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Betfair European Tour Event One

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 23-26 Aug 2012; Venue: Stadthalle, Fürth, Germany; Type: Players Tour Championship; Defending champion: Mark Selby; Notes: Also known as Arcaden Paul Hunter Classic (2012).; See also results (210)
(Winner: 2,000 pts, £9,600; Runner-up: 1,600 pts, £4,800)
England Mark Selby 4-1 Northern Ireland Joe Swail (a) Head to head  

106-0 (56), 90-39 (64), 76-27, 0-89 (89), 103-22 (85)

(Losers receive 1,280 pts, £2,400)
England Mark Selby 4-2 India Pankaj Advani Head to head  
Northern Ireland Joe Swail (a) 4-3 England Barry Hawkins Head to head  
(Losers receive 1,000 pts, £1,600)
India Pankaj Advani 4-1 Wales Ryan Day Head to head  
England Mark Selby 4-0 Ireland Ken Doherty Head to head  
Northern Ireland Joe Swail (a) 4-3 England Andrew Norman (a) Head to head  
England Barry Hawkins 4-1 Wales Michael White Head to head  
Round 4
(Losers receive 760 pts, £1,000)
1 Wales Ryan Day 4-2 Wales Jamie Jones Head to head  
2 India Pankaj Advani 4-3 England Mark King    
3 Ireland Ken Doherty 4-3 England Michael Wild (a) Head to head  
4 England Mark Selby 4-3 England Robbie Williams Head to head  
5 England Andrew Norman (a) 4-3 England Ricky Walden Head to head  
6 Northern Ireland Joe Swail (a) 4-2 England Shaun Murphy Head to head  
7 Wales Michael White 4-2 Wales Dominic Dale Head to head  
8 England Barry Hawkins 4-1 Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh Head to head  
Round 3
(Losers receive 560 pts, £600)
1 Wales Ryan Day 4-2 England John Astley (a) Head to head  
2 Wales Jamie Jones 4-3 China Li Yan    
3 India Pankaj Advani 4-1 Scotland John Higgins    
4 England Mark King 4-1 England Alfie Burden Head to head  
5 England Michael Wild (a) 4-3 Scotland Scott Donaldson    
6 Ireland Ken Doherty 4-1 China Yu Delu Head to head  
7 England Robbie Williams 4-2 England Jamie Cope Head to head  
8 England Mark Selby 4-3 England Mark Davis Head to head  
9 England Andrew Norman (a) 4-3 Germany Phil Barnes (a)    
10 England Ricky Walden 4-1 Northern Ireland Mark Allen Head to head  
11 England Shaun Murphy 4-1 Scotland Alan McManus Head to head  
12 Northern Ireland Joe Swail (a) 4-2 Jamaica Rory McLeod    
13 Wales Michael White 4-3 England Joe Perry Head to head  
14 Wales Dominic Dale 4-0 England Stuart Bingham Head to head  
15 England Barry Hawkins 4-3 England Judd Trump Head to head  
16 Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 4-1 England Mark Joyce Head to head  
Round 2
(Losers receive 360 pts, £400)
1 Wales Ryan Day 4-2 England Jack Lisowski Head to head  
2 England John Astley (a) 4-1 England Gary Wilson (a) Head to head  
3 China Li Yan 4-1 Wales Matthew Stevens    
4 Wales Jamie Jones 4-1 Wales Jak Jones (a) Head to head  
5 Scotland John Higgins 4-1 England Craig Steadman Head to head  
6 India Pankaj Advani 4-1 England Ian Burns Head to head  
7 England Alfie Burden 4-3 England Martin Gould Head to head  
8 England Mark King 4-0 Croatia Sanjin Kusan (a)    
9 Scotland Scott Donaldson 4-2 England Chris Norbury (a)    
10 England Michael Wild (a) 4-0 Scotland Marcus Campbell    
11 China Yu Delu 4-2 England Paul S Davison Head to head  
12 Ireland Ken Doherty 4-3 England Stephen Lee Head to head  
13 England Robbie Williams 4-3 England Robert Milkins Head to head  
14 England Jamie Cope 4-1 England Simon Bedford    
15 England Mark Selby 4-0 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene Head to head  
16 England Mark Davis 4-2 England Ali Carter Head to head  
17 Germany Phil Barnes (a) 4-2 England Liam Highfield    
18 England Andrew Norman (a) 4-2 England Nigel Bond Head to head  
19 England Ricky Walden 4-2 England David Grace Head to head  
20 Northern Ireland Mark Allen 4-2 England Joel Walker Head to head  
21 England Shaun Murphy 4-2 England Rod Lawler Head to head  
22 Scotland Alan McManus 4-3 England Michael Holt Head to head  
23 Jamaica Rory McLeod 4-3 Belgium Luca Brecel Head to head  
24 Northern Ireland Joe Swail (a) 4-2 England Jimmy White Head to head  
25 Wales Michael White 4-3 England David Gilbert Head to head  
26 England Joe Perry 4-3 England Ben Woollaston Head to head  
27 Wales Dominic Dale 4-0 Scotland Marc J Davis (a)    
28 England Stuart Bingham 4-2 Scotland Graeme Dott Head to head  
29 England Barry Hawkins 4-1 Australia Neil Robertson Head to head  
30 England Judd Trump 4-1 China Liang Wenbo Head to head  
31 England Mark Joyce 4-3 England Anthony Hamilton Head to head  
32 Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 4-2 England Peter Lines Head to head  
Round 1
1 England Jack Lisowski 4-0 England Oliver Lines (a) Head to head  
2 Wales Ryan Day w/o Thailand Passakorn Suwannawat Head to head  
3 England John Astley (a) 4-3 England Ryan Causton (a)    
4 England Gary Wilson (a) 4-2 Norway Kurt Maflin Head to head  
5 China Li Yan 4-3 England Justin Astley (a)    
6 Wales Matthew Stevens 4-1 England Adam Wicheard (a) Head to head  
7 Wales Jak Jones (a) 4-2 England Oliver Brown (a) Head to head  
8 Wales Jamie Jones 4-0 England Jimmy Robertson Head to head  
9 Scotland John Higgins 4-2 Scotland Michael Leslie Head to head  
10 England Craig Steadman 4-0 Switzerland Alexander Ursenbacher (a)    
11 England Ian Burns 4-0 Germany Carl Rosenberger (a)    
12 India Pankaj Advani 4-0 England Martin O'Donnell Head to head  
13 England Alfie Burden 4-3 England Dave Harold Head to head  
14 England Martin Gould 4-0 Wales Gareth Allen (a) Head to head  
15 Croatia Sanjin Kusan (a) w/o China Liu Chuang    
16 England Mark King w/o China Cao Yupeng Head to head  
17 England Chris Norbury (a) 4-3 Ireland Fergal O'Brien    
18 Scotland Scott Donaldson 4-1 England Ricky Norris (a)    
19 Scotland Marcus Campbell 4-2 England Mitchell Mann (a)    
20 England Michael Wild (a) 4-0 Northern Ireland Jordan Brown (a)    
21 China Yu Delu w/o China Tian Pengfei Head to head  
22 England Paul S Davison 4-2 England Matthew Selt Head to head  
23 Ireland Ken Doherty 4-0 Germany Julian Treiber (a)    

147 by Doherty

24 England Stephen Lee 4-0 Malta Aaron Busuttil (a)    
25 England Robert Milkins 4-3 England Michael Wasley Head to head  
26 England Robbie Williams 4-2 England Tom Ford    
27 England Simon Bedford 4-2 England Steve Davis Head to head  
28 England Jamie Cope 4-0 England Jeff Cundy (a)    
29 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene w/o Thailand James Wattana Head to head  
30 England Mark Selby 4-0 England Sean O'Sullivan Head to head  
31 England Ali Carter 4-0 Northern Ireland Johnny Kells (a)    
32 England Mark Davis 4-1 England Sam Baird Head to head  
33 England Liam Highfield 4-2 Wales Mark J Williams Head to head  
34 Germany Phil Barnes (a) w/o Thailand T Tirapongpaiboon    
35 England Andrew Norman (a) 4-3 England Ben Harrison (a)    
36 England Nigel Bond 4-2 Scotland Anthony McGill Head to head  
37 England Ricky Walden 4-3 Malta Tony Drago Head to head  
38 England David Grace 4-0 England Mark Vincent (a)    
39 England Joel Walker 4-0 England Barry Pinches Head to head  
40 Northern Ireland Mark Allen 4-0 Germany Patrick Einsle (a)    
41 England Shaun Murphy 4-0 Austria Andreas Ploner (a) Head to head  
42 England Rod Lawler 4-2 England Ian Glover (a) Head to head  
43 Scotland Alan McManus 4-1 England Sam Harvey (a)    
44 England Michael Holt 4-2 England Adam Duffy Head to head  
45 Jamaica Rory McLeod 4-2 India Aditya Mehta Head to head  
46 Belgium Luca Brecel 4-0 China Zhang Anda Head to head  
47 England Jimmy White 4-2 Wales Duane Jones (a) Head to head  
48 Northern Ireland Joe Swail (a) 4-3 England Allan Taylor (a) Head to head  
49 England David Gilbert w/o Thailand Dechawat Poomjaeng    
50 Wales Michael White w/o Egypt Mohamed Khairy    
51 England Joe Perry 4-0 China Chen Zhe Head to head  
52 England Ben Woollaston 4-2 Australia Ben Judge Head to head  
53 Scotland Marc J Davis (a) w/o China Xiao Guodong Head to head  
54 Wales Dominic Dale w/o England Mike Dunn Head to head  
55 Scotland Graeme Dott 4-1 Wales Kishan Hirani (a) Head to head  
56 England Stuart Bingham 4-3 Hong Kong Marco Fu Head to head  
57 Australia Neil Robertson 4-1 Wales Daniel Wells Head to head  
58 England Barry Hawkins 4-2 England Kyren Wilson (a) Head to head  
59 England Judd Trump w/o Iran Hossein Vafaei Head to head  
60 China Liang Wenbo 4-1 England Alex Davies (a) Head to head  
61 England Mark Joyce 4-0 Germany Ole Steiner (a)    
62 England Anthony Hamilton 4-1 England Christopher Keogan (a)    
63 England Peter Lines 4-0 England Liam Monk (a) Head to head  
64 Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 4-1 England Andrew Higginson Head to head  
Qual Round 2
(Losers receive 0 pts, £0)
1 England Oliver Lines (a) 4-2 Brazil Itaro Santos (a)  
2 England John Astley (a) 4-2 Wales Alex Taubman (a) Head to head
3 England Justin Astley (a) 4-1 England Dean Goddard (a) Head to head
4 England Adam Wicheard (a) 4-1 Belgium Wan Chooi Tan (a)  
5 England Oliver Brown (a) 4-2 England Lee Page (a)  
6 Switzerland Alexander Ursenbacher (a) 4-0 Germany Hendrik Henschke (a)  
7 Germany Carl Rosenberger (a) 4-3 Germany Stefan Schenk (a)  
8 Croatia Sanjin Kusan (a) 4-0 Germany Hendrik Glax (a)  
9 England Ricky Norris (a) 4-1 Belgium Jeff Jacobs (a)  
10 England Mitchell Mann (a) 4-0 Croatia Tin Venos (a)  
11 England Michael Wild (a) 4-0 Belgium Alain Van Der Steen (a)  
12 Germany Julian Treiber (a) 4-3 Germany Stefan Merkel (a)  
13 Malta Aaron Busuttil (a) 4-0 Germany Matthias Porn (a)  
14 England Jeff Cundy (a) 4-2 England John Parkin (a)  
15 Northern Ireland Johnny Kells (a) 4-1 Germany Rüdiger Fehrmann (a)  
16 Germany Phil Barnes (a) w/o Iceland Brynjar Valdimarsson (a)  
17 England Ben Harrison (a) 4-0 Croatia Dragan Ro�a (a)  
18 England Mark Vincent (a) 4-0 Germany Andreas Hartung (a)  
19 Germany Patrick Einsle (a) 4-0 Germany Nicole Breitenstein (af)  
20 Austria Andreas Ploner (a) 4-1 England Terry Challenger (a)  
21 England Ian Glover (a) 4-0 England Stuart Carrington (a) Head to head
22 England Sam Harvey (a) 4-0 Germany Bernd Strnad (a)  
23 Wales Duane Jones (a) 4-0 Germany Luca Kaufmann (a)  
24 Northern Ireland Joe Swail (a) 4-0 Wales Jack Bradford (a)  
25 Scotland Marc J Davis (a) 4-1 Belgium Tomasz Skalski (a)  
26 Wales Kishan Hirani (a) 4-3 Austria Dominik Scherübl (a)  
27 England Kyren Wilson (a) 4-0 England Phil O'Kane (a) Head to head
28 England Alex Davies (a) 4-0 Germany Oliver Kremp (a)  
29 Germany Ole Steiner (a) 4-0 Croatia Darko Hojan (a)  
30 England Christopher Keogan (a) 4-1 Turkey Soner Sari (a)  
31 England Liam Monk (a) 4-1 Germany Tobias Hirmer (a)  
Qual Round 1
(Losers receive 0 pts, £0)
1 England Oliver Lines (a) 4-0 Germany Thomas Scholl (a)  
2 Brazil Itaro Santos (a) w/o India David Singh (a)  
3 Wales Alex Taubman (a) 4-0 Germany Ronny Buchholz (a)  
4 England John Astley (a) 4-0 Sweden Ron Florax (a)  
5 England Dean Goddard (a) 4-0 Belgium Sybren Sokolowski (a)  
6 England Adam Wicheard (a) 4-1 Italy Angelo Rizzo (a)  
7 Belgium Wan Chooi Tan (a) 4-0 Wales Simon Morgan (a)  
8 England Oliver Brown (a) w/o England Adrian Gunnell (a)  
9 England Lee Page (a) w/o Bahrain Eyad Mohammed Al-Ansari (a)  
10 Switzerland Alexander Ursenbacher (a) 4-0 Netherlands Laurin Winters (a)  
11 Germany Hendrik Henschke (a) w/o Bahrain Hussain Fuad (a)  
12 Germany Stefan Schenk (a) w/o Bahrain Rami Ali (a)  
13 Germany Hendrik Glax (a) 4-2 Germany Klaus-Dieter Geiger (a)  
14 England Gary Steele (a) 4-0 Germany Ralf Günzel (a)  
15 England Chris Norbury (a) 4-0 Belgium Hans Blanckaert (a)  
16 Belgium Jeff Jacobs (a) w/o India Lucky Vatnani (a)  
17 England Ricky Norris (a) 4-2 Germany Dieter Meier (a)  
18 Croatia Tin Venos (a) w/o Germany Robert Drahn (a)  
19 England Mitchell Mann (a) w/o Bahrain Wael Al Qassimi (a)  
20 Belgium Alain Van Der Steen (a) 4-0 Switzerland Sebastian Lahruis (a)  
21 Germany Julian Treiber (a) w/o Bahrain Mohammed Al Shaikh (a)  
22 Malta Aaron Busuttil (a) w/o United Arab Emirates Ali Abdul Kareem (a)  
23 England John Parkin (a) w/o England Robert Valiant (a)  
24 England Jeff Cundy (a) w/o Austria Benjamin Buser (a)  
25 Northern Ireland Johnny Kells (a) 4-3 Germany Kilian Baur-Pantoulier (a)  
26 Germany Rüdiger Fehrmann (a) 4-3 Germany Norbert Hofheinz (a)  
27 Germany Phil Barnes (a) 4-3 Germany Norbert Eckstein (a)  
28 Iceland Brynjar Valdimarsson (a) w/o Bahrain Mohammed Omar Ashiq (a)  
29 Croatia Dragan Ro�a (a) 4-1 Italy Michele Battaglia (a)  
30 England Mark Vincent (a) 4-1 England James Cahill (a)  
31 Germany Patrick Einsle (a) 4-0 Turkey Ali Kirim (a)  
32 Germany Nicole Breitenstein (af) w/o Bahrain Habib Subah (a)  
33 Austria Andreas Ploner (a) 4-1 England Reanne Evans (af) Head to head
34 England Terry Challenger (a) w/o Pakistan Shahram Changezi (a)  
35 England Stuart Carrington (a) w/o Bahrain Husain Mahmood (a)  
36 England Ian Glover (a) 4-0 Germany Stefan Gerst (a)  
37 England Sam Harvey (a) 4-1 France Stephane Ochoiski (a)  
38 Germany Bernd Strnad (a) 4-1 France Alois Riegel (a)  
39 Wales Duane Jones (a) 4-0 Germany Michael Seidel (a)  
40 Germany Luca Kaufmann (a) 4-1 Germany J�rg Petersen (a)  
41 Wales Jack Bradford (a) 4-1 England Elliot Slessor (a)  
42 Northern Ireland Joe Swail (a) 4-0 Croatia Bero Cerinski (a)  
43 Scotland Marc J Davis (a) 4-3 Germany Sascha Breuer (a)  
44 Belgium Tomasz Skalski (a) 0-0 Netherlands Maurice Le Duc (a)  
45 Wales Kishan Hirani (a) 4-2 England Greg Davis (a)  
46 England Kyren Wilson (a) 4-1 England Joe Steele (a)  
47 England Alex Davies (a) 4-0 Germany Felix Frede (a)  
48 Germany Ole Steiner (a) 4-1 Germany Ronny Pawlitza (a)  
49 Turkey Soner Sari (a) 4-0 Germany Andreas Vetter (a)  
50 England Christopher Keogan (a) w/o Netherlands Mario Wehrmann (a)  
51 Germany Tobias Hirmer (a) 4-1 Germany Sherief Shemeis (a)  
52 England Liam Monk (a) 4-0 Germany Christof Biniarsch (a)