1994 Embassy World Professional Snooker Championship

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First Round

Stephen Hendry10
Surrinda Gill1

As the scoreline suggests this was a convincing win for Hendry, who was showing signs of returning to the peak of form after a few disappointing results lately. In one frame, Hendry looked set to take the #100,000 prize for a 147 break after taking 15 reds with blacks. However, he ran out of position on the last red to leave a long yellow, whic he missed to give a 120 break. Good performance from Hendry, looking solid.

David Roe8
Dave Harold10

Bit of a shock result, Harold ranked way below Roe (world number 16). Roe has been playing quite well and indeed did in this match but Harold stuck to the task and pulled of a 10-8 victory.

Jimmy White10
Billy Snaddon6

A battle for Jimmy in this match, especially early on in the game. Snaddon played well and exploited chances from poor White shots. As the game progressed, however, White warmed up and his dominant safety play left Snaddon with nowhere to go but out at round one. White also on for a 147 but the break broke down after 14 red/blacks at 112.

Dennis Taylor6
Ronnie O'Sullivan10

O'Sullivan was on a high coming to the Crucible after recently winning the UK championship, but Taylor was not giving up easily. In fact, in the early stages, Taylor was looking good to go through - he slowed O'Sullivan's play right down and forced many mistakes which led to his taking a few frames that he normally wouldn't have had the chance to. But O'Sullivan came good in the last 5 frames or so and was in fluent potting form - must be a good bet to go all the way here this year.

John Parrott10
Drew Henry9

Parrott got the shock of his life in this match! The relatively unknown first-timer Henry showed no signs of nerves and played great snooker, even going 9-8 up only needing one frame to pull off a shock defeat of Parrott. Parrott's experience showed in that last frame though and he came through a very relieved winner at 10-9.

Ken Doherty10
Alex Higgins6

Great to see Higgins back after a 4 year absence from the Crucible. He got a tremendous reception during the afternoon session but ended at 6-3 down. The evening session was full of drama. There were times when Higgins showed all his old brilliance and the audience were willing him on. Higgins fell out with the referee claiming that her was standing in his line of sight for a shot! Good match overall, Doherty seemed shaken by the drama with the referee but pulled off a fairly easy win.

Nigel Bond10
Cliff Thorburn9

Another player making a comeback was Thorburn, who led at one stage by 9-2 and looked liked defeating Bond which would have been a surprise result. The match was *very* long, going on until 2 am after Bond won 8 frames in a row - not terribly exciting!

Steve James10
Les Dodd9

A hard match for James who has been playing some poor snooker and looks likely to fall from the Top 16 unless he puts in a good performance during the remainder of the Championship. Dodd, known as the happiest man in snooker for he always has a smile on his face, played well and pushed James to the limit - a fabulous long red from James ensured his victory.

James Wattana10
Peter Ebdon6

The highlight of the first round matches, a really great game. Ebdon was 3-1 up and playing great flamboyant snooker. Wattana's experience though made sure he kept in the match and when he finally took the lead he stormed away taking 4 frames in a row to finish. Wattana is tipped to win the tournament and provisionally ranked at number 3, Ebdon at 10.

Terry Griffiths10
Mark Davis6

A long match, typical of Griffiths. The newcomer Davis played well in the opening stages to take the lead but Griffiths wore him down and completed the victory with 6 frames in a row.

Darren Morgan10
Mark King5

After going 4-1 down, Morgan showed his mettle to beat off stern resistance from King. The Welsh boy Morgan is now ranked number 8 and this performance showed only too well why that is. Good solid performer, never easy to beat.

Steve Davis10
Dene O'Kane3

The score here doesn't really reflect the fight that O'Kane put up during the match. Davis is always very wary of the first round, particularly after being beaten by Peter Ebdon 2 years ago, and he wouldn't take any risks with his shots. O'Kane battled hard anda reflection of how close it was is that there were two frames on re-spotted blacks. Davis was 5-3 at one point then stormed away with 5 frames in a row.

Alan McManus10
Fergal O'Brien7

McManus had a struggle in this match, O'Brien is a newcomer from Ireland and a very solid player indeed. McManus stuck to his usual style, though, and came through unruffled. The highlight of the match was a 143 break by McManus, his highest break in tournament snooker.

Willie Thorne10
Gary Ponting2

Thorne showed no mercy for the young newcomer Ponting, and displayed the form that has earned his nickname as "Mr 147". He made many good breaks and Ponting was never allowed into the match. Good to see Thorne playing well again.

Martin Clark9
Brian Morgan10

A shock result, Clark now drops from the Top 16 players due to this defeat. The game was tight throughout and was finall decided on the colours of the last frame, Clark very disappointed since he had many chances to win the game.

Neal Foulds10
Anthony Davies7

Another battling performance from Neal Foulds to set up a second round macth with his friend Jimmy White. Davies, a new player from Wales, did well but Foulds' experience proved the deciding factor.

Second Round

Stephen Hendry13
Dave Harold2

The score reflects what a convincing victory this was for Hendry, even with a fractured left arm after a fall! Harold neevr got a chance to play, Hendry ran away with it with many high breaks.

Steve Davis13
Steve James3

This match started quite close - James should have made it 4-4 but lost the frame to go 6-3 behind after Davis needed three snookers. After that, James was demoralised and Davis took 10 in a row to win the match. Davis was showing some of his old form and one position shot was described as the best ever seen at the Crucible.

Nigel Bond13
Terry Griffiths8

Ken Doherty13
Alan McManus11

A close game and a high-quality one. Doherty was 6-2 up at one stage but McManus plugged away to finish at 10-10, although he wasn't playing to his usual standard. Doherty missed a few chances but pulled out the last three frames to win the match and book a place in the quarter finals.

John Parrott13
Ronnie O'Sullivan3

A surprising scoreline! Parrott showed good form to take an early lead but the frames were quite close, both players giving the other chances. After a run of a few frames for Parrott, though, O'Sullivan showed his inexperience and became resigned to defeat. Convincing Parrott performance though, looking good to go all the way.

Jimmy White13
Neal Foulds10

Good performance from both players, Foulds playing better snooker than of late kept himself in the match right to the end. White should have won 13-9 but a careless mistake let Foulds take another frame. White played some good snooker, though, and looks confident.

James Wattana13
Brian Morgan 9

Morgan continued his fine performance in the first round - he went 7-3 up and looked set to make an unexpected win over Wattana. Wattana, however, pulled back to 8-8 and then pulled away with a fine display of experienced snooker.

Willie Thorne 12
Darren Morgan13

Very close game, both Thorne and Morgan playing very well and it could have gone either way right to the end. Morgan's solid play just edged the last frame, but Thorne couldn't complain at his form. A good, if uninspiring, game.


Stephen Hendry13
Nigel Bond8

Bond put up a good fight early on and it looked like being closer than it turned out to be. Hendry wasn't playing at his best, his injured arm was an obvious impedement to some shots. However, he played very well in the closing stages to reach the semi-final.

James Wattana9
Steve Davis13

A great match, some really good safety play from both players ensured that it remained close throughout. Davis led 6-2 and never really fell back from that strong position. A convincing Davis performance, he looked supremely confident and sets up a semi-final with Hendry.

Jimmy White13
Ken Doherty 10

Another close game, Doherty battled hard but White showed the kind of form that has got him to the last four finals at the Crucible, playing some very pleasing shots which the audience enjoyed tremendously.

Darren Morgan13
John Parrott11

The shock of the tournament - Morgan's consistency and solid play won the day against Parrott. Morgan was well up after the first session but Parrott came back at him during the second to draw level at 8-8. The final session was close but Morgan just took it to book his first semi-final appearance at the Crucible.


Stephen Hendry16
Steve Davis9

A closer game than perhaps the scoreline reflects. Hendry and Davis were locked together for the first two sessions with neither player gaining significant advantage. Hendry, however, showed a fine display of form in the latter stages to take this important match and retain his number one position.

Jimmy White16
Darren Morgan8

Morgan's first semi-final at the Crucible and the pressure showed. He played well initially but White's experience and improving play left him behind as the match progressed. White played tremendous snooker at the end and booked his sixth time in the final.


Stephen Hendry18
Jimmy White17

What can I say? This is surely the best match since the 1985 final between Davis and Taylor, and it went right to the end. White was 5-1 down at one point and looked like making no impact on Hendry's domination. White pulled himself back into the match and got the lead at 10-9. From then on, neither player was more than 2 frames in front and when it went to 17-17 the tension was incredible. Hendry got in first but failed to make a big winning score, White got it and looked like clearing up to win the title - however, he missed an almost straight black when only needing a few more points to secure victory and Hendry stepped in to take the frame and match. A great match, just sad not to see White win it.

Many thanks to Lee Hawkins <[email protected]> who wrote this document.