Peter Ebdon

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Basic facts

Born: August 27, 1970, England
Turned pro: 1991
Manager: Keith Warren
1 Hatton Gardens
Northants NN8 3AR
Tel 07770 222147
Highest pro break: 147 (two times, 1992 Strachan Professional, 1992 UK Championship)
Highest ranked: 3 (1996, 2002)
Current ranking: Not ranked
World Championship best: Winner (2002)
Nickname: "Ebbo" (?)

Peter Ebdon first rose to stardom when he in his rookie season beat Steve Davis 10-4 in the first round of the 1992 World Championship. That earned him WPBSA's Newcomer of the Year award.

In 2002 he managed to win the World Championship after beating Stephen Hendry 18-17 in the final.

His nine ranking titles so far are the 1993 Grand Prix, the 1997 Thailand Open, the 2000 British Open, 2001 Regal Scottish Open, 2002 Embassy World Championship, 2004 Citywest Irish Masters, the 2006 Maplin Electronics UK Championship, the 2009 Bank of Beijing World Snooker China Open and the 2012 Bank of Beijing China Open.

Among his other titles are the 1995 Rothmans Grand Prix and the 1996 Regal Masters.

He was only the second person to have made two maximums in professional tournament play.

Peter became the first to make four century breaks in five frames, in the European Open qualifying competition at Blackpool on 6 Sep 1992.

He is one of only nine players to have won both the World and the UK Championships.

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    Results in ranking tournaments (94/95 - 99/00)

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    Color guide:
    won the event lost his opening match

    British: RU 5-9 Stephen Hendry
    Grand Prix: 3R 3-5 Barry Pinches
    UK: 3R 4-9 Shokat Ali
    China: 1R 4-5 Peter Lines

    Grand Prix: QF 3-5 Marco Fu
    UK: 1R 4-9 Paul Davies
    Irish: 2R 4-5 Tony Drago
    Welsh: 3R 3-5 Joe Swail
    Scottish: 3R 0-5 Stephen Lee
    Thailand: 2R 1-5 Steve Davis
    China: 2R 3-5 Stephen Lee
    British: QF 4-5 Fergal O'Brien
    World: 1R 7-10 Matthew Stevens

    Grand Prix: 2R 3-5 Jonathan Birch
    UK: 3R 5-9 Jason Prince
    German: Qual. 1-5 Jason Ferguson
    Welsh: SF 1-6 Paul Hunter
    Scottish: 4R 3-5 Fergal O'Brien
    Thailand: QF 0-5 John Parrott
    British: 2R 4-5 Dominic Dale
    World: QF 11-13 Mark J Williams

    Asian Classic: QF 4-5 Ronnie O'Sullivan
    Grand Prix: 1R 3-5 Mark Bennett
    UK: 1R 8-9 Karl Broughton
    German: Qual. 4-5 Martin Clark
    Welsh: 2R 4-5 Fergal O'Brien
    International: SF 3-6 Stephen Hendry
    European: QF 3-5 Ken Doherty
    Thailand: W 9-7 Nigel Bond
    British: SF 5-6 Mark J Williams
    World: 1R 3-10 Stefan Mazrocis

    Thailand Classic: 2R 4-5 Stephen Hendry
    Grand Prix: 3R 3-5 Joe Swail
    UK: RU 3-10 Stephen Hendry
    German: 2R 4-5 Alan McManus
    Welsh: QF 3-5 Mark J Williams
    International: 1R 4-5 Joe Johnson
    European: RU 7-9 John Parrott
    Thailand Open: SF 5-6 Alan McManus
    British: QF 3-5 Nigel Bond
    World: RU 12-18 Stephen Hendry

    Dubai: RU 6-9 Alan McManus
    Grand Prix: 3R 3-5 Jimmy Michie
    UK: SF 8-9 Stephen Hendry
    European: 1R 3-5 Dave Harold
    Welsh: SF 3-6 Steve Davis
    International: 3R 2-5 Steve Davis
    Thailand: QF 1-5 Ronnie O'Sullivan
    British: 3R 2-5 James Wattana
    World: QF 8-13 Andy Hicks