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UK Finals

The UK Championship is regarded as the second most prestigious of the ranking events, only surpassed by the world championship itself. Steve Davis is the king so far with his six titles, followed by Stephen Hendry who has five.

Travis Perkins UK Championship
2003 Matthew Stevens Wales 10-8 Stephen Hendry Scotland

PowerHouse UK Championship
2002 Mark J Williams Wales 10-9 Ken Doherty Ireland

UK Championship
2001 Ronnie O'Sullivan England 10-1 Ken Doherty Ireland

Liverpool Victoria UK Championship
2000 John Higgins Scotland 10-4 Mark J Williams Wales
1999 Mark J Williams Wales 10-8 Matthew Stevens Wales
1998 John Higgins Scotland 10-6 Matthew Stevens Wales
1997Ronnie O'SullivanEngland10-6Stephen HendryScotland

UK Championship
1996Stephen HendryScotland10-9John HigginsScotland

Royal Liver Assurance UK Championship
1995Stephen HendryScotland10-3Peter EbdonEngland
1994Stephen HendryScotland10-5Ken DohertyIreland
1993Ronnie O'SullivanEngland10-6Stephen HendryScotland
1992Jimmy WhiteEngland16-9John ParrottEngland

UK Championship
1991John ParrottEngland16-13Jimmy WhiteEngland

Stormseal UK Championship
1990Stephen HendryScotland16-15Steve DavisEngland
1989Stephen HendryScotland16-12Steve DavisEngland

Tennents UK Championship
1988Doug MountjoyWales16-12Stephen HendryScotland
1987Steve DavisEngland16-14Jimmy WhiteEngland
1986Steve DavisEngland16-7Neal FouldsEngland

Coral UK Championship
1985Steve DavisEngland16-14Willie ThorneEngland
1984*Steve DavisEngland16-8Alex HigginsN. Ireland

Coral UK Professional Championship
1983Alex HigginsN. Ireland16-15Steve DavisEngland
1982Terry GriffithsWales16-15Alex HigginsN. Ireland
1981Steve DavisEngland16-3Terry GriffithsWales
1980Steve DavisEngland16-6Alex HigginsN. Ireland
1979John VirgoEngland14-13Terry GriffithsWales
1978Doug MountjoyWales15-9David TaylorEngland

Super Crystalate UK Professional Championship
1977Patsy FaganIreland12-9Doug MountjoyWales

* The championship turned open for overseas players in 1984.

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