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Suntory Asian Classic 1996

Bangkok, Thailand (Sep 9-15, 1996)
Ranking tournament (No.1 of 10)

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Players are English unless stated


Ronnie O'Sullivan 9-8 Brian Morgan

So it's a third ranking title for Ronnie. ... but it didn't come easy!

After the three first frames he was 3-0 down and Brian Morgan also led 7-6 and 8-7 before O'Sullivan could eventually clinch the title. His instant reward was �40,000 in prize money, but I'm sure he's even more pleased about the way he has come back after his recent troubles.


Brian Morgan      5-1 Ken Doherty (Ireland)
Ronnie O'Sullivan 5-2 Alan McManus (Scotland) 

This is O'Sullivan's first ranking final since losing 9-6 to John Higgins in the 1995 British Open. He did however reach the final of the B&H Masters last season, where he lost 10-5 to Stephen Hendry.

It's Brian Morgan's first ever major final.

Quite an improvement for these two compared to last year's edition where they both lost out in the very first round.


Brian Morgan            5-4 Tony Drago (Malta)
Ronnie O'Sullivan       5-4 Peter Ebdon
Ken Doherty (Ireland)   5-4 Stefan Mazrocis
Alan McManus (Scotland) 5-4 Steve Davis

Brian Morgan's best result in the 1995/96 season was to reach the first round of the 1995 Thailand Classic , and now he is in the semi-finals in the very first tournament of the season! I reckon he is pretty pleased with his improvements since last year!

Ronnie O'Sullivan doesn't seem much shellshocked after all the trouble with the WPBSA after his behaviour in the World Championship.

Notice that all the quarter-final matches ended 5-4. This could be a very tight season indeed! :)

Second round

Steve Davis             5-3 Rod Lawler
Ronnie O'Sullivan       5-4 Alain Robidoux (Canada)
Ken Doherty (Ireland)   5-2 Dave Harold
Stefan Mazrocis         5-1 Karl Burrows
Brian Morgan            5-3 Stephen Hendry (Scotland)
Alan McManus (Scotland) 5-4 Gary Wilkinson    
Tony Drago (Malta)      5-1 Nigel Bond
Peter Ebdon             5-1 Mark J Williams (Wales)         

Quite a shock that Stephen Hendry, the undisputed world No.1, is beaten by Brian Morgan, ranked 49th, who had a terrible last season. Morgan is enjoying a wonderful tournament, having already defeated Jimmy White in the first round after being 3-1 down at one stage.

First round

Karl Burrows              5-0 John Higgins (Scotland)
Steve Davis               5-2 Stephen Murphy (Ireland)
Ronnie O'Sullivan         5-1 Steve James
Ken Doherty (Ireland)     5-2 Dean Reynolds
Stefan Mazrocis           5-4 Darren Morgan (Wales)
Brian Morgan              5-3 Jimmy White
Gary Wilkinson            5-4 James Wattana (Thailand)
Tony Drago (Malta)        5-2 Surathep Phuchulaem (Thailand)
Stephen Hendry (Scotland) 5-0 Stephen Lee
Rod Lawler                5-2 John Parrott
Alan McManus (Scotland)   5-3 Fergal O'Brien (Ireland)
Nigel Bond                5-4 Anthony Hamilton
Dave Harold               5-0 Jason Ferguson
Alain Robidoux (Canada)   5-4 Martin Clark
Peter Ebdon               5-4 Neal Foulds
Mark J Williams (Wales)   5-4 Willie Thorne

Wild card matches

Stephen Murphy (Ireland)       5-0 Sakchai Sim-Ngam (Thailand)
Karl Burrows                   5-0 A. Terananon (Thailand)
Stefan Mazrocis                5-0 A. Chotipong  (Thailand)
Surathep Phuchulaem (Thailand) 5-4 Jason Wallace

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