Steve Davis, OBE

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Basic facts

Born: August 22, 1957, England
Turned pro: 1978
Twitter: @SteveSnooker
Manager: Matchroom
10 Western Road
Tel 01708 782200
Highest pro break: 147
Highest ranked: 1 (1981-89)
Current ranking: Not ranked
World Championship best: Winner 6 times (1981, 1983-84, 1987-89)
Nickname: "The Nugget"
Speciality: Tactics

Has won a total of 28 ranking and 81 professional tournaments in his career. His most important wins are the six World Championships, six UK Championships and three Masters. He was the No.1 player in the eighties, before Hendry came along.

Davis was the first to make a ratified maximum break in a major tournament who had a break of 147 against John Spencer in the Lada Classic at Oldham, Greater Manchester on 11 Jan 1982.

Three consecutive century breaks were first compiled in a major tournament by this guy; 108, 101 and 104 at Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs on 10 Sep 1988.

Davis is one of only five players to win both the World Championship and the UK Championship in the same year. Stephen Hendry, John Parrott, John Higgins and Ronnie O'Sullivan are the others.

Together with Stephen Hendry and John Higgins he is also the only one to hold the World, UK and Masters titles at the same time.

In 2013 he won the World Seniors Championship.

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    Results in ranking tournaments (94/95 - 99/00)

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    won the event lost his opening match

    British: QF 2-5 Peter Ebdon
    Grand Prix: 3R 2-5 Jonathan Birch
    UK: 5R 4-9 John Higgins
    China: Qual 3-5 Brian Morgan

    Grand Prix: 1R 4-5 Dene O'Kane
    UK: QF 4-9 Paul Hunter
    Irish: 1R 4-5 Paul Hunter
    Welsh: QF 4-5 Mark J Williams
    Scottish: 1R 1-5 Darren Clarke
    Thailand: QF 3-5 Darren Morgan
    China: 2R 4-5 Stephen Hendry
    British: 3R 4-5 John Parrott
    World: 1R 9-10 Joe Perry

    Grand Prix: 3R 2-5 Dominic Dale
    UK: 2R 2-9 Gerard Greene
    German: Qual. 3-5 Martin Clark
    Welsh: 3R 3-5 Paul Hunter
    Scottish: 4R 2-5 Ken Doherty
    Thailand: 2R 3-5 Nigel Bond
    British: 4R 1-5 John Higgins
    World: 2R 6-13 Mark J Williams

    Asian Classic: QF 4-5 Alan McManus
    Grand Prix: 3R 3-5 Mark Bennett
    UK: 3R 5-9 Ken Doherty
    German: 1R 3-5 Nigel Bond
    Welsh: 1R 4-5 Mark King
    International: 2R 3-5 Chris Small
    European: 1R 0-5 Stephen Lee
    Thailand: 2R 2-5 Ronnie O'Sullivan
    British: SF 2-6 Stephen Hendry
    World: 2R 3-13 Ken Doherty

    Thailand Classic: 2R 0-5 Nigel Bond
    Grand Prix: QF 3-5 Steve James
    UK: 1R 6-9 Stephen Lee
    German: 2R 3-5 David Roe
    Welsh: 3R 3-5 Drew Henry
    International: 1R 4-5 Chris Small
    European: 1R 1-5 Andy Hicks
    Thailand Open: 2R 2-5 Ken Doherty
    British: 1R 2-5 Mark Johnston-Allen
    World: QF 10-13 Peter Ebdon

    Dubai: 1R 4-5 John Higgins
    Grand Prix: QF 3-5 Andy Hicks
    UK: 2R 6-9 Dave Harold
    European: 2R 2-5 Terry Griffiths
    Welsh: W 9-3 John Higgins
    International: RU 5-9 John Higgins
    Thailand: 2R 2-5 Cliff Thorburn
    British: QF 2-5 John Higgins
    World: 1R 7-10 Andy Hicks