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Embassy World Championship

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 17 Apr - 3 May 1999; Venue: Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, England; Type: Ranking; Defending champion: John Higgins; Notes: See also results (185)
played on 2-3 May
Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) 18-11 Wales Mark J Williams (a) Head to head
Stephen Hendry won his 7th world title, a record in the modern era, beating Ray Reardon and Steve Davis' six titles. Hendry won all his titles in the 1990s.

82(62)-47; 120(98)-6; 16-51; 77(77)-60(56); 75-0; 101(86)-16; 73-16; 92-24(86)
77(77)-24; 76(76)-15; 65-20; 133(132)-4; 75-49(64); 67-30; 22-64; 100(92)-23
85-51(85); 72-32(72); 78(78)-0; 84-29; 106(106)-10; 71(55)-13; 75(53)-62; 48-60
72(66)-45; 71(62)-19; 89-0(89); 67(63)-73; 88(88)-40

Referee: Colin Brinded

played on 29 April - 1 May
Wales Mark J Williams (a) 17-10 Scotland John Higgins (a) Head to head
Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) 17-13 England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) Head to head
O'Sullivan missed the last pink to the middle pocket in a maximum attempt in frame 23.

O'Sullivan and Hendry made the most century breaks in a single match at the WC with eight. The two players also made 4 centuries in 4 frames, with two tons each, the first time this has happened in any ranking event.
played on 27-28 April
Scotland John Higgins (a) 13-6 England Stephen Lee (a) Head to head
Wales Mark J Williams (a) 13-9 Ireland Ken Doherty (a) Head to head
England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) 13-9 England John Parrott (a) Head to head
Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) 13-5 Wales Matthew Stevens (a) Head to head
Round 2
(Last 16)
played on 22-26 April
1 Scotland John Higgins (a) 13-4 England Mark King (a) Head to head
2 England Stephen Lee (a) 13-7 Scotland Alan McManus (a) Head to head
3 Wales Mark J Williams (a) 13-7 England Nick Walker (a)  
4 Ireland Ken Doherty (a) 13-11 England Nigel Bond (a) Head to head
5 England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) 13-8 England Joe Perry (a) Head to head
6 England John Parrott (a) 13-12 Scotland Chris Small (a) Head to head
7 Wales Matthew Stevens (a) 13-8 Malta Tony Drago (a) Head to head
8 Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) 13-7 Thailand James Wattana (a) Head to head
Round 1
(Last 32)
played on 17-22 April
1 Scotland John Higgins (a) 10-2 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene (a) Head to head
2 England Mark King (a) 10-8 Wales Darren Morgan (a) Head to head
3 England Stephen Lee (a) 10-7 Scotland John Lardner (a)  
4 Scotland Alan McManus (a) 10-7 England Jimmy White (a) Head to head
5 Wales Mark J Williams (a) 10-4 England Ian McCulloch (a) Head to head
6 England Nick Walker (a) 10-6 Canada Alain Robidoux (a)  
7 England Nigel Bond (a) 10-6 Wales Dominic Dale (a) Head to head
Dale scored 167 points (44 penalty points plus a century break) A record for the highest number of points scored in one frame. (This record stood for over 22 years until Jimmy Robertson scored 178 points in a single frame at the 2021 Scottish Open)
8 Ireland Ken Doherty (a) 10-3 England Steve James (a)  
James compiled the 500th century break at the Crucible in frame seven.
9 England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) 10-3 Ireland Leo Fernandez (a) Head to head
10 England Joe Perry (a) 10-9 England Steve Davis (a)  
11 Scotland Chris Small (a) 10-9 England Anthony Hamilton (a) Head to head
12 England John Parrott (a) 10-8 Northern Ireland Terry Murphy (a)  
13 Wales Matthew Stevens (a) 10-7 England Peter Ebdon (a) Head to head
14 Malta Tony Drago (a) 10-4 Ireland Fergal O'Brien (a) Head to head
15 Thailand James Wattana (a) 10-8 Hong Kong Marco Fu (a) Head to head
16 Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) 10-8 England Paul Hunter (a) Head to head

World Championship Qualifiers

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 3 Jan - 20 Mar 1999; Venue: Newport Centre, Newport, Wales; View on separate page; Notes: See also results (154)
Qual Round 6
(Last 48)
1 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene (a) 10-2 England Andy Hicks (a) Head to head
2 Wales Darren Morgan (a) 10-9 England Nick Pearce (a) Head to head
3 Scotland John Lardner (a) 10-2 England Martin Clark (a)  
4 England Jimmy White (a) 10-7 England Dean Reynolds (a) Head to head
5 England Ian McCulloch (a) 10-9 England Gary Wilkinson (a)  
6 England Nick Walker (a) 10-6 Scotland Jamie Burnett (a)  
7 Wales Dominic Dale (a) 10-6 England Leigh Griffin (a)  
8 England Steve James (a) 10-6 Scotland Billy Snaddon (a)  
9 Ireland Leo Fernandez (a) 10-5 England Brian Morgan (a)  
10 England Joe Perry (a) 10-7 England Dave Harold (a) Head to head
11 Scotland Chris Small (a) 10-2 England David Finbow (a)  
12 Northern Ireland Terry Murphy (a) 10-9 Ireland Michael Judge (a)  
13 Wales Matthew Stevens (a) 10-6 England Jonathan Birch (a)  
14 Ireland Fergal O'Brien (a) 10-7 England Chris Scanlon (a)  
15 Hong Kong Marco Fu (a) 10-4 Scotland Graeme Dott (a) Head to head
16 England Paul Hunter (a) 10-5 Scotland Euan Henderson (a)  
Qual Round 5
(Last 64)
1 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene (a) 10-8 England Alfie Burden (a) Head to head
2 England Nick Pearce (a) 10-7 England Gary Ponting (a)  
3 Scotland John Lardner (a) 10-8 Australia Quinten Hann (a)  
4 England Dean Reynolds (a) 10-5 England Joe Johnson (a)  
5 England Ian McCulloch (a) 10-6 England Peter Lines (a) Head to head
6 England Nick Walker (a) 10-8 England Rod Lawler (a)  
7 England Leigh Griffin (a) 10-5 England Mark Davis (a)  
8 England Steve James (a) 10-5 Scotland Craig MacGillivray (a)  
9 Ireland Leo Fernandez (a) 10-9 England Bradley Jones (a)  
10 England Joe Perry (a) 10-6 England Nigel Gilbert (a)  
11 England David Finbow (a) 10-8 Scotland Drew Henry (a)  
12 Ireland Michael Judge (a) 10-6 Belgium Mario Geudens (a)  
13 England Jonathan Birch (a) 10-7 Ireland Stephen O'Connor (a)  
14 England Chris Scanlon (a) 10-5 England Paul Sweeny (a)  
15 Hong Kong Marco Fu (a) 10-4 England Robert Milkins (a) Head to head
16 Scotland Euan Henderson (a) 10-8 England Paul Wykes (a)  
Qual Round 4
(Last 96)
1 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene (a) 10-3 England Lee Richardson (a)  
2 England Alfie Burden (a) 10-4 New Zealand Dene O'Kane (a)  
3 England Nick Pearce (a) 10-7 Belgium Bjorn Haneveer (a) Head to head
4 England Gary Ponting (a) 10-5 England David Roe (a)  
5 Scotland John Lardner (a) 10-5 England Neal Foulds (a)  
6 Australia Quinten Hann (a) 10-8 England Stuart Bingham (a) Head to head
7 England Joe Johnson (a) 10-7 Finland Robin Hull (a)  
8 England Dean Reynolds (a) 10-4 England John Read (a)  
9 England Ian McCulloch (a) 10-9 England Barry Pinches (a)  
10 England Peter Lines (a) 10-8 England Troy Shaw (a)  
11 England Nick Walker (a) 10-3 Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor (a)  
12 England Rod Lawler (a) 10-3 England Nick Terry (a)  
13 England Mark Davis (a) 10-4 Unknown Chris Shade (a)  
14 England Leigh Griffin (a) 10-6 Wales Lee Walker (a) Head to head
15 England Steve James (a) 10-5 England Craig Harrison (a)  
16 Scotland Craig MacGillivray (a) 10-8 Wales Tony Chappel (a)  
17 Ireland Leo Fernandez (a) 10-9 Wales Paul Davies (a)  
18 England Bradley Jones (a) 10-7 Scotland Stephen Maguire (a) Head to head
19 England Joe Perry (a) 10-8 Ireland Mick Price (a)  
20 England Nigel Gilbert (a) 10-9 Northern Ireland Joe Swail (a) Head to head
21 England David Finbow (a) 10-5 Northern Ireland Jason Prince (a)  
22 Scotland Drew Henry (a) 10-6 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a)  
23 Ireland Michael Judge (a) 10-4 England Tony Knowles (a)  
24 Belgium Mario Geudens (a) 10-6 England Tony Jones (a)  
Geudens and Fu qualified via an alternative oversea route.
25 England Jonathan Birch (a) 10-2 Malta Joe Grech (a)  
26 Ireland Stephen O'Connor (a) 10-5 England David Gray (a)  
27 England Chris Scanlon (a) 10-7 Pakistan Shokat Ali (a)  
28 England Paul Sweeny (a) 10-0 England Willie Thorne (a)  
29 Hong Kong Marco Fu (a) 10-1 England Jason Ferguson (a)  
Geudens and Fu qualified via an alternative oversea route.
30 England Robert Milkins (a) 10-6 England Karl Broughton (a)  
31 Scotland Euan Henderson (a) 10-6 England Matthew Couch (a)  
32 England Paul Wykes (a) 10-8 England Michael Holt (a)  
Qual Round 3
(Last 126)
1 England Lee Richardson (a) 10-4 England Paul S Davison (a) Head to head
2 England Alfie Burden (a) 10-4 England Barry Hawkins (a) Head to head
3 Belgium Bjorn Haneveer (a) 10-9 England Stefan Mazrocis (a)  
4 England Gary Ponting (a) 10-7 Ireland Colm Gilcreest (a)  
5 Scotland John Lardner (a) 10-4 England Damian Massey (a)  
6 England Stuart Bingham (a) 10-6 Scotland Martin Dziewialtowski (a)  
7 Finland Robin Hull (a) 10-8 Australia Peter McCullagh (a)  
8 England John Read (a) 10-4 England Nick Dyson (a)  
9 England Barry Pinches (a) 10-2 Wales Anthony Davies (a)  
10 England Troy Shaw (a) 10-7 Iceland Kristjan Helgason (a)  
11 England Nick Walker (a) 10-6 Jamaica Rory McLeod (a)  
12 England Nick Terry (a) 10-6 England Stuart Pettman (a)  
13 Unknown Chris Shade (a) 10-2 England Wayne Brown (a)  
14 England Leigh Griffin (a) 10-5 England Shailesh Jogia (a)  
15 England Craig Harrison (a) 10-7 Wales Wayne Jones (a)  
16 Scotland Craig MacGillivray (a) 10-7 England Munraj Pal (a)  
17 Ireland Leo Fernandez (a) 10-5 England Steve Judd (a)  
18 Scotland Stephen Maguire (a) 10-8 England Sean Storey (a) Head to head
19 England Joe Perry (a) 10-4 England Mark Johnston-Allen (a)  
20 England Nigel Gilbert (a) 10-7 England Ian Brumby (a)  
21 England David Finbow (a) 10-3 Northern Ireland Patrick Wallace (a) Head to head
22 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a) 10-6 England Jimmy Michie (a)  
23 England Tony Knowles (a) 10-5 Scotland Marcus Campbell (a)  
24 Malta Joe Grech (a) 10-6 England Karl Payne (a)  
25 Ireland Stephen O'Connor (a) 10-8 England John Whitty (a)  
26 England Chris Scanlon (a) 10-9 England Darryn Walker (a)  
27 England Paul Sweeny (a) 10-6 England Mark Bennett (a)  
28 England Robert Milkins (a) 10-6 England Mark Gray (a)  
29 England Matthew Couch (a) 10-5 Scotland David McLellan (a)  
30 England Michael Holt (a) 10-7 England Darren Clarke (a)  
Qual Round 2
(Last 156)
1 England Paul S Davison (a) 10-6 Wales Ryan Day (a) Head to head
2 England Barry Hawkins (a) 10-3 Ireland Micky Roughan (a)  
3 Belgium Bjorn Haneveer (a) 10-3 England Adrian Rosa (a)  
4 Ireland Colm Gilcreest (a) 10-4 England Eddie Manning (a)  
5 England Damian Massey (a) 10-8 Wales Philip Williams (a)  
6 England Stuart Bingham (a) 10-6 Scotland Alan Burnett (a)  
7 Finland Robin Hull (a) 10-4 Ireland Stephen Murphy (a)  
8 England Nick Dyson (a) 10-9 England Oliver King (a)  
9 England Barry Pinches (a) 10-6 England Jason Weston (a)  
10 Iceland Kristjan Helgason (a) 10-8 England Simon Bedford (a)  
11 Jamaica Rory McLeod (a) 10-7 England Barry Mapstone (a)  
12 England Nick Terry (a) 10-6 England Jamie Bodle (a)  
13 Unknown Chris Shade (a) 10-7 England Malcolm Bilclough (a)  
14 England Shailesh Jogia (a) 10-4 England Jason Wallace (a)  
15 England Craig Harrison (a) 10-8 China Guo Hua (a)  
16 England Munraj Pal (a) 10-8 Wales Ian Sargeant (a)  
17 Ireland Leo Fernandez (a) 10-5 Australia Neil Robertson (a)  
18 Scotland Stephen Maguire (a) 10-9 Wales Mark Fenton (a)  
19 England Mark Johnston-Allen (a) 10-5 England Anthony Bolsover (a)  
20 England Nigel Gilbert (a) 10-9 England Eddie Barker (a)  
21 Northern Ireland Patrick Wallace (a) 10-8 Scotland Gary Thomson (a)  
22 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a) 10-9 Scotland Geoff Dunn (a) Head to head
23 England Tony Knowles (a) 10-7 England Avtar Sohanpal (a)  
24 Malta Joe Grech (a) 10-6 Canada Kirk Stevens (a)  
25 England John Whitty (a) 10-8 Wales James Reynolds (a)  
26 England Darryn Walker (a) 10-8 England Les Dodd (a)  
27 England Paul Sweeny (a) 10-5 Malaysia Sam Chong (a)  
28 England Robert Milkins (a) 10-7 England Mike Hallett (a)  
29 Scotland David McLellan (a) 10-7 England Craig Roper (a)  
30 England Michael Holt (a) 10-7 England Matt Wilson (a)  
Qual Round 1
(Last 186)
1 Wales Ryan Day (a) 10-5 England Neil Selman (a)  
2 England Barry Hawkins (a) 10-3 England Sean Lanigan (a)  
3 Belgium Bjorn Haneveer (a) 10-5 England Steve Harrison (a)  
4 Ireland Colm Gilcreest (a) 10-4 Ireland David McDonnell (a)  
5 England Damian Massey (a) 10-6 England Grant Conquest (a)  
6 England Stuart Bingham (a) 10-5 Ireland Joe Delaney (a) Head to head
7 Finland Robin Hull (a) 10-8 England Brian Rowswell (a)  
8 England Nick Dyson (a) 10-5 Thailand Tai Pichit (a)  
9 England Barry Pinches (a) 10-3 England Jeff Cundy (a) Head to head
10 Iceland Kristjan Helgason (a) 10-6 England Ali Carter (a)  
11 Jamaica Rory McLeod (a) 10-7 England Marc Farnsworth (a)  
12 England Jamie Bodle (a) 10-8 England Richard Jones (a)  
13 England Malcolm Bilclough (a) 10-7 Germany Mike Henson (a)  
14 England Shailesh Jogia (a) 10-6 Canada Bob Chaperon (a)  
15 China Guo Hua (a) 10-3 England Stuart Mann (a)  
16 Wales Ian Sargeant (a) 10-6 England Surinder Gill (a)  
17 Australia Neil Robertson (a) 10-8 Australia Johl Younger (a)  
18 Scotland Stephen Maguire (a) 10-6 England Adrian Gunnell (a)  
19 England Mark Johnston-Allen (a) 10-6 England John Burns (a)  
20 England Eddie Barker (a) 10-8 Singapore Keith Boon (a)  
21 Scotland Gary Thomson (a) 10-7 Northern Ireland Dermot McGlinchey (a)  
22 Scotland Geoff Dunn (a) 10-3 England Paul Cavney (a)  
23 England Avtar Sohanpal (a) 10-9 England Mike Dunn (a)  
24 Canada Kirk Stevens (a) 10-8 England Gary Lees (a)  
25 England John Whitty (a) 10-8 Cyprus Mehmet Husnu (a)  
26 England Les Dodd (a) 10-8 England John Giles (a)  
27 Malaysia Sam Chong (a) 10-3 England Paul Clarke (a)  
28 England Mike Hallett (a) 10-4 England Andy Neck (a)  
29 England Craig Roper (a) 10-5 England Mark Miller (a)  
30 England Matt Wilson (a) 10-6 England Stuart Reardon (a)