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British Open 1997

Plymouth Pavillions, Plymouth, England (Mar 27 - Apr 5, 1997)
Ranking tournament (No.9 of 10)

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Mark J Williams stormed to a 9-2 victory over world No.1 Stephen Hendry to claim the �60,000 first prize and his third ranking title. This was Hendry's first loss in 11 final appearances and his worst result ever in a major final. His previous heaviest defeats were the 10-4 losses for Jimmy White in the 1991 Mercantile Credit Classic and for Steve Davis at the 1993 European Open.

From 2-1 down, Williams stormed to a 5-2 lead after the first session and then never looked back as he snatched the last 4 frames after the interval. This victory was a major boost for the young Welshman as he is seeded to run into Hendry again in the last 16 of the World Championship.

Last year's results and a list of previous finals are also available.


Eric Whitehead)


(Players are English unless stated)


Mark J Williams (Wales)    9-2 Stephen Hendry (Scotland)

66-61, 7-64, 8-60, 87-0, 75-31,
69-20, 73-48, 75-16, 75-8, 61-44, 61-21


Mark J Williams (Wales)    6-5 Peter Ebdon
Stephen Hendry (Scotland)  6-2 Steve Davis


Mark J Williams (Wales)    5-1 Tony Drago (Malta)
Peter Ebdon                5-3 Michael Judge (Ireland)
Steve Davis                5-2 Alan McManus (Scotland)
Stephen Hendry (Scotland)  5-3 Dave Harold

Third round

Tony Drago (Malta)         5-1 Nigel Bond
Mark J Williams (Wales)    5-3 Gary Wilkinson
Michael Judge (Ireland)    5-3 Dominic Dale (Wales)       
Peter Ebdon                5-1 Anthony Hamilton
Steve Davis                5-4 Martin Clark
Alan McManus (Scotland)    5-2 Willie Thorne
Dave Harold                5-4 Paul Sweeny
Stephen Hendry (Scotland)  5-4 Paul McPhillips (Scotland)

Second round

Nigel Bond                 5-4 Andy Hicks
Tony Drago (Malta)         5-0 Ian McCulloch 
Mark J Williams (Wales)    5-0 Nick Pearce 
Gary Wilkinson             5-1 Drew Henry (Scotland)
Michael Judge (Ireland)    5-4 Nick Walker
Dominic Dale (Wales)       5-2 Steve James                
Anthony Hamilton           5-1 Alain Robidoux (Canada)
Peter Ebdon                5-2 Jimmy Michie
Martin Clark               5-3 Antony Bolsover
Steve Davis                5-0 Mark Davis
Willie Thorne              5-4 Darren Morgan (Wales)
Alan McManus (Scotland)    5-1 Mark King
Paul Sweeny                5-2 Gerard Greene (N.Ireland) 
Dave Harold                5-2 Dennis Taylor (N.Ireland)  
Paul McPhillips (Scotland) 5-2 Jason Ferguson             
Stephen Hendry (Scotland)  5-1 Paul Wykes 

First round

Nigel Bond                 5-0 Tony Knowles
Andy Hicks                 5-2 Robert Milkins
Tony Drago (Malta)         5-3 Wayne Jones (Wales)
Ian McCulloch              5-2 Stephen Lee
Mark J Williams (Wales)    5-4 Jason Prince (N.Ireland)
Nick Pearce                5-4 Chris Small (Scotland)
Drew Henry (Scotland)      5-3 John Parrott 
Gary Wilkinson             5-3 Terry Murphy (N.Ireland)
Michael Judge (Ireland)    5-3 Ken Doherty (Ireland)
Nick Walker                w/o Rod Lawler
Dominic Dale (Wales)       5-3 Jimmy White  
Steve James                5-3 Tony Chappel (Wales)
Alain Robidoux (Canada)    5-3 Joe Perry
Anthony Hamilton           5-2 Lee Richardson 
Peter Ebdon                5-2 Fergal O'Brien (Ireland)
Jimmy Michie               5-4 Joe Swail (N.Ireland)
Antony Bolsover            5-4 John Higgins (Scotland)
Martin Clark               5-3 Graeme Dott (Scotland)
Steve Davis                5-1 Marcus Campbell (Scotland)
Mark Davis                 5-2 Dene O'Kane (New Zealand)
Darren Morgan (Wales)      5-3 Sean Storey
Willie Thorne              5-4 Shokat Ali (Pakistan)
Alan McManus (Scotland)    5-2 Tony Jones
Mark King                  5-2 Dave Finbow 
Gerard Greene (N.Ireland)  5-4 Ronnie O'Sullivan 
Paul Sweeney               5-4 Mick Price
Dave Harold                5-4 Billy Snaddon (Scotland)
Dennis Taylor (N.Ireland)  5-2 Stephen Murphy (Ireland)
Paul McPhillips (Scotland) 5-4 James Wattana (Thailand)
Jason Ferguson             5-2 Steve Judd
Stephen Hendry (Scotland)  5-3 Karl Broughton
Paul Wykes                 5-3 Neal Foulds

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