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Q Tour 2 Pencil

Tour: Q Tour; Date: 10-12 Dec 2021; Venue: Terry Griffiths Matchroom, Llanelli, Wales; Type: Q; Twitter: #QTour; Notes: See also results (98)
Final Pencil
(Winner: £2,500; Runner-up: £1,200)
China Si Jiahui (a) 5-4 Wales Michael White (a)   Details  Pencil

69-23 (54), 83-5, 82-0 (82), 77-53 (53 SJ, 53 MW)
45-62 (50), 25-84 (58), 52-70 (52, 70), 13-67

White was 4-0 down

Semifinals Pencil
(Losers receive £750)
China Si Jiahui (a) 4-3 England Sean O'Sullivan (a)   Details  Pencil

65-7, 97-0 (68), 75-31 (56), 50-80 (SJ 50)
0-92 (63), 0-136 (110), 76-31

Wales Michael White (a) 4-0 Belgium Ben Mertens (a)   Details  Pencil

74-53, 76-4 (76), 137-0 (137), 103-4 (98)

Quarterfinals Pencil
(Losers receive £550)
England Sean O'Sullivan (a) 4-3 England Mark Lloyd (a)   Details  Pencil
China Si Jiahui (a) 4-1 England Sydney Wilson (a)   Details  Pencil
Wales Michael White (a) 4-2 England Alex Clenshaw (a)   Details  Pencil
Belgium Ben Mertens (a) 4-1 England Sanderson Lam (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
Round 3 Pencil
(Last 16; Losers receive £275)
1 England Sean O'Sullivan (a) 3-1 England Ryan Davies (a)   Details  Pencil
2 England Mark Lloyd (a) 3-2 England John Astley (a)   Details  Pencil
3 China Si Jiahui (a) 3-1 Wales Daniel Wells (a)   Details  Pencil
4 England Sydney Wilson (a) 3-1 England Stuart Watson (a)   Details  Pencil
5 Wales Michael White (a) 3-2 Northern Ireland Robbie McGuigan (a)   Details  Pencil
6 England Alex Clenshaw (a) 3-0 England Alex Millington (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
7 England Sanderson Lam (a) 3-0 England Joshua Cooper (a)   Details  Pencil
8 Belgium Ben Mertens (a) 3-1 England Ian Martin (a)   Details  Pencil
Round 2 Pencil
(Last 32; Losers receive £150)
1 England Ryan Davies (a) 3-2 Israel Eden Sharav (a)   Details  Pencil
2 England Sean O'Sullivan (a) 3-0 Scotland Ross Muir (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
3 England John Astley (a) 3-0 England Luke Pinches (a)   Details  Pencil
4 England Mark Lloyd (a) 3-1 England David Lilley (a)   Details  Pencil
5 China Si Jiahui (a) 3-2 Austria Florian Nüßle (a)   Details  Pencil
6 Wales Daniel Wells (a) 3-1 England Callum Beresford (a)   Details  Pencil
7 England Stuart Watson (a) 3-0 Wales Alex Taubman (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
8 England Sydney Wilson (a) 3-0 England Daniel Womersley (a)   Details  Pencil
9 Wales Michael White (a) 3-2 Cyprus Michael Georgiou (a)   Details  Pencil
10 Northern Ireland Robbie McGuigan (a) 3-0 England Jenson Kendrick (a)   Details  Pencil
11 England Alex Millington (a) 3-2 England Brandon Sargeant (a)   Details  Pencil
12 England Alex Clenshaw (a) 3-1 Scotland Liam Graham (a)   Details  Pencil
13 England Joshua Cooper (a) 3-1 England James Cahill (a)   Details  Pencil
14 England Sanderson Lam (a) 3-1 Wales Ben Fortey (a)   Details  Pencil
15 Belgium Ben Mertens (a) 3-1 Iran Soheil Vahedi (a)   Details  Pencil
16 England Ian Martin (a) 3-0 England Kuldesh Johal (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
Round 1 Pencil
(Last 64; Losers receive £0)
1 England Ryan Davies (a) 3-1 France Brian Ochoiski (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
2 Israel Eden Sharav (a) 3-0 England Rod Lawler (a)   Details  Pencil
3 England Sean O'Sullivan (a) 3-1 England Haydon Pinhey (a)   Details  Pencil
4 Scotland Ross Muir (a) 3-1 England Brandon Hall (a)   Details  Pencil
5 England John Astley (a) 3-0 England Lee Page (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
6 England Luke Pinches (a) 3-1 England Lewis Gillen (a)   Details  Pencil
7 England David Lilley (a) 3-2 England Jordan Shepherd (a)   Details  Pencil
8 England Mark Lloyd (a) 3-0 England Hayden Staniland (a)   Details  Pencil
9 China Si Jiahui (a) 3-0 England Alfie Lee (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
10 Austria Florian Nüßle (a) 3-2 Ireland Leo Fernandez (a)   Details  Pencil
11 England Callum Beresford (a) 3-0 England Tony Knowles (a)   Details  Pencil
12 Wales Daniel Wells (a) 3-1 China Bai Langning (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
13 England Stuart Watson (a) 3-2 England Billy Joe Castle (a)   Details  Pencil
14 Wales Alex Taubman (a) 3-1 Wales Dylan Emery (a)   Details  Pencil
15 England Daniel Womersley (a) 3-0 England Lee Shanker (a)   Details  Pencil
16 England Sydney Wilson (a) 3-2 England Liam Pullen (a)   Details  Pencil
17 Cyprus Michael Georgiou (a) 3-1 Wales Callum Lloyd (a)   Details  Pencil
18 Wales Michael White (a) 3-0 England Harvey Chandler (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
19 England Jenson Kendrick (a) 3-2 England Joshua Thomond (a)   Details  Pencil
20 Northern Ireland Robbie McGuigan (a) w/o Wales Liam James Davies (a)    Pencil
21 England Brandon Sargeant (a) 3-2 England Simon Blackwell (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
22 England Alex Millington (a) 3-2 England Jamie Curtis-Barrett (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
23 Scotland Liam Graham (a) 3-2 Scotland Michael Collumb (a)   Details  Pencil
24 England Alex Clenshaw (a) 3-1 France Niel Vincent (a)   Details  Pencil
25 England James Cahill (a) 3-1 England George Pragnell (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
26 England Joshua Cooper (a) 3-1 England Saqib Nasir (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
27 England Sanderson Lam (a) 3-1 England Louis Wakelin (a)   Details  Pencil
28 Wales Ben Fortey (a) 3-1 England Simon Bedford (a)   Details  Pencil
29 Iran Soheil Vahedi (a) 3-1 England Hamim Hussain (a)   Details  Pencil
30 Belgium Ben Mertens (a) w/o Belgium Julien Leclercq (a)    Pencil
31 England Ian Martin (a) 3-2 Ukraine Sergiy Isaienko (a)   Details  Pencil
32 England Kuldesh Johal (a) 3-1 Wales Jack Bradford (a)   Details  Pencil
Qual Round 2 Pencil
(Last 80)
1 England Sean O'Sullivan (a) 3-1 England Lee Stephens (a)   Details  Pencil
2 England Brandon Hall (a) 3-0 Wales Conor Caniff (a)   Details  Pencil
3 England Lee Page (a) 3-0 England Manasawin Phetmalaikul (a)   Details  Pencil
4 England Jordan Shepherd (a) 3-0 Wales Bradley Tyson (a)   Details  Pencil
5 England Alfie Lee (a) 3-0 Scotland Sam McKay (a)   Details  Pencil
6 Wales Daniel Wells (a) 3-2 England Phil O'Kane (a)   Details  Pencil
7 England Stuart Watson (a) 3-1 England Matthew Glasby (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
8 Wales Callum Lloyd (a) 3-1 England James Height (a)   Details  Pencil
9 Wales Liam James Davies (a) 3-1 Wales Alfie Davies (a)   Details  Pencil
10 England Jamie Curtis-Barrett (a) 3-1 England Mark Vincent (a)   Details  Pencil
11 England Alex Clenshaw (a) 3-2 England Alex Davies (a)   Details  Pencil
12 England George Pragnell (a) 3-1 England Aidan Murphy (a)   Details  Pencil
13 England Louis Wakelin (a) 3-2 England John Fearick (a)   Details  Pencil
14 England Simon Bedford (a) 3-1 Wales Philip Williams (a)   Details  Pencil
15 Ukraine Sergiy Isaienko (a) 3-0 Wales Daniel Williams (a)   Details  Pencil
16 Wales Jack Bradford (a) 3-0 Wales Ryan Rowlands (a)   Details  Pencil
Qual Round 1 Pencil
(Last 99)
1 England Lee Stephens (a) 3-0 Japan (a)   Details  Pencil
2 England Sean O'Sullivan (a) 3-0 Ireland Ronan Whyte (a)   Details  Pencil
3 England Manasawin Phetmalaikul (a) 3-2 England Chae Ross (a)   Details  Pencil
4 England Lee Page (a) 3-0 England Jed Mann (a)   Details  Pencil
5 England Jordan Shepherd (a) 3-2 England Patrick Whelan (a)   Details  Pencil
6 England Alfie Lee (a) w/o Wales Timothy Walters (a)    Pencil
7 England Phil O'Kane (a) 3-2 Moldova Vladislav Gradinari (a)   Details  Pencil
8 England Stuart Watson (a) 3-2 England Garry Coulson (a)   Details  Pencil
9 Wales Alfie Davies (a) 3-1 Australia Ryan Thomerson (a)   Details  Pencil
10 England Jamie Curtis-Barrett (a) 3-0 England Jack Haley (a)   Details  Pencil
11 England Mark Vincent (a) 3-1 England Josh Symes (a)   Details  Pencil
12 England Alex Clenshaw (a) 3-1 England Andrew Milliard (a)   Details  Pencil
13 England Alex Davies (a) 3-1 Wales Zac Cosker (a)   Details  Pencil
14 England George Pragnell (a) 3-2 Northern Ireland Fergal Quinn (a) Head to head Details  Pencil
15 England Aidan Murphy (a) 3-2 Wales Matthew Roberts (a)   Details  Pencil
16 England John Fearick (a) 3-2 England John Nicholson (a)   Details  Pencil
17 Wales Philip Williams (a) 3-1 Wales Darryl James (a)   Details  Pencil
18 Ukraine Sergiy Isaienko (a) 3-1 Wales Rhys Morgans (a)   Details  Pencil
19 Wales Jack Bradford (a) 3-0 England Martyn Taylor (a)   Details  Pencil