What's New on 2005

A reverse chronological list of what's new on in 2005.

Dec 19
Final results from the Travis Perkins UK Championship.

Final rankings in the UK Championship Prediction Contest

Nov 11
Welcome to the 2006 Malta Cup Prediction Contest

Oct 16
Final results from the Grand Prix.

Final ranking in the Grand Prix Prediction Contest

Aug 23
Final results from the Northern Ireland Trophy.

Aug 20
The 2005/2006 tournament diary is now available.

May 4
Added the 2005/2006 world rankings. The list is searchable and sortable.

The provisional 2006/2007 world rankings are also available.

Updated the Ranking History page to include the 2005/2006 rankings.

Updated the Crucible Top 20 to include the 2005 results.

May 3
Final results from the Embassy World Championship.

Final rankings in the Crucible Contest

Apr 30
Thanks to Nicolas de Biolley and Bart Van der Haegen has a new address:

Apr 8
Updated ranking lists after the China Open:

Apr 1
Final results from the China Open.

Final ranking in the China Open Prediction Contest

Mar 29
The draw for the Embassy World Championship.

Mar 13
Final results from the F?ilte Ireland Irish Masters.

Final ranking in the Irish Masters Prediction Contest

Feb 21
Final results from the Rileys Club Masters.

Check out the final ranking in the Masters Prediction Contest.

Feb 6
Final results from the Malta Cup.

Check out the final ranking in the Malta Cup Prediction Contest.

Jan 23
Final results from the Welsh Open.

Check out the final ranking in the Welsh Open Prediction Contest.

Jan 17
32 new ads in the Markeplace.