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Qualifying School - Event Two

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 1-6 Jun 2023; Venue: Morningside Arena , Leicester, England; Type: Qualifying School; Twitter: #QSchool; Notes: See also results (204)
Scotland Dean Young 4-3 Austria Florian Nüßle (a) Head to head Details 

85-19 (66), 1-90 (90), 13-65, 40-62
69-24, 69-57, 85-32

Young earns a spot on the World Snooker Tour for 2023/2024 and 2024/2025.

England Louis Heathcote 4-3 England Ryan Davies (a)   Details 

25-63, 76-34, 15-56, 79-42
45-70, 111-0 (111), 81-23 (74)

Heathcote earns a spot on the World Snooker Tour for 2023/2024 and 2024/2025.

England Stuart Carrington 4-0 Jamaica Rory McLeod (a)   Details 

78-66, 73-45 (66), 90-15, 71-17 (53)

Carrington earns a spot on the World Snooker Tour for 2023/2024 and 2024/2025.

England Alfie Burden 4-3 Ukraine Iulian Boiko (a)   Details 

83-9, 55-58 (AB 55), 88-0 (88), 0-122 (54, 68)
65-67, 99-15 (52), 63-40

Burden earns a spot on the World Snooker Tour for 2023/2024 and 2024/2025.

Round 5
(Last 16)
1 Scotland Dean Young 4-2 Wales Alfie Davies (a)   Details 
2 Austria Florian Nüßle (a) 4-1 England Haydon Pinhey (a) Head to head Details 
3 England Ryan Davies (a) 4-2 England Sydney Wilson (a)   Details 
4 England Louis Heathcote 4-0 England Simon Bedford (a)   Details 
5 Jamaica Rory McLeod (a) 4-3 Finland Robin Hull (a) Head to head Details 
6 England Stuart Carrington 4-0 United States Daniel Holoyda (a)   Details 
7 Ukraine Iulian Boiko (a) 4-2 England Peter Lines Head to head Details 
8 England Alfie Burden 4-2 Wales Duane Jones Head to head Details 
Round 4
(Last 32)
1 Wales Alfie Davies (a) 4-2 England Stephen Kershaw (a)   Details 
2 Scotland Dean Young 4-3 England Sean McAllister (a)   Details 
3 England Haydon Pinhey (a) 4-0 Wales Tyler Rees (a)   Details 
4 Austria Florian Nüßle (a) 4-1 Germany Umut Dikme (a)   Details 
5 England Ryan Davies (a) 4-0 Scotland Keith Keldie (a)   Details 
6 England Sydney Wilson (a) 4-0 England Wayne Townsend (a)   Details 
7 England Louis Heathcote 4-2 Wales Ben Fortey (a)   Details 
8 England Simon Bedford (a) 4-3 China Bai Yulu (af)   Details 

Bedford was 3-0 down

9 Jamaica Rory McLeod (a) 4-2 England Lewis Ullah (a)   Details 
10 Finland Robin Hull (a) 4-1 Poland Antoni Kowalski (a)   Details 
11 United States Daniel Holoyda (a) 4-3 England Neal Jones (a)   Details 
12 England Stuart Carrington 4-1 France Niel Vincent (a)   Details 
13 Ukraine Iulian Boiko (a) 4-1 England James Lee (a)   Details 
14 England Peter Lines 4-0 Scotland Chris Totten (a)   Details 
15 England Alfie Burden 4-3 England Michael Holt (a) Head to head Details 

Burden was 3-0 down

16 Wales Duane Jones 4-1 England Harvey Chandler (a) Head to head Details 
Round 3
(Last 64)
1 England Stephen Kershaw (a) 4-0 Wales Liam Davies (a)   Details 
2 Wales Alfie Davies (a) 4-0 England Imran Puri (a)   Details 
3 Scotland Dean Young 4-3 France Brian Ochoiski (a) Head to head Details 

Decided on the pink.

4 England Sean McAllister (a) 4-3 England Josh Mulholland (a)   Details 
5 England Haydon Pinhey (a) 4-2 England Jamie Wilson (a) Head to head Details 
6 Wales Tyler Rees (a) 4-3 England Steven Hallworth (a) Head to head Details 
7 Germany Umut Dikme (a) 4-1 England Alfie Lee (a) Head to head Details 
8 Austria Florian Nüßle (a) 4-1 India Lucky Vatnani (a) Head to head Details 
9 England Ryan Davies (a) 4-1 England Jamie O'Neill   Details 
10 Scotland Keith Keldie (a) 4-0 Scotland Fraser Patrick Head to head Details 
11 England Wayne Townsend (a) 4-0 England Barry Pinches   Details 
12 England Sydney Wilson (a) 4-3 England Alex Millington (a)   Details 
13 England Louis Heathcote 4-3 England Mitchell Mann Head to head Details 
14 Wales Ben Fortey (a) 4-1 Northern Ireland Robbie McGuigan (a)   Details 
15 England Simon Bedford (a) 4-0 England Hamim Hussain (a)   Details 
16 China Bai Yulu (af) 4-3 England Joshua Thomond (a)   Details 

Decided on the final black.

17 Jamaica Rory McLeod (a) 4-1 England George Pragnell (a) Head to head Details 
18 England Lewis Ullah (a) 4-3 England Luke Pinches (a)   Details 
19 Finland Robin Hull (a) 4-2 Israel Eden Sharav (a) Head to head Details 
20 Poland Antoni Kowalski (a) 4-3 England Martyn Taylor (a)   Details 
21 England Neal Jones (a) 4-3 Moldova Vladislav Gradinari (a)   Details 
22 United States Daniel Holoyda (a) 4-2 England Craig Steadman   Details 
23 France Niel Vincent (a) 4-1 Latvia Rodion Judin (a) Head to head Details 
24 England Stuart Carrington 4-1 England Halim Hussain (a)   Details 
25 England James Lee (a) 4-2 England Bash Maqsood (a)   Details 
26 Ukraine Iulian Boiko (a) 4-2 England Zack Richardson (a)   Details 
27 England Peter Lines 4-0 England Oliver Sykes (a)   Details 
28 Scotland Chris Totten (a) 4-2 England Billy Castle (a)   Details 
29 England Alfie Burden 4-0 Wales Alex Taubman (a) Head to head Details 
30 England Michael Holt (a) 4-1 Belgium Daan Leyssen (a)   Details 
31 England Harvey Chandler (a) 4-1 Northern Ireland Fergal Quinn (a)   Details 
32 Wales Duane Jones 4-0 England Joshua Cooper (a)   Details 
Round 2
(Last 128)
1 England Stephen Kershaw (a) 4-2 England Peter Devlin (a) Head to head Details 
2 Wales Liam Davies (a) 4-1 England Stuart Watson (a)   Details 
3 England Imran Puri (a) w/o Switzerland Alexander Ursenbacher    

Ursenbacher qualified from the first event.

4 Wales Alfie Davies (a) 4-3 England Simon Dent (a)   Details 
5 France Brian Ochoiski (a) 4-2 England David Allender (a)   Details 
6 Scotland Dean Young 4-1 England Andy Neck (a)   Details 
7 England Josh Mulholland (a) 4-3 Scotland Michael Collumb (a)   Details 
8 England Sean McAllister (a) 4-0 Germany Manuel Ederer (a)   Details 
9 England Jamie Wilson (a) 4-3 Pakistan Farakh Ajaib (a) Head to head Details 
10 England Haydon Pinhey (a) 4-0 England Jordan Shepherd (a)   Details 
11 Wales Tyler Rees (a) 4-1 England Brandon Hall (a) Head to head Details 
12 England Steven Hallworth (a) 4-3 Malta Aaron Busuttil (a)   Details 
13 England Alfie Lee (a) 4-0 England Riley Parsons (a)   Details 
14 Germany Umut Dikme (a) 4-2 Belgium Tan Wang Chooi (a)   Details 
15 India Lucky Vatnani (a) 4-2 England Mike Finn (a)   Details 
16 Austria Florian Nüßle (a) 4-0 Wales Riley Powell (a)   Details 
17 England Jamie O'Neill 4-0 England Edward Warr (a)   Details 
18 England Ryan Davies (a) 4-2 England Alex Clenshaw (a) Head to head Details 
19 Scotland Keith Keldie (a) 4-0 Ireland Andrew Doherty (a)   Details 
20 Scotland Fraser Patrick 4-0 Wales Jack Bradford (a)   Details 
21 England Barry Pinches 4-3 England Jack Haley (a)   Details 
22 England Wayne Townsend (a) 4-1 England Tony Knowles (a)   Details 
23 England Alex Millington (a) 4-0 England Andrew Milliard (a) Head to head Details 
24 England Sydney Wilson (a) 4-0 Scotland Jack Borwick (a)   Details 

139 by Sydney Wilson in frame 3 was the highest break of the event.

25 England Louis Heathcote 4-1 England Paul Deaville (a)   Details 
26 England Mitchell Mann 4-0 Hungary Bulcsu Revesz (a)   Details 
27 Northern Ireland Robbie McGuigan (a) 4-2 Scotland Gary Thomson (a)   Details 
28 Wales Ben Fortey (a) 4-3 Jersey Gary Britton (a)   Details 
29 England Hamim Hussain (a) 4-0 England Sheldon O'Connor (a)   Details 
30 England Simon Bedford (a) 4-1 England Daniel Womersley (a) Head to head Details 
31 China Bai Yulu (af) w/o Wales Andrew Pagett    

Pagett qualified from the first event.

32 England Joshua Thomond (a) 4-1 England Jamie Curtis-Barrett (a) Head to head Details 
33 Jamaica Rory McLeod (a) 4-1 England Danny Brindle (a)   Details 
34 England George Pragnell (a) 4-0 Scotland Amaan Iqbal (a)   Details 
35 England Lewis Ullah (a) 4-1 Scotland Rhys Clark (a)   Details 
36 England Luke Pinches (a) 4-0 England Connor Benzey (a)   Details 
37 Finland Robin Hull (a) 4-0 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene Head to head Details 
38 Israel Eden Sharav (a) 4-2 England Anthony Wall (a)   Details 
39 Poland Antoni Kowalski (a) 4-2 England Mark Lloyd (a)   Details 
40 England Martyn Taylor (a) 4-1 England Samuel Lee Stevens (a)   Details 
41 Moldova Vladislav Gradinari (a) 4-1 Ireland Ross Bulman (a)   Details 
42 England Neal Jones (a) 4-1 England Aidan Murphy (a)   Details 
43 United States Daniel Holoyda (a) 4-2 England Sean Maddocks (a)   Details 
44 England Craig Steadman 4-2 England Hayden Staniland (a)   Details 
45 Latvia Rodion Judin (a) 4-1 England Kuldesh Johal (a) Head to head Details 
46 France Niel Vincent (a) 4-2 England Nathan Jones (a)   Details 
47 England Halim Hussain (a) 4-1 England Jack Harris (a)   Details 
48 England Stuart Carrington 4-2 England John Parkin (a)   Details 
49 England Bash Maqsood (a) 4-3 England Lee Shanker (a)   Details 
50 England James Lee (a) 4-1 England Labeeb Ahmed (a)   Details 
51 England Zack Richardson (a) 4-3 England Saqib Nasir (a) Head to head Details 
52 Ukraine Iulian Boiko (a) 4-3 India Laxman Rawat (a)   Details 
53 England Oliver Sykes (a) w/o England Andrew Higginson (a)    

Higginson qualified from the first event.

54 England Peter Lines 4-0 England Ben Robinson (a) Head to head Details 
55 Scotland Chris Totten (a) 4-2 England Phil O'Kane (a)   Details 
56 England Billy Castle (a) 4-1 England Tom Maxfield (a)   Details 
57 Wales Alex Taubman (a) 4-0 England Matthew Glasby (a) Head to head Details 
58 England Alfie Burden 4-2 England Andrew Tapper (a)   Details 
59 England Michael Holt (a) 4-0 England Muhammad Aurangzaib (a)   Details 
60 Belgium Daan Leyssen (a) 4-1 England Thomas Peasland (a)   Details 
61 Northern Ireland Fergal Quinn (a) 4-1 England Luke Simmonds (a)   Details 
62 England Harvey Chandler (a) 4-0 England Jason Tart (a)   Details 
63 England Joshua Cooper (a) w/o England Ian Martin (a)   Details 
64 Wales Duane Jones 4-3 England Chae Ross (a)   Details 
Round 1
(Last 208)
1 England Stephen Kershaw (a) 4-0 England Ronnie Sullivan (a)   Details 
2 England Stuart Watson (a) 4-2 England Ronnie Blake (a)   Details 
3 England Imran Puri (a) w/o India Rupesh Thakkar (a)    

Thakkar was a no-show.

4 Wales Alfie Davies (a) 4-1 Romania Andrei Orzan (a)   Details 
5 England Simon Dent (a) 4-3 England James Burrett (a) Head to head Details 
6 England David Allender (a) 4-0 Wales Bradley Tyson (a)   Details 
7 England Andy Neck (a) w/o England Liam Pullen (a)    

Pullen qualified from the first event.

8 England Josh Mulholland (a) 4-0 England Ian Desmier (a)   Details 
9 England Sean McAllister (a) 4-1 England Mickey Joyce (a)   Details 
10 Germany Manuel Ederer (a) 4-0 England Daniel Webb (a)   Details 
11 England Jamie Wilson (a) 4-2 England Paul Burrell (a)   Details 
12 England Jordan Shepherd (a) 4-1 England Andrew Robson (a)   Details 
13 England Brandon Hall (a) w/o India Mandeep Singh (a) Head to head  

Singh was a no-show.

14 England Steven Hallworth (a) 4-0 Wales Jeremiah Connors (a)   Details 
15 Malta Aaron Busuttil (a) 4-3 England Neil Craycraft (a)   Details 
16 England Riley Parsons (a) 4-0 England John Fearick (a)   Details 
17 Belgium Tan Wang Chooi (a) 4-0 England Heather Clare (af)   Details 
18 England Mike Finn (a) 4-3 England Kyle Holland (a)   Details 
19 Austria Florian Nüßle (a) 4-1 England Jed Mann (a)   Details 
20 Wales Riley Powell (a) 4-2 England Bradley Cowdroy (a)   Details 
21 England Edward Warr (a) 4-0 England Ben Pacan (a)   Details 
22 England Alex Clenshaw (a) 4-2 England Kayden Brierley (a)   Details 
23 Ireland Andrew Doherty (a) 4-3 Spain Juan Pedro Duran (a)   Details 
24 Scotland Fraser Patrick 4-2 England Ian Barlow (a)   Details 
25 Wales Jack Bradford (a) 4-2 France Nicolas Mortreux (a)   Details 
26 England Jack Haley (a) 4-0 Scotland Sam McKay (a)   Details 
27 England Wayne Townsend (a) 4-1 England Adam Williams (a)   Details 
28 England Andrew Milliard (a) 4-2 Pakistan Faizaan Mohammed (a)   Details 
29 England Sydney Wilson (a) 4-0 England Aidan Gallagher (a)   Details 
30 Scotland Jack Borwick (a) 4-1 England Tam Mustafa (a)   Details 
31 England Paul Deaville (a) 4-3 England Darren McVicar (a)   Details 
32 Hungary Bulcsu Revesz (a) 4-0 Belgium Edwin Depoorter (a)   Details 
33 Scotland Gary Thomson (a) 4-1 England Jeff Cundy (a)   Details 
34 Wales Ben Fortey (a) 4-2 England Patrick Whelan (a)   Details 
35 Jersey Gary Britton (a) 4-0 England Dale Prime (a)   Details 
36 England Sheldon O'Connor (a) 4-0 Thailand Kriangsak Chiranothai (a)   Details 
37 England Simon Bedford (a) 4-0 India Dharminder Singh Lilly (a)   Details 
38 China Bai Yulu (af) 4-1 Wales Zac Cosker (a)   Details 
39 England Joshua Thomond (a) 4-0 Pakistan Abdul Raheem (a)   Details 
40 England Jamie Curtis-Barrett (a) 4-0 England Elias Martin-Beris (a)   Details 
41 England Danny Brindle (a) 4-3 England Richard Pipe (a)   Details 
42 Scotland Amaan Iqbal (a) 4-0 Portugal Francisco Domingues (a) Head to head Details 
43 Scotland Rhys Clark (a) 4-0 England Jason Wright (a)   Details 
44 England Luke Pinches (a) 4-0 England Dylan Smith (a)   Details 
45 England Connor Benzey (a) 4-0 Latvia Arturs Kengis (a)   Details 
46 Finland Robin Hull (a) 4-1 England Rees Carter (a)   Details 
47 England Anthony Wall (a) 4-2 England Aristos Pampouris (a)   Details 
48 Poland Antoni Kowalski (a) 4-0 Wales Marc Shaw (a)   Details 
49 England Martyn Taylor (a) 4-1 Scotland Ayaan Iqbal (a) Head to head Details 
50 England Samuel Lee Stevens (a) 4-2 England Mark Vincent (a)   Details 
51 Moldova Vladislav Gradinari (a) 4-0 Australia Simon Bevz (a)   Details 
52 England Aidan Murphy (a) w/o Russia Ivan Kakovskii (a)    
53 United States Daniel Holoyda (a) 4-1 England Scott Rogan (a)   Details 
54 England Craig Steadman 4-2 England Jake Crofts (a)   Details 
55 England Hayden Staniland (a) 4-1 England Andy Marriott (a)   Details 
56 Latvia Rodion Judin (a) 4-3 Wales Matthew Roberts (a)   Details 
57 England Nathan Jones (a) 4-2 Wales Anthony Krysa (a)   Details 
58 England Halim Hussain (a) 4-2 England Jake Robinson (a)   Details 
59 England Stuart Carrington 4-0 England Pommy Kang (a)   Details 
60 England John Parkin (a) 4-2 Isle of Man Darryl Hill (a)   Details 
61 England Bash Maqsood (a) 4-2 England Andrew Greaves (a)   Details 
62 England Labeeb Ahmed (a) 4-0 Wales Carl Bennett (a)   Details 
63 England Zack Richardson (a) 4-1 England Robert Cloherty (a)   Details 
64 Ukraine Iulian Boiko (a) 4-0 England James Height (a)   Details 
65 India Laxman Rawat (a) 4-3 England Joe Fenton (a)   Details 
66 England Oliver Sykes (a) 4-0 England Daniel Young (a)   Details 
67 England Ben Robinson (a) 4-2 England James Silverwood (a)   Details 
68 England Phil O'Kane (a) 4-3 England Scott Bell (a)   Details 
69 England Billy Castle (a) 4-1 Guernsey James Kirk (a)   Details 
70 England Tom Maxfield (a) 4-1 England Ronnie Kralj (a)   Details 
71 England Matthew Glasby (a) 4-3 England Gary Miller (a)   Details 
72 England Andrew Tapper (a) 4-3 Germany Julien Leifert (a)   Details 
73 England Muhammad Aurangzaib (a) 4-1 England Gary Widdecombe (a)   Details 
74 Belgium Daan Leyssen (a) 4-3 England Andy Lavin (a)   Details 
75 England Thomas Peasland (a) 4-1 England Evan Plummer (a)   Details 
76 Northern Ireland Fergal Quinn (a) 4-0 India Aman Goel (a)   Details 
77 England Jason Tart (a) 4-0 Wales Neil Jones (a)   Details 
78 England Joshua Cooper (a) 4-1 England Nigel Clarke (a)   Details 
79 Wales Duane Jones 4-0 England Daniel Walker (a)   Details 
80 England Chae Ross (a) 4-0 England Dean Reynolds (a)   Details