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Embassy World Championship

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 19 Apr - 5 May 1997; Venue: Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, England; Type: Ranking; Defending champion: Stephen Hendry; Notes: See also results (383)
played on 4-5 May
Ireland Ken Doherty (a) 18-12 Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) Head to head
Doherty won the only world title of his professional career and the first player to win world championships at junior, amateur, and professional level. He became the second player from outside the United Kingdom to win the title in the modern era, following Cliff Thorburn in 1980. Doherty remains the only world champion from the Republic of Ireland.

Hendry's defeat in the final was his first loss in the World Championship since 1991, which ended his record of 29 consecutive Crucible victories.

Alan Chamberlain refereed his first and only World Championship final. He was the first referee since Jim Thorpe in 1984 to officiate a debut final. All finals up to this year were officiated by either John Williams, Len Ganley or John Street.

Session 1:
67-7, 5-117 (117), 0-106 (106), 77-13, 78-9 (69), 75-51, 69-11 (59), 0-122 (122)

Session 2:
12-76, 89-32, 62-55, 57-43, 65-13, 85-50 (50,85), 47-74, 60-28 (52)

Session 3:
23-70 (58), 71-24 (70), 4-110 (92), 86-0, 85-16 (52), 59-45, 0-137 (137), 12-75

Session 4:
30-61 (51), 0-114 (110), 57-61, 82-23 (61), 69-19 (50), 71-49

Referee: Alan Chamberlain

The semi-final matches were best of 33 for the first time, having previously been best of 31.
Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) 17-13 Thailand James Wattana (a) Head to head
Ireland Ken Doherty (a) 17-7 Canada Alain Robidoux (a) Head to head
played on 29-30 April
Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) 13-10 Wales Darren Morgan (a) Head to head
Thailand James Wattana (a) 13-10 England John Parrott (a) Head to head
Canada Alain Robidoux (a) 13-8 Wales Lee Walker (a)  
Ireland Ken Doherty (a) 13-9 Scotland John Higgins (a) Head to head
Round 2
(Last 16)
played on 24-28 April
1 Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) 13-8 Wales Mark J Williams (a) Head to head
2 Wales Darren Morgan (a) 13-12 England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) Head to head
3 Thailand James Wattana (a) 13-7 England Stephen Lee (a) Head to head
4 England John Parrott (a) 13-11 England Anthony Hamilton (a) Head to head
5 Canada Alain Robidoux (a) 13-9 England Stefan Mazrocis (a)  
6 Wales Lee Walker (a) 13-10 Scotland Alan McManus (a)  
7 Ireland Ken Doherty (a) 13-3 England Steve Davis (a) Head to head
8 Scotland John Higgins (a) 13-5 Wales Dominic Dale (a) Head to head
Round 1
(Last 32)
played on 19-24 April
1 Scotland Stephen Hendry (a) 10-6 England Andy Hicks (a) Head to head
2 Wales Mark J Williams (a) 10-9 Wales Terry Griffiths (a)  
This was Griffith's last ever professional match.

This was Williams' first time at the crucible.

3 Wales Darren Morgan (a) 10-5 England Gary Wilkinson (a) Head to head
4 England Ronnie O'Sullivan (a) 10-6 Ireland Mick Price (a)  

Ronnie O'Sullivan made the quickest maximum break in history with a time of 5 minutes and 8 seconds, and the fourth in the history of the tournament. It earned him 147,000 pounds + 18,000 for the highest break. Watch on YouTube.

5 England Stephen Lee (a) 10-8 England Nigel Bond (a) Head to head
6 Thailand James Wattana (a) 10-9 Scotland Graeme Dott (a) Head to head

This was Dott's first time at the crucible.

7 England Anthony Hamilton (a) 10-9 England Jimmy White (a) Head to head
8 England John Parrott (a) 10-9 England Bradley Jones (a)  

This was Jones' first time at the crucible.

9 England Stefan Mazrocis (a) 10-3 England Peter Ebdon (a) Head to head
10 Canada Alain Robidoux (a) 10-8 England Brian Morgan (a)  
11 Wales Lee Walker (a) 10-7 England Dave Harold (a)  

This was Walker's first time at the crucible.

12 Scotland Alan McManus (a) 10-9 Scotland Billy Snaddon (a)  
13 Ireland Ken Doherty (a) 10-8 England Mark Davis (a) Head to head
14 England Steve Davis (a) 10-2 Scotland David McLellan (a) Head to head

This was McLellan's first time at the crucible.

15 Wales Dominic Dale (a) 10-9 Malta Tony Drago (a) Head to head

This was Dale's first time at the crucible.

16 Scotland John Higgins (a) 10-6 Scotland Graham Horne (a)  

This was Horne's first time at the crucible.

World Championship Qualifiers

Tour: Main Tour; Date: 3 Jan - 25 Mar 1997; Venue: Newport Centre, Newport, Wales; View on separate page; Notes: See also results (352)
Qual Round 8
(Last 48)
1 Wales Dominic Dale (a) 10-6 England Willie Thorne (a)  
2 England Mark Davis (a) 10-5 England Jason Ferguson (a) Head to head
3 Scotland Graeme Dott (a) 10-8 Northern Ireland Joe Swail (a) Head to head
4 England Alfie Burden (a) 10-4 Wales Terry Griffiths (a)  
5 England Anthony Hamilton (a) 10-5 England Karl Broughton (a) Head to head
6 England Andy Hicks (a) 10-7 Wales Matthew Stevens (a) Head to head
7 Scotland Graham Horne (a) 10-7 England Steve James (a)  
8 England Bradley Jones (a) 10-4 England David Finbow (a)  
9 England Stephen Lee (a) 10-5 Scotland Drew Henry (a) Head to head
10 England Stefan Mazrocis (a) 10-4 Scotland Chris Small (a) Head to head
11 Scotland David McLellan (a) 10-9 England Neal Foulds (a)  
12 England Brian Morgan (a) 10-6 New Zealand Dene O'Kane (a)  
13 Ireland Mick Price (a) 10-9 England Jimmy Michie (a)  
14 Scotland Billy Snaddon (a) 10-7 England Rod Lawler (a)  
15 Wales Lee Walker (a) 10-7 Northern Ireland Dennis Taylor (a)  
16 England Gary Wilkinson (a) 10-9 Ireland Michael Judge (a)  
Qual Round 7
(Last 64)
1 Wales Dominic Dale (a) 10-3 England Jonathan Birch (a)  
2 England Mark Davis (a) 10-6 Northern Ireland Terry Murphy (a)  
3 Scotland Graeme Dott (a) 10-7 Scotland Geoff Dunn (a)  
4 England Alfie Burden (a) 10-6 England Barry Pinches (a) Head to head
5 England Karl Broughton (a) 10-5 Ireland Fergal O'Brien (a)  
6 Wales Matthew Stevens (a) 10-7 Northern Ireland Jason Prince (a)  
7 Scotland Graham Horne (a) 10-6 England Mark King (a)  
8 England Bradley Jones (a) 10-9 Scotland Jamie Burnett (a)  
9 Scotland Drew Henry (a) 10-3 Scotland Alan Burnett (a)  
10 England Stefan Mazrocis (a) 10-9 England Jason Weston (a)  
11 Scotland David McLellan (a) 10-6 England Nick Dyson (a)  
12 England Brian Morgan (a) 10-7 England Nick Pearce (a)  
13 England Jimmy Michie (a) 10-9 Wales Paul Davies (a) Head to head
14 Scotland Billy Snaddon (a) 10-3 England Paul Davison (1973) (a)  
15 Wales Lee Walker (a) 10-8 Scotland Euan Henderson (a)  
16 Ireland Michael Judge (a) 10-5 Wales Anthony Davies (a) Head to head
Qual Round 6
(Last 96)
1 England Jonathan Birch (a) 10-5 Northern Ireland Dylan Leary (a)  
2 Wales Dominic Dale (a) 10-9 England Dean Reynolds (a)  
3 Northern Ireland Terry Murphy (a) 10-3 England Darryn Walker (a)  
4 England Mark Davis (a) 10-0 England Darren Clarke (a)  
5 Scotland Geoff Dunn (a) 10-6 Wales Wayne Jones (a)  
6 Scotland Graeme Dott (a) 10-5 England Stuart Mann (a)  
7 England Barry Pinches (a) 10-6 England Tony Knowles (a)  
8 England Alfie Burden (a) 10-3 England Mark Bennett (a) Head to head
9 Ireland Fergal O'Brien (a) w/o England John Read (a)  
10 England Karl Broughton (a) 10-3 Ireland Stephen O'Connor (a)  
11 Northern Ireland Jason Prince (a) 10-8 England Ian McCulloch (a)  
12 Wales Matthew Stevens (a) 10-7 England Martin Clark (a)  
13 England Mark King (a) 10-6 England Paul Sweeny (a)  
14 Scotland Graham Horne (a) 10-6 Wales Tony Chappel (a)  
15 Scotland Jamie Burnett (a) 10-5 England Michael Holt (a) Head to head
16 England Bradley Jones (a) 10-5 England Nick Terry (a)  
17 Scotland Alan Burnett (a) 10-1 Wales Doug Mountjoy (a)  
18 Scotland Drew Henry (a) 10-5 England Wayne Brown (a)  
19 England Jason Weston (a) 10-4 Ireland Stephen Murphy (a)  
20 England Stefan Mazrocis (a) 10-8 England Karl Payne (a) Head to head
21 England Nick Dyson (a) 10-5 England Mike Hallett (a)  
22 Scotland David McLellan (a) 10-9 England Tony Jones (a)  
23 England Nick Pearce (a) 10-5 England Mark Flowerdew (a)  
24 England Brian Morgan (a) 10-5 England Stuart Bingham (a) Head to head
25 Wales Paul Davies (a) 10-8 England Anthony Bolsover (a)  
26 England Jimmy Michie (a) 10-7 England Paul Hunter (a)  
27 England Paul Davison (1973) (a) 10-5 England Mark Johnston-Allen (a)  
28 Scotland Billy Snaddon (a) 10-8 England Lee Richardson (a)  
29 Scotland Euan Henderson (a) 10-3 England Chris Scanlon (a)  
30 Wales Lee Walker (a) 10-4 England Joe Johnson (a)  
31 Wales Anthony Davies (a) 10-4 Thailand Tai Pichit (a)  
32 Ireland Michael Judge (a) 10-9 England David Roe (a) Head to head
Qual Round 5
(Last 128)
1 Northern Ireland Dylan Leary (a) 10-8 England Ian Brumby (a)  
2 Wales Dominic Dale (a) 10-6 England Brian Rowswell (a)  
3 England Darryn Walker (a) 10-6 England Oliver King (a)  
4 England Darren Clarke (a) 10-2 England Leigh Robinson (a)  
5 Scotland Geoff Dunn (a) 10-6 England Leigh Griffin (a)  
6 England Stuart Mann (a) 10-5 England Nick Walker (a)  
7 England Barry Pinches (a) 10-5 England Surinder Gill (a)  
8 England Alfie Burden (a) 10-7 England Sean Storey (a)  
9 England John Read (a) 10-8 England Robert Foxall (a)  
10 Ireland Stephen O'Connor (a) 10-3 England Darren Limburg (a)  
11 England Ian McCulloch (a) 10-9 England Michael Rhodes (a)  
12 Wales Matthew Stevens (a) 10-1 England Stuart Parnell (a)  
13 England Paul Sweeny (a) 10-7 Scotland Marcus Campbell (a)  
14 Scotland Graham Horne (a) 10-8 England Joe Perry (a)  
15 England Michael Holt (a) 10-9 England Andrew Cairns (a)  
16 England Bradley Jones (a) 10-7 England Matthew Couch (a)  
17 Scotland Alan Burnett (a) 10-8 Pakistan Shokat Ali (a)  
18 England Wayne Brown (a) 10-8 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene (a)  
19 England Jason Weston (a) 10-3 India Yasin Merchant (a)  
20 England Stefan Mazrocis (a) 10-7 England Jason Wallace (a)  
21 England Nick Dyson (a) 10-1 Scotland Hugh Abernethy (a)  
22 Scotland David McLellan (a) 10-9 England Peter Lines (a)  
23 England Nick Pearce (a) 10-7 England Steve Judd (a)  
24 England Stuart Bingham (a) 10-6 Thailand Noppadon Noppachorn (a)  
25 England Anthony Bolsover (a) 10-5 Northern Ireland Martin O'Neill (a)  
26 England Paul Hunter (a) 10-7 Belgium Mario Geudens (a)  
27 England Paul Davison (1973) (a) 10-9 England Nigel Gilbert (a)  
28 England Lee Richardson (a) 10-5 Scotland Martin Dziewialtowski (a)  
29 England Chris Scanlon (a) 10-5 England Richard Tatton (a)  
30 Wales Lee Walker (a) 10-5 England Gary Ponting (a)  
31 Thailand Tai Pichit (a) 10-9 England Robert Milkins (a)  
32 Ireland Michael Judge (a) 10-3 Wales Gareth Chilcott (a)  
Qual Round 4
(Last 192)
1 Northern Ireland Dylan Leary (a) 10-3 England Jason Curtis (a)  
2 England Ian Brumby (a) 10-4 England Simon Morris (a)  
3 Wales Dominic Dale (a) 10-7 England Neal Tomkins (a)  
4 England Brian Rowswell (a) 10-6 England Matt Bailey (a)  
5 England Darryn Walker (a) 10-7 England Troy Shaw (a)  
6 England Oliver King (a) 10-7 Wales Mark Fenton (a)  
7 England Darren Clarke (a) 10-8 England Simon Bedford (a)  
8 England Leigh Robinson (a) 10-5 England Ken Owers (a)  
9 Scotland Geoff Dunn (a) 10-5 Scotland Paul McPhillips (a) Head to head
10 England Leigh Griffin (a) 10-7 England Nick Fruin (a)  
11 England Stuart Mann (a) 10-3 Wales Steve Newbury (a)  
12 England Nick Walker (a) 10-3 England David Gray (a)  
13 England Barry Pinches (a) 10-5 Australia Johl Younger (a)  
14 England Surinder Gill (a) 10-4 England Graham Fisken (a)  
15 England Alfie Burden (a) 10-8 England Stuart Pettman (a) Head to head
16 England Sean Storey (a) 10-5 Belgium Bjorn Haneveer (a)  
17 England John Read (a) 10-4 England John Bayliss (a)  
18 England Robert Foxall (a) 10-9 England Stuart Reardon (a)  
19 Ireland Stephen O'Connor (a) 10-2 England David Craggs (a)  
20 England Darren Limburg (a) 10-9 Northern Ireland Alex Higgins (a)  
21 England Ian McCulloch (a) 10-3 Scotland Craig MacGillivray (a)  
22 England Michael Rhodes (a) 10-1 England Paul Wykes (a)  
23 Wales Matthew Stevens (a) 10-3 England Barry West (a)  
24 England Stuart Parnell (a) 10-9 England Jeff Cundy (a)  
25 England Paul Sweeny (a) 10-6 South Africa Silvino Francisco (a)  
26 Scotland Marcus Campbell (a) 10-2 England Craig Harrison (a)  
27 Scotland Graham Horne (a) 10-5 England Barry Mapstone (a)  
28 England Joe Perry (a) 10-2 England Tony Meo (a)  
29 England Michael Holt (a) 10-7 England Adrian Rosa (a)  
30 England Andrew Cairns (a) 10-2 Malta Alex Borg (a)  
31 England Bradley Jones (a) 10-6 England John Giles (a)  
32 England Matthew Couch (a) 10-6 Northern Ireland Patrick Wallace (a)  
33 Scotland Alan Burnett (a) 10-6 England Paul Cavney (a)  
34 Pakistan Shokat Ali (a) 10-2 England Andy Neck (a)  
35 England Wayne Brown (a) 10-2 Ireland Leo Fernandez (a)  
36 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene (a) 10-6 Ireland Joe Delaney (a) Head to head
37 England Jason Weston (a) 10-2 Northern Ireland Dermot McGlinchey (a)  
38 India Yasin Merchant (a) 10-2 England Stephen Taylor (a)  
39 England Stefan Mazrocis (a) 10-9 England Scott Rigg (a)  
40 England Jason Wallace (a) 10-7 Ireland David McDonnell (a)  
41 England Nick Dyson (a) 10-8 Scotland John Lardner (a)  
42 Scotland Hugh Abernethy (a) 10-5 Malta Joe Grech (a)  
43 Scotland David McLellan (a) 10-9 England Joe Jogia (a)  
44 England Peter Lines (a) 10-4 England Neil Mosley (a)  
45 England Nick Pearce (a) 10-5 England Gary Lees (a)  
46 England Steve Judd (a) 10-3 England Pat Horne (a)  
47 England Stuart Bingham (a) 10-9 England Matt Wilson (a)  
48 Thailand Noppadon Noppachorn (a) 10-4 England Mike Dunn (a) Head to head
49 England Anthony Bolsover (a) 10-7 England Jim Chambers (a)  
50 Northern Ireland Martin O'Neill (a) 10-8 England Mark Rowing (a)  
51 England Paul Hunter (a) 10-6 England Garoid O'Connor (a)  
52 Belgium Mario Geudens (a) 10-6 England Jamie Woodman (a)  
53 England Paul Davison (1973) (a) 10-4 England Colin Morton (a)  
54 England Nigel Gilbert (a) 10-6 England Simon Parker (a)  
55 England Lee Richardson (a) 10-2 England Phil Seaton (a)  
56 Scotland Martin Dziewialtowski (a) 10-4 England Richard Culham (a)  
57 England Chris Scanlon (a) 10-5 Scotland Alistair Fleming (a)  
58 England Richard Tatton (a) 10-5 England Les Dodd (a)  
59 Wales Lee Walker (a) 10-4 England Danny Fowler (a)  
60 England Gary Ponting (a) 10-7 England Steve Day (a)  
61 Thailand Tai Pichit (a) 10-8 Finland Robin Hull (a)  
62 England Robert Milkins (a) 10-7 England Karl Burrows (a) Head to head
63 Ireland Michael Judge (a) 10-1 England Graham Stevens (a)  
64 Wales Gareth Chilcott (a) 10-8 England Sean Lanigan (a)  
Qual Round 3
(Last 256)
1 England Jason Curtis (a) 5-4 Ireland Mark O'Sullivan (a)  
2 England Simon Morris (a) 5-1 England Justin Buckingham (a)  
3 England Neal Tomkins (a) 5-2 England Shane Haines (a)  
4 England Matt Bailey (a) 5-4 Ireland Eugene Hughes (a)  
5 England Troy Shaw (a) 5-0 Wales Wayne Lloyd (a)  
6 Wales Mark Fenton (a) 5-4 Australia Quinten Hann (a)  
7 England Simon Bedford (a) w/o Thailand Suriya Suwannasingh (a)  
8 England Leigh Robinson (a) 5-4 England Scott Cooney (a)  
9 Scotland Geoff Dunn (a) 5-1 England Mark Gray (a)  
10 England Leigh Griffin (a) 5-1 England Paul Stockwell (a)  
11 England Stuart Mann (a) 5-2 Scotland Scott Bigham (a)  
12 England David Gray (a) 5-2 England Darren Hackeson (a)  
13 Australia Johl Younger (a) 5-4 England Steve Archer (a)  
14 England Graham Fisken (a) 5-4 Cyprus Mehmet Husnu (a)  
15 England Alfie Burden (a) 5-0 England Ian Hurdman (a)  
16 Belgium Bjorn Haneveer (a) 5-3 Wales Ian Sargeant (a) Head to head
17 England John Bayliss (a) 5-3 England Matthew McGrotty (a)  
18 England Robert Foxall (a) 5-3 England Jason Greaves (a)  
19 England David Craggs (a) 5-1 Australia Peter McCullagh (a)  
20 England Darren Limburg (a) 5-1 England Anton Bishop (a)  
21 Scotland Craig MacGillivray (a) 5-0 England Andrew Milliard (a)  
22 England Michael Rhodes (a) 5-0 England David Coles (a)  
23 England Barry West (a) 5-2 Ireland William Milton (a)  
24 England Stuart Parnell (a) 5-2 England Steve Whalley (a)  
25 England Paul Sweeny (a) 5-1 England Chris Barnard (a)  
26 England Craig Harrison (a) 5-2 Scotland Spencer Donnelly (a)  
27 England Barry Mapstone (a) 5-4 Unknown Chris Shade (a)  
28 England Joe Perry (a) 5-1 England Munraj Pal (a)  
29 England Michael Holt (a) 5-1 Ireland Joe O'Boye (a)  
30 Malta Alex Borg (a) 5-2 England Jonathan Bagley (a)  
31 England Bradley Jones (a) 5-0 England Christopher McGee (a)  
32 Northern Ireland Patrick Wallace (a) 5-2 Scotland Evan Munro (a)  
33 Scotland Alan Burnett (a) 5-2 Northern Ireland Michael Duffy (a)  
34 England Andy Neck (a) 5-1 Wales Philip Williams (a)  
35 Ireland Leo Fernandez (a) 5-2 Belgium Patrick Delsemme (a)  
36 Ireland Joe Delaney (a) 5-2 England Peter Holland (a)  
37 Northern Ireland Dermot McGlinchey (a) w/o Scotland Richy McDonald (a)  
38 England Stephen Taylor (a) 5-2 England Neil Selman (a)  
39 England Scott Rigg (a) 5-3 England Paul S Davison (a)  
40 Ireland David McDonnell (a) 5-4 Netherlands Raymon Fabrie (a)  
41 Scotland John Lardner (a) 5-4 England Michael Leach (a)  
42 Scotland Hugh Abernethy (a) 5-4 England Jason Pegram (a)  
43 England Joe Jogia (a) 5-2 England Sefton Payne (a)  
44 England Neil Mosley (a) 5-3 Wales John Herbert (a)  
45 England Gary Lees (a) 5-4 England Carl Stringer (a)  
46 England Pat Horne (a) 5-2 England Karl Townsend (a)  
47 England Stuart Bingham (a) 5-4 England Garry Baldrey (a)  
48 England Mike Dunn (a) 5-2 England Mark Love (a)  
49 England Jim Chambers (a) 5-3 England Steve Elliott (a)  
50 Northern Ireland Martin O'Neill (a) 5-3 England Barry Hawkins (a)  
51 England Garoid O'Connor (a) 5-2 England Steve Meakin (a)  
52 Belgium Mario Geudens (a) 5-2 England Steve Prest (a)  
53 England Paul Davison (1973) (a) 5-0 England Andrew Grieve (a)  
54 England Simon Parker (a) 5-0 England Stephen Waldron (a)  
55 England Phil Seaton (a) 5-4 Australia Robby Foldvari (a)  
56 England Richard Culham (a) 5-2 England David Taylor (a)  
57 Scotland Alistair Fleming (a) 5-2 England Kevin Smith (a)  
58 England Richard Tatton (a) 5-2 Ireland Micky Roughan (a)  
59 Wales Lee Walker (a) 5-4 England Marc Farnsworth (a)  
60 England Steve Day (a) 5-1 Scotland Murdo MacLeod (a)  
61 Thailand Tai Pichit (a) 5-1 England Michael O'Sullivan (a)  
62 England Robert Milkins (a) 5-3 Malaysia Sam Chong (a)  
63 England Graham Stevens (a) 5-2 England Anthony Harris (a)  
64 Wales Gareth Chilcott (a) 5-3 Scotland Gary Thomson (a)  
Qual Round 2
(Last 320)
1 England Jason Curtis (a) 5-3 England Darren Shaw (a)  
2 England Justin Buckingham (a) 5-1 Belgium Ahmed Osman (a)  
3 England Neal Tomkins (a) 5-3 England Neil Gilder (a)  
4 England Matt Bailey (a) 5-3 England Simon Smith (a)  
5 Wales Wayne Lloyd (a) 5-3 Wales John Mills (a)  
6 Australia Quinten Hann (a) 5-0 England Richard Batty (a)  
7 England Simon Bedford (a) 5-1 England Neal Jones (a)  
8 England Scott Cooney (a) 5-4 England Myles Deleuse (a)  
9 Scotland Geoff Dunn (a) 5-4 England Tim Price (a)  
10 England Paul Stockwell (a) 5-4 England Lee Grant (a)  
11 England Stuart Mann (a) 5-3 England Mukesh Parmar (a)  
12 England David Gray (a) 5-1 England Richard Wheelhouse (a)  
13 Australia Johl Younger (a) 5-2 Northern Ireland Declan Hughes (a)  
14 England Graham Fisken (a) 5-3 England Jon Wibberley (a)  
15 England Ian Hurdman (a) 5-2 England Darren Swinburn (a)  
16 Belgium Bjorn Haneveer (a) 5-1 England Iain Trimble (a)  
17 England Matthew McGrotty (a) 5-2 England Stephen Ormerod (a)  
18 England Jason Greaves (a) 5-2 England James Vicarey (a)  
19 England David Craggs (a) 5-1 England Dean Venables (a)  
20 England Darren Limburg (a) 5-3 England Kyndon Paddon (a)  
21 England Andrew Milliard (a) 5-2 Ireland Anthony O'Connor (a)  
22 England Michael Rhodes (a) 5-2 England Steve Harrison (a)  
23 Ireland William Milton (a) 5-4 England Steve Ventham (a)  
24 England Steve Whalley (a) 5-3 England Andy Lavin (a)  
25 England Chris Barnard (a) 5-0 England Craig Roper (a)  
26 Scotland Spencer Donnelly (a) 5-0 England Stephen Popplewell (a)  
27 England Barry Mapstone (a) 5-2 England Andrew Hannah (a)  
28 England Munraj Pal (a) 5-4 Ireland Colm Gilcreest (a) Head to head
29 England Michael Holt (a) 5-3 England Stephen Kershaw (a)  
30 England Jonathan Bagley (a) 5-2 England Grant Conquest (a)  
31 England Christopher McGee (a) 5-4 England Damian Massey (a)  
32 Scotland Evan Munro (a) 5-1 England Ryan Michael (a)  
33 Scotland Alan Burnett (a) 5-1 England Andrew Radford (a)  
34 England Andy Neck (a) 5-2 Wales Robert Harrhy (a)  
35 Ireland Leo Fernandez (a) 5-2 Belgium Danny Lathouwers (a)  
36 England Peter Holland (a) 5-4 England Mark Williams (1967) (a)  
37 Northern Ireland Dermot McGlinchey (a) 5-3 England Nick Spelman (a)  
38 England Neil Selman (a) 5-3 Italy Daniele Zagaroli (a)  
39 England Scott Rigg (a) 5-1 England Mark Ganderton (a)  
40 Netherlands Raymon Fabrie (a) 5-4 England Lee Johnson (a)  
41 England Michael Leach (a) 5-0 England Steven McMillan (a)  
42 Scotland Hugh Abernethy (a) 5-2 England Karl Beare (a)  
43 England Sefton Payne (a) 5-4 England Steve Russell (a)  
44 Wales John Herbert (a) 5-2 England Justin Smalley (a)  
45 England Carl Stringer (a) 5-3 England Eddie Manning (a)  
46 England Karl Townsend (a) 5-0 Wales Andrew Peters (a)  
47 England Stuart Bingham (a) 5-3 Wales Iwan Jones (a)  
48 England Mark Love (a) 5-2 England Ian Bullimore (a)  
49 England Steve Elliott (a) 5-1 England Tony Kenny (a)  
50 England Barry Hawkins (a) 5-3 England Adrian Gunnell (a) Head to head
51 England Garoid O'Connor (a) 5-3 England Craig Bradshaw (a)  
52 Belgium Mario Geudens (a) 5-2 England Andrew Hall (a)  
53 England Andrew Grieve (a) 5-3 England John Burns (a)  
54 England Stephen Waldron (a) w/o Northern Ireland Gary Irvine (a)  
55 England Phil Seaton (a) 5-2 England John Dunning (a)  
56 England Richard Culham (a) 5-2 England Mark Miller (a)  
57 England Kevin Smith (a) 5-2 England Wayne Saidler (a)  
58 England Richard Tatton (a) 5-4 England Brett Patmore (a)  
59 England Marc Farnsworth (a) 5-0 India David Singh (a)  
60 England Steve Day (a) 5-2 England Neil Wood (a)  
61 England Michael O'Sullivan (a) 5-4 England James Tatton (a)  
62 England Robert Milkins (a) 5-3 England Ali Carter (a) Head to head
63 England Graham Stevens (a) 5-2 England Will Jerram (a)  
64 Scotland Gary Thomson (a) 5-4 England Shaun Mellish (a)  
Qual Round 1
(Last 384)
1 England Jason Curtis (a) 5-4 Wales Richard William King (a)  
2 Belgium Ahmed Osman (a) 5-1 England Paul Radin (a)  
3 England Neil Gilder (a) 5-3 Hong Kong Paul Fung (a)  
4 England Simon Smith (a) 5-4 England Mike Nixon (a)  
5 Wales John Mills (a) 5-4 England Richard Jones (a)  
6 England Richard Batty (a) 5-0 England Mark Weston (a)  
7 England Simon Bedford (a) 5-3 England Tony Brown (a)  
8 England Myles Deleuse (a) w/o England Paul Lovegrove (a)  
9 England Tim Price (a) 5-1 England Robert Grenville-Smith (a)  
10 England Paul Stockwell (a) 5-1 South Africa Munier Cassim (a)  
11 England Stuart Mann (a) 5-3 Wales Mark Tucker (a)  
12 England David Gray (a) 5-1 England Jack Fitzmaurice (a)  
13 Australia Johl Younger (a) 5-3 England Matthew Bray (a)  
14 England Jon Wibberley (a) 5-4 Sri Lanka Indika Dodangoda (a)  
15 England Darren Swinburn (a) 5-3 England Brian Cox (a)  
16 England Iain Trimble (a) 5-1 United Arab Emirates Mohammed Shehab (a)  
17 England Stephen Ormerod (a) 5-1 Scotland Norman MacLachlan (a)  
18 England Jason Greaves (a) 5-1 United Arab Emirates Mohammed Al Joker (a)  
19 England David Craggs (a) 5-1 England Richard Somauroo (a)  
20 England Kyndon Paddon (a) 5-4 England Gareth Atkins (a)  
21 England Andrew Milliard (a) 5-1 England Udesh Pillay (a)  
22 England Michael Rhodes (a) 5-0 England Del Smith (a)  
23 Ireland William Milton (a) 5-0 England Lee Walters (a)  
24 England Andy Lavin (a) 5-1 England David Mole (a)  
25 England Craig Roper (a) 5-3 England Paul Dawson (a)  
26 Scotland Spencer Donnelly (a) 5-1 England Mark Whatley (a)  
27 England Barry Mapstone (a) 5-2 England Mark Carrington (a)  
28 England Munraj Pal (a) 5-4 Ireland Barry McNamee (a)  
29 England Michael Holt (a) 5-4 England Andrew Photiou (a)  
30 England Grant Conquest (a) 5-2 England David Athorn (a)  
31 England Christopher McGee (a) 5-3 England Mark Cackett (a)  
32 Scotland Evan Munro (a) 5-4 Scotland Allan Williams (a)  
33 Scotland Alan Burnett (a) 5-3 England John Whitty (a)  
34 Wales Robert Harrhy (a) 5-1 England John Wilson (a)  
35 Belgium Danny Lathouwers (a) 5-4 England Alfonso Bellusci (a)  
36 England Peter Holland (a) w/o England Nicholas Segal (a)  
37 England Nick Spelman (a) 5-3 England Dean Richardson (a)  
38 England Neil Selman (a) 5-1 England Andrew Highfield (a)  
39 England Mark Ganderton (a) 5-3 Chile Juan Rosales (a)  
40 England Lee Johnson (a) 5-3 England Julian Mills (a)  
41 England Steven McMillan (a) w/o England Jason Dunworth (a)  
42 England Karl Beare (a) 5-3 Netherlands Mario Wehrmann (a)  
43 England Sefton Payne (a) 5-0 England Wayne Ellison (a)  
44 England Justin Smalley (a) 5-1 England Paul Clarke (a)  
45 England Carl Stringer (a) w/o England Vipul Patel (a)  
46 England Karl Townsend (a) 5-4 England Jamie Moreland (a)  
47 England Stuart Bingham (a) 5-4 England Eddie Glass (a)  
48 England Mark Love (a) 5-4 Netherlands Johan Oenema (a)  
49 England Tony Kenny (a) 5-2 England Andreas Ahmed (a)  
50 England Barry Hawkins (a) 5-3 England Andrew Alexandrou (a)  
51 England Garoid O'Connor (a) 5-0 England Richard Alford (a)  
52 England Andrew Hall (a) 5-1 England Lee Mallen (a)  
53 England Andrew Grieve (a) 5-3 England Jimmy Singh (a)  
54 England Stephen Waldron (a) 5-1 England Sanjay Meghani (a)  
55 England John Dunning (a) 5-0 England Anthony Bridge (a)  
56 England Richard Culham (a) 5-0 England Gary Clarke (a)  
57 England Kevin Smith (a) 5-3 England Stephen Delaney (a)  
58 England Richard Tatton (a) 5-1 Switzerland Darren Paris (a)  
59 England Marc Farnsworth (a) 5-2 Scotland Colin Donaldson (a)  
60 England Steve Day (a) 5-4 England Avtar Sohanpal (a)  
61 England James Tatton (a) 5-0 England Eddie Barker (a)  
62 England Ali Carter (a) 5-0 England Elliott Clark (a)  
63 England Graham Stevens (a) 5-3 England Danny Smith (a)  
64 Scotland Gary Thomson (a) 5-0 Scotland Alex Lambie (a)