Tony Drago

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Basic facts

Born: September 22, 1965, Malta
Turned pro: 1985
Manager: Keith Warren
1 Hatton Gardens
Northants NN8 3AR
Tel 07770 222147
Highest pro break: 147 (2002 Benson & Hedges Championship)
Highest ranked: 10 (1998)
Current ranking: Not ranked
World Championship best: Quarterfinalist (1988)
Nickname: "Tornado"
Speciality: Potting
Achievements: The Maltese "Tornado" had been in nine ranking quarter-finals before he reached the final of the 1997 International Open where he lost 9-1 to Stephen Hendry.
Miscellaneous: He is renowned for incredibly fast play. He once won a frame in just over two minutes!

Tony's 149 break is believed to be the second highest break ever made. It was in a practice match against Nick Manning at the West Norwood Snooker Club.

Drago broke off and snookered Manning behind the brown. Manning tried to escape from the snooker but left a free ball. Drago took the brown as the free ball and then the brown again for four more points and followed that with 15 reds, 13 blacks, a pink and a blue and all the colours. In these very exceptional circumstances, the maximum break is 155.

Tony had lost all his 12 matches with Stephen Hendry before he defeated him thrice in a row, in the quarter-finals of the 1998 German Masters, the quarter-finals of the 1998 Irish Open and the second round of the 1999 Benson & Hedges Masters.

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    Results in ranking tournaments (94/95 - 99/00)

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    Color guide:
    won the event lost his opening match

    British: 3R 4-5 Mark Davis
    Grand Prix: 5R 3-5 Anthony Hamilton
    UK: 4R 1-9 Michael Holt
    China: Qual 1-5 Anthony Davies

    Grand Prix: 1R 2-5 Drew Henry
    UK: 1R 8-9 Gary Ponting
    Irish: SF 3-6 Alan McManus
    Welsh: 1R 0-5 Stuart Bingham
    Scottish: 2R 4-5 Fergal O'Brien
    Thailand: 1R 4-5 Euan Henderson
    China: 1R 0-5 Paul Davies
    British: 1R 3-5 Jimmy Michie
    World: 2R 8-13 Matthew Stevens

    Grand Prix: 4R 4-5 John Read
    UK: 3R 8-9 Matthew Stevens
    German: QF 4-5 Ronnie O'Sullivan
    Welsh: 2R 3-5 Steve Judd
    Scottish: 2R 4-5 Mark Bennett
    Thailand: 2R 1-5 Stephen Hendry
    British: 3R 4-5 Neal Foulds
    World: 2R 7-13 John Parrott

    Asian Classic: QF 4-5 Brian Morgan
    Grand Prix: QF 1-5 Mark Bennett
    UK: 3R 8-9 John Higgins
    German: 1R 3-5 John Higgins
    Welsh: 3R 4-5 Mark J Williams
    International: RU 1-9 Stephen Hendry
    European: 2R 2-5 John Parrott
    Thailand: 1R 2-5 Fergal O'Brien
    British: QF 1-5 Mark J Williams
    World: 1R 9-10 Dominic Dale

    Thailand Classic: 2R 4-5 John Parrott
    Grand Prix: 2R 4-5 Dene O'Kane
    UK: 2R 7-9 Mark J Williams
    German: 2R 3-5 Stephen Hendry
    Welsh: 1R 4-5 Drew Henry
    International: 3R 0-5 Alain Robidoux
    European: QF 2-5 Peter Ebdon
    Thailand Open: 1R 2-5 Willie Thorne
    British: 1R 0-5 Mark Bennett
    World: 2R 4-13 Ronnie O'Sullivan

    Dubai: 2R 4-5 Ken Doherty
    Grand Prix: 2R 2-5 Rod Lawler
    UK: 2R 8-9 Mark J Williams
    European: 2R 3-5 Stephen Hendry
    Welsh: 1R 0-5 Antony Bolsover
    International: 2R 2-5 Alain Robidoux
    Thailand: QF 4-5 Cliff Thorburn
    British: 1R 4-5 Jon Birch
    World: 2R 6-13 Stephen Hendry