I would like to thank the following people for their extensive contributions to (in alphabetical order):

Randy Attwood
Author of "Blue Kansas Sky".
Martin Bell

Helping out in the Snooker Clinic. He's also a great source for all kinds of snooker info.

In addition he helps me with those visitor questions I don't know the answers to myself.

Nicolas de Biolley
For the domain!
Adam Chmielewski
Helped out with scoring.
Daniela Daniel
Helps out with scoring.
John Day
Helping out in the Snooker Clinic.
Alvin Deacon
Great at spotting errors and omissions.
John Deng
Helps out with scoring.
Niantao Deng
Helps out with scoring.
Paul Dowling
Amazing efforts in making the site mobile-friendly. The frontpage and this page is already done, and hopefully more will follow soon.
Ionel Dimitru
Helped out with scoring.
Thomas Ekdahl
He wrote the script used in the old guest book.
Ron Florax
For integration between his CueTracker and our site.
Richard Fountain
The man behind The Fountain and How to Play Snooker.
Terry Griffiths
The man behind The Griffiths Guide (defunct).
Bart Van der Haegen
For the domain!
Veikko Hannula
Results from the 1996 European Championships, the 1996 IBSF World Championships, the 1998 European Championships and the 1998 IBSF World Championships.
Matt Huart
For the thousands of visitors sent our way and the help with the rankings and more.
Lee Hawkins
Summaries from the 1994 and 1995 World Championships.
Samuel Hinton
Contributor to the Stories section.
Håkon Hjelstuen
Technical (and morale) support. For instance he helped me with the guest book and is the genius behind the Access Graph.
Magnus Hjelstuen
For the beautiful logos on the front page and inside.
Ian A Holden
Wrote the report from the 1998 British Open.
Dean Howell
Added old events to the Score Centre.
David William Jackson
Misc information.
Ida Johansen
For the great new logo and avatar (2012).
Eddie Jones
Great help with scoring and draws.
Farah Karaman
Helps out with scoring.
Furkan Kinli
Helped with scoring.
Daniel Knox
Added old events to the Score Centre.
John Kobylecky
For producing One Hundred (& more) Years of Memorable Achievements in Snooker History (1919-2020) and Centuries Compiled in Professional Tournament Play by the Leading Players of the Game.
Jari Kokko
Without him there would be no Snooker Clinic. He's also helped me with the documents section.
Marian Krause
Helps out with scoring. Has also added results from lots of old events.
Jiankuan Li
Helps out with scoring.
Monique Limbos
Great help with scoring and draws. And also providing a lot of photos.
Chris Lincoln
For all the nice stories.
Pawel Lopienski
Helped out with scoring.
Silvia Martin
Helped with scoring.
Csaba Markus
Developed the Java feature in the Chat Room.
Patrick McWilliams
Results from the 1996 World Championships, the 1996 BUSA Snooker Championships, the 1996 BUSA Home Nations Snooker Championships, the 1997 BUSA Snooker Championships, the BUSA Snooker University Games plus reports from some other events and more.
Bernie Mickeleit
Helping out in the Snooker Clinic.
Helps out with scoring.
Phil Mudd
Quality control of draws and more.
Brian Moulton
Report and results from the first event of the America's Tour.
Carlo Massimo Pedrini
For helping me out in the Score Centre.
Tom Phillips
Embassy rankings after the 1998 Regal Welsh Open.
Marko Pietari
Great help with scoring and draws.
Jonathan Raab
Odds for the 1998 Grand Prix.
Julian Maschmeier
Helped out with scoring.
Oleksandr Rakovets
Invaluable help during the switch to Cloudflare.
Geir-Arne Roos
For excellent feedback on the 2008 redesign.
Eric Roosendaal
Results from all the World Championships played at the Crucible.
Paul Rushton
Helped me with info for the Masters Finals.
Nick Shaw
Made Snooker-ICAL which creates an ICAL file from the event information on the API.
Torstein Sivertsen
Provided some very useful aid in the creation of Snoohoo!.
Ryan Southgate
Helped getting the API up and running.
Andrew Smith
Helped out with scoring.
Duncan Smith
Ranking lists.
Tore Skagestein
A constant source for valuable information and a great help with the scoring.
Rob van Stee
Embassy rankings after the 1997 German Open and assistance with rankings in general.
Ricky Stone
Developing our associated app Snooker Live.
Martin Stra├čberger
Helped out with scoring.
Ian Tempest
Help with the Ranking History.
Steve Tittle
Helping out in the Snooker Clinic.
Gábor Tóth
Fantastic help with scoring and more.
Chris Turner
Lots of tournament and ranking info plus an obituary on Fred Davis.
Bart Versieck
Bart provides invaluable help in spotting errors. He's also a great source for information.
Risto Väyrynen
Results from the IBSF World Championship, the 1995 Guinness World Under-21 Snooker Championship and the 1996 World Under-21 Snooker Championship.
Andrea Wadman
Great help with scoring and draws.
Janie Watkins
Results and report from the 1998 Embassy World Ladies Championship and the 1998/99 WPBSA Qualifying School plus a lot of other relevant information. She is also a great help with those visitor questions I don't know the answers to myself. ... and now she's also joined the Clinic team!
Eric Whitehead
The photographer behind the player pictures. He is the official WPBSA photographer.
Matt Wright
Wrote the script used for searching
Tjeerd van der Zee
Provided the list of qualifiers for the 1997/98 season.
Nan Zhu
Helps out with scoring.
Jonas Ödman
Provided a lot of results during 1994-1995.
Jan Terje Øyen
Helped out with scoring and more.
Lula Witzescher
Helps out with scoring and design.

Thanks to Zitrusblau for the great avatars! They are snooker balls in different colours used for various social media accounts.

Some Icons are Copyright © Yusuke Kamiyamane. All rights reserved. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

In addition I have obtained a lot of info from World Snooker, Riley Leisure, Pot Black Magazine,, The Times, Sporting Life, BBC Text-TV (CeeFax) and more.

... and I would also like to thank all the others who have contributed. You know who you are.

Last but not least I would like to thank my wonderful girlfriend Jennie who supports me and patiently endures many late nights of coding. <3 is dedicated to the memory of Nussi

I will never forget you