Date: 25-27 Aug 2023; Venue: North East Snooker Centre, North Shields, England; Type: Q; Twitter: #QTour; Notes: See also results (114)
(Winner: £3,000; Runner-up: £1,500)
Wales Liam Davies (a) 5-2 England Craig Steadman (a)   Details 

61-25, 109-0 (109), 28-98 (98), 70-32
51-65, 78-0 (78), 86-0 (86)

(Losers receive £900)
England Craig Steadman (a) 4-3 Wales Tyler Rees (a)   Details 

6-84 (69), 65-20 (50), 69-31, 70-22
1-61 (53), 24-71 (71), 74-0 (57)

Wales Liam Davies (a) 4-3 England Ryan Davies (a)   Details 

67-8 (67), 73-18 (54), 50-59, 123-0 (75)
32-67, 13-84, 61-60 (RD 52)

Decided on the final black

(Losers receive £600)
England Craig Steadman (a) 4-2 Ukraine Iulian Boiko (a)   Details 
Wales Tyler Rees (a) 4-3 India Asutosh Padhy (a)   Details 
Wales Liam Davies (a) 4-3 Wales Duane Jones (a)   Details 
England Ryan Davies (a) 4-2 India Kreishh Gurbaxani (a)   Details 
Round 3
(Last 16; Losers receive £300)
1 England Craig Steadman (a) 3-2 England Simon Bedford (a)   Details 
2 Ukraine Iulian Boiko (a) 3-1 England Sean Maddocks (a) Head to head Details 
3 India Asutosh Padhy (a) 3-2 England Billy Castle (a)   Details 
4 Wales Tyler Rees (a) 3-2 Jamaica Rory McLeod (a)   Details 
5 Wales Duane Jones (a) 3-1 England Paul Deaville (a) Head to head Details 
6 Wales Liam Davies (a) 3-2 Hungary Bulcsu Revesz (a)   Details 
7 India Kreishh Gurbaxani (a) 3-1 England Barry Pinches (a)   Details 
8 England Ryan Davies (a) 3-2 Wales Alfie Davies (a)   Details 
Round 2
(Last 32; Losers receive £200)
1 England Craig Steadman (a) 3-0 Scotland Ayaan Iqbal (a)   Details 
2 England Simon Bedford (a) 3-0 Wales Marc Shaw (a)   Details 
3 Ukraine Iulian Boiko (a) 3-0 Austria Florian Nüßle (a)   Details 
4 England Sean Maddocks (a) 3-0 England Neal Jones (a)   Details 
5 England Billy Castle (a) 3-0 Pakistan Farakh Ajaib (a) Head to head Details 
6 India Asutosh Padhy (a) 3-2 Malta Aaron Busuttil (a)   Details 
7 Jamaica Rory McLeod (a) 3-0 England Peter Lines (a) Head to head Details 
8 Wales Tyler Rees (a) 3-1 England Steven Hallworth (a) Head to head Details 
9 England Paul Deaville (a) 3-0 England Phil O'Kane (a)   Details 
10 Wales Duane Jones (a) 3-0 India Dhruv Jatan Patel (a)   Details 
11 Wales Liam Davies (a) 3-2 England Aidan Murphy (a)   Details 
12 Hungary Bulcsu Revesz (a) 3-1 England Harvey Chandler (a)   Details 
13 England Barry Pinches (a) 3-2 England Oliver Sykes (a)   Details 
14 India Kreishh Gurbaxani (a) 3-2 Northern Ireland Robbie McGuigan (a)   Details 
15 Wales Alfie Davies (a) 3-2 England Joshua Thomond (a)   Details 
16 England Ryan Davies (a) 3-2 France Nicolas Mortreux (a)   Details 
Round 1
(Last 64; Losers receive £0)
1 Scotland Ayaan Iqbal (a) 3-0 Scotland Chris Totten (a)   Details 
2 England Craig Steadman (a) 3-2 England Mitchell Travis (a)   Details 
3 England Simon Bedford (a) 3-2 England Lee Shanker (a)   Details 

4 Wales Marc Shaw (a) 3-1 Wales Alex Taubman (a)   Details 
5 Ukraine Iulian Boiko (a) 3-2 Latvia Filips Kalnins (a)   Details 
6 Austria Florian Nüßle (a) 3-0 France Brian Ochoiski (a)   Details 
7 England Sean Maddocks (a) 3-0 England Jamie Curtis-Barrett (a) Head to head Details 
8 England Neal Jones (a) w/o England Sydney Wilson (a)  
9 England Billy Castle (a) 3-2 England Patrick Whelan (a) Head to head Details 
10 Pakistan Farakh Ajaib (a) 3-0 England Martyn Taylor (a)   Details 
11 Malta Aaron Busuttil (a) 3-2 England Josh Mulholland (a)   Details 
12 India Asutosh Padhy (a) 3-0 England Jed Mann (a)   Details 
13 England Peter Lines (a) 3-0 England Alfie Lee (a)   Details 
14 Jamaica Rory McLeod (a) 3-1 England Halim Hussain (a)   Details 
15 England Steven Hallworth (a) 3-0 Northern Ireland Joel Connolly (a)   Details 
16 Wales Tyler Rees (a) w/o Wales Ben Fortey (a)  
17 England Phil O'Kane (a) 3-1 England Sean McAllister (a)   Details 
18 England Paul Deaville (a) 3-2 England Haydon Pinhey (a)   Details 
19 Wales Duane Jones (a) 3-2 England Hayden Staniland (a) Head to head Details 
20 India Dhruv Jatan Patel (a) 3-1 Moldova Vladislav Gradinari (a)   Details 
21 Wales Liam Davies (a) w/o Germany Umut Dikme (a)  
22 England Aidan Murphy (a) 3-1 England Lewis Ullah (a)   Details 
23 England Harvey Chandler (a) 3-1 Scotland Michael Collumb (a) Head to head Details 
24 Hungary Bulcsu Revesz (a) 3-1 China Lei Peifan (a)   Details 
25 England Oliver Sykes (a) 3-2 Poland Daniel Holoyda (a)   Details 
26 England Barry Pinches (a) 3-2 England Lee Stephens (a) Head to head Details 
27 India Kreishh Gurbaxani (a) 3-0 Northern Ireland Fergal Quinn (a)   Details 
28 Northern Ireland Robbie McGuigan (a) 3-2 England Daniel Womersley (a)   Details 
29 Wales Alfie Davies (a) 3-1 Wales Oliver Briffett-Payne (a)   Details 
30 England Joshua Thomond (a) 3-1 Wales Daniel Williams (a)   Details 
31 England Ryan Davies (a) 3-0 England Joshua Cooper (a) Head to head Details 
32 France Nicolas Mortreux (a) 3-1 England Alex Millington (a)   Details 
Qual Round 3
(Last 80; Losers receive £0)
1 Scotland Ayaan Iqbal (a) 3-1 Ireland Leone Crowley (a)   Details 
2 England Mitchell Travis (a) 3-0 England Connor Benzey (a)   Details 
3 Wales Marc Shaw (a) 3-1 England Daniel Crompton (a)   Details 
4 Latvia Filips Kalnins (a) 3-2 England Philip Blackburn (a)   Details 
5 England Sean Maddocks (a) 3-0 England Brandon Hall (a)   Details 
6 England Patrick Whelan (a) 3-1 England Nathan Jones (a)   Details 
7 Pakistan Farakh Ajaib (a) 3-0 Wales Jack Bradford (a)   Details 
8 England Jed Mann (a) 3-1 Scotland Amaan Iqbal (a)   Details 
9 Northern Ireland Joel Connolly (a) 3-2 Pakistan Faizaan Mohammed (a)   Details 
10 England Phil O'Kane (a) 3-1 Latvia Rodion Judin (a)   Details 
11 Scotland Michael Collumb (a) 3-1 England Stephen Kershaw (a)   Details 
12 England Lee Stephens (a) 3-2 England Peter Devlin (a)   Details 
13 India Kreishh Gurbaxani (a) 3-2 Bulgaria Velian Dimitrov (a)   Details 
14 Wales Oliver Briffett-Payne (a) 3-1 England Adam Longley (a)   Details 
15 Wales Daniel Williams (a) 3-0 Wales Zac Cosker (a)   Details 
16 France Nicolas Mortreux (a) 3-2 Germany Manuel Ederer (a)   Details 
Qual Round 2
(Last 112; Losers receive £0)
1 Scotland Ayaan Iqbal (a) 3-0 England Adam Stacey (a)   Details 
2 Ireland Leone Crowley (a) 3-2 India Digvijay Kadian (a)   Details 
3 England Mitchell Travis (a) 3-2 England Kayden Brierley (a)   Details 
4 England Connor Benzey (a) 3-0 Ireland Paddy Brady (a)   Details 
5 England Daniel Crompton (a) 3-0 Scotland Andy Fong (a) Head to head Details 
6 Wales Marc Shaw (a) 3-1 Scotland Jack Borwick (a)   Details 
7 Latvia Filips Kalnins (a) 3-1 Jamaica Jason Lawrence (a)   Details 
8 England Philip Blackburn (a) 3-2 Wales Bradley Tyson (a)   Details 
9 England Brandon Hall (a) 3-0 England Hafiz Kambooh (a)   Details 
10 England Sean Maddocks (a) 3-0 England Callum Lamb (a)   Details 
11 England Nathan Jones (a) 3-0 Belgium Sybren Sokolowski (a)   Details 
12 England Patrick Whelan (a) 3-1 England Jake Robinson (a)   Details 
13 Wales Jack Bradford (a) 3-0 Scotland Brandon Langan (a)   Details 
14 Pakistan Farakh Ajaib (a) 3-0 England Darren Burns (a)   Details 
15 Scotland Amaan Iqbal (a) 3-0 Wales Riley Powell (a)   Details 
16 England Jed Mann (a) 3-1 England Matthew Glasby (a)   Details 
17 Pakistan Faizaan Mohammed (a) 3-1 England Alex Clenshaw (a)   Details 
18 Northern Ireland Joel Connolly (a) 3-2 England Hamim Hussain (a)   Details 
19 England Phil O'Kane (a) 3-1 England Louis Wakelin (a)   Details 
20 Latvia Rodion Judin (a) 3-0 England Callum Beresford (a)   Details 
21 England Stephen Kershaw (a) 3-0 England Andrew Robson (a)   Details 
22 Scotland Michael Collumb (a) w/o England Jason Tart (a)  
23 England Peter Devlin (a) 3-2 England Luke Pinches (a) Head to head Details 
24 England Lee Stephens (a) 3-1 England Saqib Nasir (a) Head to head Details 
25 India Kreishh Gurbaxani (a) 3-0 England Elias Martin-Beris (a)   Details 
26 Bulgaria Velian Dimitrov (a) 3-0 England Brandon Nguyen (a)   Details 
27 England Adam Longley (a) 3-1 England John Nicholson (a)   Details 
28 Wales Oliver Briffett-Payne (a) 3-1 England George Pragnell (a)   Details 
29 Wales Zac Cosker (a) 3-2 Scotland Steven Wardropper (a)   Details 
30 Wales Daniel Williams (a) w/o Wales Carl Bennett (a)  
31 Germany Manuel Ederer (a) 3-0 Wales Ross Jones (a)   Details 
32 France Nicolas Mortreux (a) 3-1 England Ian Martin (a)   Details 
Qual Round 1
(Last 115; Losers receive £0)
1 England Sean Maddocks (a) 3-1 England Stuart Watson (a)   Details 
2 Belgium Sybren Sokolowski (a) 3-2 Ireland Sean King (a)   Details 
3 England Phil O'Kane (a) 3-1 England Andy Battams (a)   Details