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Q School 1

Main Tour, Qualifying School

21-26 May 2024, Mattioli Arena, Leicester, England
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Latvia Artemijs Zizins (a) 4-2 England Kayden Brierley (a)   Details 

124-4 (120), 54-63, 36-97, 73-17
103-16 (51), 100-1 (88)

Zizins earns a spot on the World Snooker Tour for 2024/2025 and 2025/2026.

England Allan Taylor 4-3 Scotland Chris Totten (a)   Details 

89-45 (66), 53-75 (65), 31-67, 61-44
0-89 (62), 75-0 (55), 67-22

Taylor earns a spot on the World Snooker Tour for 2024/2025 and 2025/2026.

England Haydon Pinhey (a) 4-2 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene (a) Head to head Details 

100-28 (100), 66-40 (53), 63-34, 56-82
28-67, 67-28

Pinhey earns a spot on the World Snooker Tour for 2024/2025 and 2025/2026. He had previously lost four times in the final round of the Q School.

Hong Kong Wang Yuchen (a) 4-3 Wales Dylan Emery   Details 

0-79 (79), 31-84, 61-15, 61-8
125-7 (116), 41-68, 55-23

Wang earns a spot on the World Snooker Tour for 2024/2025 and 2025/2026.

Round 5
(Last 16)
1 Latvia Artemijs Zizins (a) 4-2 England Mark Joyce   Details 
2 England Kayden Brierley (a) 4-3 Austria Florian Nüßle (a)   Details 
3 Scotland Chris Totten (a) 4-3 England Joshua Cooper (a) Head to head Details 
4 England Allan Taylor 4-3 England Simon Blackwell (a) Head to head Details 
5 England Haydon Pinhey (a) 4-1 Ukraine Anton Kazakov   Details 
6 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene (a) 4-3 England Paul Deaville (a)   Details 

Decided on the black.

7 Wales Dylan Emery 4-3 England Daniel Womersley (a)   Details 
8 Hong Kong Wang Yuchen (a) 4-2 England Jenson Kendrick Head to head Details 
Round 4
(Last 32)
1 Latvia Artemijs Zizins (a) 4-2 Ukraine Iulian Boiko (a) Head to head Details 

Zizins' 128 in frame 2 is the highest break of the event so far.

2 England Mark Joyce 4-0 England Joshua Thomond (a)   Details 
3 England Kayden Brierley (a) 4-1 England Connor Benzey (a)   Details 
4 Austria Florian Nüßle (a) 4-2 England Peter Devlin (a) Head to head Details 
5 Scotland Chris Totten (a) 4-1 Malta Aaron Busuttil (a) Head to head Details 
6 England Joshua Cooper (a) 4-2 South Korea Lee Daegyu (a)   Details 
7 England Simon Blackwell (a) 4-1 Germany Umut Dikme (a)   Details 
8 England Allan Taylor 4-1 Scotland Keith Keldie (a)   Details 
9 Ukraine Anton Kazakov 4-3 England George Pragnell (a)   Details 
10 England Haydon Pinhey (a) 4-2 England Craig Steadman (a)   Details 
11 England Paul Deaville (a) 4-1 Jamaica Rory McLeod (a)   Details 
12 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene (a) 4-1 England Alex Clenshaw (a)   Details 
13 England Daniel Womersley (a) 4-2 England Harvey Chandler (a)   Details 
14 Wales Dylan Emery 4-1 Poland Antoni Kowalski (a)   Details 
15 Hong Kong Wang Yuchen (a) 4-3 England Andy Hicks   Details 
16 England Jenson Kendrick 4-2 England Ryan Davies (a)   Details 
Round 3
(Last 64)
1 Latvia Artemijs Zizins (a) 4-0 England James Lee (a)   Details 
2 Ukraine Iulian Boiko (a) 4-1 Estonia Andres Petrov Head to head Details 
3 England Joshua Thomond (a) 4-3 England Sean McAllister (a) Head to head Details 
4 England Mark Joyce 4-2 Hong Kong Chang Yu Kiu (a)   Details 
5 England Connor Benzey (a) 4-2 England Lee Stephens (a) Head to head Details 
6 England Kayden Brierley (a) 4-1 England Lee Shanker (a)   Details 
7 England Peter Devlin (a) 4-2 England Neal Jones (a)   Details 
8 Austria Florian Nüßle (a) 4-1 Belgium Daan Leyssen (a)   Details 
9 Scotland Chris Totten (a) 4-3 Pakistan Farakh Ajaib (a)   Details 
10 Malta Aaron Busuttil (a) 4-2 England Zack Richardson (a)   Details 
11 South Korea Lee Daegyu (a) 4-2 England Liam Highfield   Details 
12 England Joshua Cooper (a) 4-1 England Simon Bedford (a)   Details 
13 Germany Umut Dikme (a) 4-0 England Josh Mulholland (a)   Details 
14 England Simon Blackwell (a) 4-0 England Wayne Townsend (a)   Details 
15 England Allan Taylor 4-0 England Lewis Ullah (a)   Details 
16 Scotland Keith Keldie (a) 4-3 England Barry Pinches (a)   Details 
17 Ukraine Anton Kazakov 4-2 Poland Mateusz Baranowski (a)   Details 
18 England George Pragnell (a) 4-2 England Hayden Staniland (a)   Details 
19 England Haydon Pinhey (a) 4-0 England Gary Filtness (a)   Details 
20 England Craig Steadman (a) 4-0 England Jamie Curtis-Barrett (a)   Details 
21 England Paul Deaville (a) 4-1 England Anthony Wall (a)   Details 
22 Jamaica Rory McLeod (a) 4-1 Australia Ryan Thomerson   Details 
23 England Alex Clenshaw (a) 4-0 Wales Riley Powell (a)   Details 
24 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene (a) 4-0 England Mark Vincent (a)   Details 
25 England Harvey Chandler (a) 4-0 England Stephen Kershaw (a)   Details 
26 England Daniel Womersley (a) 4-2 England Andy Lavin (a)   Details 
27 Poland Antoni Kowalski (a) 4-3 Wales Alfie Davies (a) Head to head Details 

Kowalski was 1-3 down and needed a snooker in frame 5.

28 Wales Dylan Emery 4-3 Northern Ireland Fergal Quinn (a) Head to head Details 
29 England Andy Hicks 4-3 England Sean O'Sullivan Head to head Details 
30 Hong Kong Wang Yuchen (a) 4-3 England Halim Hussain (a)   Details 
31 England Ryan Davies (a) 4-2 England Phil O'Kane (a) Head to head Details 
32 England Jenson Kendrick 4-1 England Matt Williams (a)   Details 
Round 2
(Last 128)
1 England James Lee (a) 4-0 England Daniel Walker (a)   Details 
2 Latvia Artemijs Zizins (a) 4-0 Brazil Victor Sarkis   Details 
3 Ukraine Iulian Boiko (a) 4-1 England James Burrett (a)   Details 
4 Estonia Andres Petrov 4-0 England Evan Plummer (a)   Details 
5 England Sean McAllister (a) 4-0 England Andy Marriott (a) Head to head Details 
6 England Joshua Thomond (a) 4-1 England Saqib Nasir (a)   Details 
7 Hong Kong Chang Yu Kiu (a) 4-3 England Patrick Whelan (a)   Details 
8 England Mark Joyce 4-1 England Ian Martin (a)   Details 
9 England Connor Benzey (a) 4-2 Hong Kong Shaun Liu (a)   Details 
10 England Lee Stephens (a) 4-3 England Hamim Hussain (a) Head to head Details 

Stephens was 3-0 down

11 England Lee Shanker (a) 4-0 Bulgaria Velian Dimitrov (a)   Details 
12 England Kayden Brierley (a) 4-1 Scotland Michael Collumb (a)   Details 
13 England Neal Jones (a) 4-3 England John Fearick (a)   Details 
14 England Peter Devlin (a) 4-2 China Peng Yisong   Details 
15 Belgium Daan Leyssen (a) 4-2 England Chae Ross (a)   Details 
16 Austria Florian Nüßle (a) 4-1 England Gary Milne (a)   Details 
17 Pakistan Farakh Ajaib (a) 4-0 England Martyn Taylor (a) Head to head Details 
18 Scotland Chris Totten (a) 4-2 England Luke Simmonds (a)   Details 
19 Malta Aaron Busuttil (a) 4-0 England Jeff Cundy (a)   Details 
20 England Zack Richardson (a) 4-0 England Dean Reynolds (a)   Details 
21 South Korea Lee Daegyu (a) 4-1 England Oliver Brown   Details 
22 England Liam Highfield 4-0 England Callum Beresford (a)   Details 
23 England Joshua Cooper (a) 4-0 England Daniel Stevenson (a)   Details 
24 England Simon Bedford (a) 4-1 England Stuart Watson (a)   Details 
25 England Josh Mulholland (a) 4-1 Hong Kong Ng On Yee (af) Head to head Details 
26 Germany Umut Dikme (a) 4-2 England Oliver Sykes (a)   Details 
27 England Wayne Townsend (a) w/o England John Minto (a)   Details 
28 England Simon Blackwell (a) 4-2 England James Cahill   Details 
29 England Lewis Ullah (a) 4-1 England Bradley Cowdroy (a)   Details 
30 England Allan Taylor 4-0 England Ronnie Sullivan (a)   Details 
31 England Barry Pinches (a) 4-1 Moldova Vladislav Gradinari (a) Head to head Details 
32 Scotland Keith Keldie (a) 4-1 England Martin Shepherdson (a)   Details 
33 Ukraine Anton Kazakov 4-1 England Adrian Rosa (a)   Details 
34 Poland Mateusz Baranowski (a) 4-0 Wales Alex Taubman (a)   Details 
35 England George Pragnell (a) 4-1 Wales Tyler Rees (a) Head to head Details 
36 England Hayden Staniland (a) 4-0 Scotland Jack Borwick (a)   Details 
37 England Haydon Pinhey (a) w/o Pakistan Aarash Ijaz (a)   Details 
38 England Gary Filtness (a) 4-0 England Luke Pinches (a)   Details 
39 England Jamie Curtis-Barrett (a) 4-2 England Aristos Pampouris (a)   Details 
40 England Craig Steadman (a) 4-0 Scotland Steven Wardropper (a)   Details 
41 England Paul Deaville (a) 4-2 England Ashley Hugill   Details 
42 England Anthony Wall (a) 4-3 England Jamie O'Neill (a)   Details 
43 Australia Ryan Thomerson 4-1 Wales Jack Bradford (a) Head to head Details 
44 Jamaica Rory McLeod (a) 4-3 Germany Manuel Ederer (a)   Details 
45 Wales Riley Powell (a) 4-3 England Peter Lines (a)   Details 
46 England Alex Clenshaw (a) 4-3 England Billy Castle (a) Head to head Details 
47 England Mark Vincent (a) 4-2 England Brandon Hall (a)   Details 
48 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene (a) 4-1 England Steven Hallworth (a) Head to head Details 
49 England Harvey Chandler (a) 4-0 Wales Matthew Roberts (a)   Details 
50 England Stephen Kershaw (a) 4-2 Wales Oliver Briffett-Payne (a)   Details 
51 England Daniel Womersley (a) 4-1 England Andrew Milliard (a)   Details 
52 England Andy Lavin (a) 4-1 England Mitchell Mann (a)   Details 
53 Poland Antoni Kowalski (a) 4-0 England Aidan Murphy (a) Head to head Details 
54 Wales Alfie Davies (a) 4-1 England Mark Lloyd (a) Head to head Details 
55 Northern Ireland Fergal Quinn (a) 4-0 England Richard Pipe (a)   Details 
56 Wales Dylan Emery 4-1 England Elias Martin-Beris (a)   Details 
57 England Sean O'Sullivan 4-1 England Lee Whaley (a)   Details 
58 England Andy Hicks 4-1 England Sean Maddocks (a) Head to head Details 
59 Hong Kong Wang Yuchen (a) 4-3 England Alex Millington (a)   Details 
60 England Halim Hussain (a) 4-1 England Kian Dennett (a)   Details 
61 England Phil O'Kane (a) 4-0 England Aidan Gallagher (a)   Details 
62 England Ryan Davies (a) 4-2 England James Silverwood (a) Head to head Details 
63 England Matt Williams (a) 4-3 France Brian Ochoiski (a)   Details 
64 England Jenson Kendrick 4-3 England Edward Jones (a)   Details 

Kendrick was 3-1 down and also needed a snooker in the decider

Round 1
(Last 167)
1 Latvia Artemijs Zizins (a) 4-0 England Nigel Clarke (a) Head to head Details 
2 England James Burrett (a) 4-1 Australia Simon Bevz (a)   Details 
3 England Evan Plummer (a) 4-2 England Danny Brindle (a)   Details 
4 Hong Kong Chang Yu Kiu (a) 4-3 Scotland Gary Thomson (a)   Details 
5 England Ian Martin (a) 4-2 England Adam Abbas (a)   Details 
6 England Lee Stephens (a) 4-1 England Bradley Jones (a)   Details 
7 Bulgaria Velian Dimitrov (a) 4-1 Poland Michal Kotiuk (a)   Details 
8 England John Fearick (a) 4-2 England Scott Rogan (a)   Details 
9 England Chae Ross (a) 4-2 England Kuldesh Johal (a)   Details 
10 England Gary Milne (a) w/o Russia Andrey Gladyk (a)   Details 
11 Pakistan Farakh Ajaib (a) 4-0 England Darren Burns (a) Head to head Details 
12 England Luke Simmonds (a) 4-0 Wales Ross Jones (a)   Details 
13 England Jeff Cundy (a) 4-1 England Jake Robinson (a)   Details 
14 South Korea Lee Daegyu (a) 4-1 Ireland Noel Landers (a)   Details 
15 England Callum Beresford (a) 4-1 India Aman Goel (a)   Details 
16 England Stuart Watson (a) 4-0 England Jai Platts (a)   Details 
17 Hong Kong Ng On Yee (af) 4-2 Latvia Rodion Judin (a)   Details 
18 England Oliver Sykes (a) 4-0 England Jake Crofts (a)   Details 
19 England Bradley Cowdroy (a) 4-1 England Mark Bell (a)   Details 
20 Moldova Vladislav Gradinari (a) 4-0 England Faizaan Mohammed (a)   Details 
21 England Martin Shepherdson (a) 4-2 England Philip Blackburn (a)   Details 
22 England Adrian Rosa (a) 4-1 England Gary Skipworth (a)   Details 
23 England George Pragnell (a) 4-3 England Matthew Glasby (a) Head to head Details 
24 Scotland Jack Borwick (a) 4-3 England Tony Knowles (a) Head to head Details 

Decided on the pink.

25 England Gary Filtness (a) 4-3 France Nicolas Mortreux (a)   Details 
26 England Aristos Pampouris (a) 4-1 England Imran Puri (a)   Details 
27 England Paul Deaville (a) 4-2 Northern Ireland Joel Connolly (a)   Details 
28 Wales Riley Powell (a) 4-3 England Callum Downing (a)   Details 
29 England Alex Clenshaw (a) 4-0 England Matthew Woodcock (a)   Details 
30 England Mark Vincent (a) 4-2 England Scott Bell (a)   Details 
31 Wales Matthew Roberts (a) 4-0 England Matthew Day (a)   Details 
32 England Andy Lavin (a) 4-0 England Scott Harrison (a)   Details 
33 England Mark Lloyd (a) 4-2 England Jed Mann (a)   Details 
34 England Sean Maddocks (a) 4-2 England Labeeb Ahmed (a)   Details 
35 Hong Kong Wang Yuchen (a) 4-0 Austria Paul Schopf (a)   Details 
36 England Aidan Gallagher (a) 4-1 Russia Arsenii Korolev (a)   Details 
37 England James Silverwood (a) 4-3 England Jay Bullen (a)   Details 
38 England Matt Williams (a) 4-3 England Brandon Sargeant (a)   Details 
39 England Edward Jones (a) 4-0 Wales Marc Shaw (a)   Details